Little/McAlister Papers

ca. 1772-1963 [bulk 1850-1900]. 3 boxes (139 folders), ca. 430 items.MSS. COLL. #78

NOTE: The numbers cited in parentheses, e.g. 1:5, refer the researcher to the Series#:Folder# in which that name/topic will be found.


The principal names associated with this collection are Little and McAlister. These two family groups produced the bulk of materials. Certain items related to individuals, such as those in the B. F. Little series and the correspondence between A. C. McAlister and his wife, Adelaide, can be viewed as discrete portions of the collection. Upon the marriage of Sallie Reid Little to Alexander W. McAlister in 1894, however, the histories of the two families become intertwined.

Researchers will find it rich in materials related to the Civil War and to plantation life, both before and after the war, in Richmond County, North Carolina. Also of interest may be a grouping of the printed versions of speeches made by national politicians in the 1850s.

Arrangement: The materials that compose the Little/McAlister Papers are alphabetically arranged into the following eight series: Correspondence, ca. 1858-1959; Financial, 1855-80; Legal, 1772-1923; Little, B. F., 1814-1907; Maps/Plats, 1833-1907; Miscellaneous, 1876-1947; Photographs, ca. 1855-1963; and Printed, 1850-1948.

Provenance: The Little/McAlister Papers were donated to the Greensboro Historical Museum by relatives and descendants of the subjects of this collection over the course of a number of years. These donations were assigned accession numbers 1982.1028.25-66, 1984.38.5, 1985.183.1-52, 54, and 1999.74.3. Additional items were donated in 1991 and 1995 by Mrs. Mary W. Flora, who is the donor associated with some of the aforementioned accession numbers. The Museum also possesses the Alexander W. McAlister Papers, Mss. Coll. #30, which contains material related to the family groups that compose this collection. Researchers interested in either the Little or McAlister families may also want to consult the collections pertinent to these families held by the Southern Historical Collection at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In particular, see #1861-z (Alexander Carey McAlister Papers), #3954 (Benjamin Franklin Little Papers), and #4318 (Alexander W. McAlister Papers). For copies of these inventories and others pertinent to this collection, see the first folder in Box 1.

Processing: This collection was organized and the finding aid was completed by Francis D. Pitts III in February 1999.


Benjamin Franklin Little, one of the principal subjects of this collection, was by training a lawyer and later became a planter in Richmond County, North Carolina. His father, Thomas Little, had established a plantation after emigrating from England in the early part of the nineteenth century. Upon the elder Little’s death in the mid 1850s, B. F. Little appears to have assumed management of the plantation. In the late 1850s Little married the former Mary Jane “Flax” Reid, daughter of influential planter and politician Rufus Reid of Iredell County, North Carolina. They had at least five children – Rufus, Lacy, Tom, Nancy and Sallie.

After the outbreak of the Civil War, Little was appointed captain in the North Carolina Troops in March 1862 and in August of that year received his commission, which placed the company he commanded in the 52nd Regiment. At the battle of Gettysburg, Little was severely wounded, then captured by Union forces and hospitalized. His wound would subsequently require the amputation of his left arm, after which he was sent to prison in Maryland. In March 1864 he was paroled at Point Lookout, Maryland, and shortly thereafter exchanged at City Point, Virginia. A month later he was appointed Lieutenant Colonel to the Field and Staff of the 52nd Regiment, but by July he submitted his resignation due to reasons associated with his disability. Upon his release from service, Little returned to the family home, called Carlisle, farming and other business ventures. In the last year of the war he became active in state politics and later served as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in St. Louis, Missouri, in 1876. He died at his residence in July 1879.

Alexander Carey McAlister, another principal subject of this collection, was the son of Colonel Alexander McAlister, who is said to have served in the American Revolution. At the start of the Civil War, A. C. McAlister was twenty-two and by occupation a farmer. In April 1861 he enlisted in Bladen County and was assigned to Company K, 18th Regiment North Carolina Troops. Later that year he was appointed 3rd Lieutenant and transferred to Company I of the 22nd Regiment. In the spring of 1862 he was promoted to captain and transferred again, this time to Company F, 46th Regiment NC Troops. In 1863 he was appointed major and transferred to the Field and Staff of that regiment. The following year he was promoted to lieutenant colonel and later “distinguished himself by his daring in leading the regiment to the muzzles of the cannon” at a battle at Reams’ Station, Virginia. In February 1865 he assumed command of a small force chosen to protect Randolph County, among other counties in the area, from Federal raiders. He and his men were also charged with enforcing the Conscription Act and rounding up deserters in the counties they patrolled. McAlister was paroled at Greensboro in May 1865.

During the course of the Civil War McAlister and his wife, the former Adelaide Worth, kept up a regular correspondence from 1861 through 1864. In their letters, which number approximately seventy, wartime conditions and information about friends and relatives were discussed. No letters from the war period after this date are known to exist. Perhaps one of the reasons why their correspondence ceased to continue in 1865 was due to the fact that A. C. McAlister’s new duties brought him within the vicinity of their home in Asheboro, North Carolina. After the war McAlister returned to Asheboro, where he eventually established a lumber business, which his son, Alexander Worth McAlister, entered in 1887 and soon consolidated with one in Greensboro. A. C. McAlister died in 1916.

After the marriage of Sallie Reid Little to Alexander W. McAlister in 1894, the histories of these two families become intertwined, and inevitably there was a commingling of archival materials. As a result, other Little and McAlister family members, and some of the relatives and ancestors of people who married into these families, and business and personal acquaintances are represented in the collection. Each of the items relating to these people will help inform many aspects of the two families’ histories.

Biographical Sources: The primary sources contained in the collection provided information that afforded rough sketches of the principal subjects. This material was augmented by information from secondary sources. The most useful of these included the following titles: Powell, William S., ed. Dictionary of North Carolina Biography, Vol. 4 L-O, Chapel Hill, NC: The UNC Press, 1991; and Jordan, Weymouth T., Jr., compiler. North Carolina Troops, 1861-1865: A Roster, Vols. VI-VII and XI-XII, Raleigh, NC: Division of Archives and History, 1977-90. Also helpful was the information included in the finding aids, relative to the principal subjects in the collection, housed in the Southern Historical Collection at UNC-CH.


Types of materials in this collection include Civil War-related documents; correspondence; financial and legal documents; maps; photographs; and printed material.

Much of the collection focuses on two separate family groups, the Littles and the McAlisters, with a substantial portion of that material associated with either Benjamin F. Little or A. C. McAlister. Researchers will find the collection strong in materials relating to the Civil War. Of special note is the correspondence, totaling approximately seventy letters, between A. C. McAlister and his wife, Adelaide, while he served as an officer in the Confederate army (1:14-18,20-22). B. F. Little was also a Confederate officer, and the collection contains official documents relating to his service in the army (4:1-4) and an original muster role of the company he commanded (4:5). Included in the B. F. Little series is a doctor’s prescription for a cure and a receipt for a prosthesis (4:25) that relate to the wound he received at Gettysburg, which resulted in the amputation of his left arm. The Museum’s object collection contains Little’s prosthesis (acc. #1982.1028.1) and the minie ball (acc. #1985.183.53) extracted from his arm.

Other noteworthy materials associated with the Little family are the items relating to aspects of plantation life in Richmond County, North Carolina, both before and after the Civil War. Researchers may find the slave records (4:28-29), the freedmen contracts (4:21) and various legal documents relative to inventories (4:22) and estate settlements (4:20,23-24) of particular interest.

Also of note in the collection are maps and plats of land in or near Richmond County, North Carolina, one of which shows the route of a proposed railroad line (5:1). In addition, a series of printed speeches (8:16-32) by national politicians during the 1850s, in which important issues facing the country are discussed, such as the Kansas question and the assault on Senator Sumner, may also be of interest to some researchers.


1. Correspondence. 37 folders (ca. 115 items). ca. 1858-1959.

The bulk of this series consists of correspondence between A. C. McAlister and his wife, Adelaide, during the Civil War (1:14-18,20-22). These letters open a window on their life while he served as an officer in the Confederate army. They are rich in detail about events in the war and each correspondent’s response to them.

Other items in this series contain information on activities related to members of either the Little or McAlister families. Folder 1:34 contains additional pieces of correspondence related to the Civil War that may be of interest to researchers.

2. Financial. 3 folders (4 items). 1855-80.

The items in this small series consist of an 1867 account statement for the Ladies Church Association (2:1), in which A. C. McAlister is listed as the Treasurer; a bill of lading from Seaboard Air Line (2:2); and receipts from John P. Little (2:3).

3. Legal. 20 folders (ca. 30 items). 1772-1923.

The bulk of items in this series relate to the legal activities of members of the Little family and their ancestors. Included among the materials are deeds (3:2-10) and documents relative to estate settlements (3:11-15,19-20).

4. Little, B. F. 29 folders (ca. 50 items). 1814-1907.

This series contains a discrete portion of the collection, consisting of items related mainly to B. F. Little, his family and estate. It provides the researcher with a rich cache of information on aspects of plantation life in Richmond County, North Carolina, both before and after the Civil War. Among the most noteworthy items in this group are slave records (4:28-29), freedmen contracts (4:21) and various legal documents relative to inventories (4:22) and the settlement of B. F. Little’s estate (4:20,23-24).

Also of note in this series are items related to Little’s participation in the Civil War as a Confederate officer (4:1-5) and medical documents pertaining to a wound he received at Gettysburg (4:25).

5. Maps/Plats. 1 folder (5 items). 1833-1907.

The items that compose this series appear to be either maps or plats of land in or near Richmond County, North Carolina. One of the more interesting in the group is a color “Timber Map” that shows a proposed railroad line running through parts of three North Carolina counties.

6. Miscellaneous. 9 folders (ca. 30 items). 1876-1947.

This series consists of materials either generated by or associated with members of the Little and McAlister families. Noteworthy items include a list of “Soldier’s Rules” found in association with Little material (6:2); correspondence and related items relative to Sallie Little and A. W. McAlister’s wedding (6:3); A. W. McAlister’s progress reports from the Bingham School in Mebaneville, NC (6:6); and provisions to the A. W. McAlister Foundation recommended by Mrs. S. L. McAlister (6:9).

7.  Photographs. 8 folders (ca. 50 items). ca. 1855-1963.

This series mainly consists of photographs of members of the Little and McAlister families. Other items of special note include snapshots of the ruins of the Little family home, called Carlisle, after a fire in 1963 (7:1) and late nineteenth or early twentieth century photographs of unidentified subjects (7:7-8).

8. Printed. 32 folders (43 items). 1850-1948.

A little over half of the items in this series consist of the printed versions of speeches made by national politicians during the 1850s. Noteworthy speeches among this group include Henry Clay’s on the “Compromise Report” (8:21), Judah P. Benjamin’s on the “Kansas Question” (8:17), and Warren Winslow’s on the “Assault of Senator Sumner” (8:31). Also included in this group are Franklin Pierce’s inaugural address and messages to the 33rd and 34th Congresses (8:27-29). Other items of interest include a CSA circular (8:2); a small booklet entitled Dixie Primer (8:3); pamphlets and programs from North Carolina educational institutions (8:13-15); an advertisement for tobacco depicting the imagined facets of a woman’s heart (8:1); and various newspaper clippings and obituaries pertaining to members of the Little and McAlister families (8:4-8).


11Correspondence-- Clark, Mary (1937)
2-- Gilmer, John A., Jr. (1860)
3-- Harris, Hugh W. (1899)
4-- Lacy, D. (ca. 1858)
5Correspondence-- Leak, W. C. (1896)
6-- Lingle, Nancy (1949)
7-- Little, Janey (1948)
8-- Little, Lacy (1924)
9Correspondence-- Little, Mary Jane Reid (1904)
10-- Little, Sarah (1903-04)
11-- Little, Thomas R. (1897-1907)
12-- Lowrance, W. B. (1917)
13Correspondence-- McAdin, J (?). (1900)
14-- McAlister, A. C. -- 1861
15-- McAlister, A. C. -- 1862
16-- McAlister, A. C. -- 1863
17Correspondence-- McAlister, A. C. -- 1864
18-- McAlister, A. C. -- Undated
19-- McAlister, A. W. (1895-1919)
20-- McAlister, Adelaide -- 1863
21Correspondence-- McAlister, Adelaide -- 1864
22-- McAlister, Adelaide -- Undated
23-- McAlister, Jean (1918)
24-- McAlister, John (1918)
25Correspondence-- McAlister, Lacy (1918-59)
26-- McAlister, Sallie R. L. (1949)
27-- McConnell, John D. (1949)
28-- Penick, P. F. (1886)
29Correspondence-- Porter, J. A. (1898)
30-- Saunders, W. L. (n.d.)
31-- Shamburger, M. E. (1894)
32-- Smith, W. N. H. (n.d.)
33Correspondence-- Unidentified (1958)
34-- Unidentified -- Civil War Era
35-- Winner, A. V. (1894)
36-- Worth, Alex (n.d.)
37Correspondence-- Worth, J. M. (1898)
21Financial-- Account statement -- Ladies Church Association (1867)
2-- Bill of lading -- Seaboard Air Line (1880)
3-- Receipts -- Little, John P. (1855-60)
31Legal-- Certificate of Acknowledgment -- Little, Lacy (1918-19)
2-- Deed -- Bancurn, Alfred (1870)
3-- Deed -- Carpenter, David (1877)
4-- Deed -- Little, Lacy (1900)
5Legal-- Deed -- Little, Thomas (1821)
6-- Deed -- McAlister, Sallie Little (1900)
7-- Deed -- McRae, Daniel (1837)
8-- Deed -- Mask, John (1772)
9Legal-- Deed -- Mask, Pleasant M. (1820)
10-- Deed -- Simmons, B. W. (1831)
11-- Division of slaves -- Little, Jane P. Estate (1858)
12-- Estate inventory -- Little, Jane P. (1860)
13Legal-- Estate inventory -- Little, Mary J. (n.d.)
14-- Estate inventory -- Little, Thomas (1855-56)
15-- Legrand settlement (ca. 1870-76)
16-- Real estate -- Notice of bankruptcy sale (1923)
17Legal-- Real estate -- Survey for R. R. Little (1905)
18-- Real estate -- Values in Steele's Township (1907)
19-- Supreme Court decision in Little et al vs. Brown (n.d.)
20-- Will -- Little, Thomas (1854)
41Little, B. F.-- Civil War -- CSA Commission (1864)
2-- Civil War -- CSA Resignation (1864)
3-- Civil War -- NC Troops Appointment (1862)
4-- Civil War -- NC Troops Commission (1862)
5Little, B. F.-- Civil War -- NC Troops Original Muster Roll (1862)
6-- Civil War -- Promissory Note (1865)
7-- Correspondence -- Edwards, B. W. (1876)
8-- Correspondence -- Little, Thomas (1854)
9Little, B. F.-- Correspondence -- Murray & Co. (1875)
10-- Correspondence -- Reid, "Flax" Jane (1855 -- from B. F. Little)
11-- Correspondence -- Reid, Mrs. I. M. (1858)
12-- Correspondence -- Robinson, John (1879)
13Little, B. F.-- Correspondence -- Unidentified (ca. 1861-65)
14-- Correspondence -- Wallace, S. D. (1876)
15-- Correspondence -- Ward, C. C. (1874)
16-- Correspondence -- Williams & Murchison (1873)
17Little, B. F.-- Correspondence -- Worth & Worth (1873-79)
18-- Correspondence -- Wright, W. P. (1887)   
19-- Financial -- Invoices and receipts (1871-75)
20-- Legal -- Division of estate (1894)
21Little, B. F.-- Legal -- Division of estate (1894)
22-- Legal -- Inventories (1851-59)
23-- Legal -- Settlement of estate (1893-1907)
24-- Legal -- Will (1878)
25Little, B. F.-- Medical (ca. 1863-69)
26-- Printed -- Law certificate (1850)
27-- Printed -- Stock certificates (1855-74)
28-- Slave records -- Bills of sale (1814-59)
29Little, B. F.-- Slave records -- Lists of names (1855-61)
51Maps/Plats (ca. 1833-1907)
61Miscellaneous-- Greensboro Country Club (1926)
2-- Little (ca. 1890-1947)
3-- Little, Sallie R. -- Wedding (1894)
4-- Little, Thomas R. (1910)
5Miscellaneous-- McAlister (n.d.)
6-- McAlister, A. W. -- Bingham School reports (1876-79)
7-- McAlister, A. W. -- Literary (ca. 1938)
8-- McAlister, Jean (1931)
9Miscellaneous-- McAlister, Mrs. S. L. (nd)
71Photographs-- Carlisle (1963)
2-- Little family (ca. 1855-1879)
3-- McAlister children (n.d.)
4-- McAlister home (1950)
5Photographs-- McAlister, May (n.d.)
6-- McAlister, Sallie Little (n.d.)
7-- Unidentified (n.d.)
8-- Unidentified -- Glass plates (n.d.)
81Printed-- Ad -- Woman's Heart Tobacco (ca. 1887)
2-- Circular -- CSA (1864)
3-- Dixie Primer (n.d.)
4-- Newspaper clippings -- Little, Mrs. B. F. (1905)
5Printed-- Newspaper clippings -- Little, Rufus R. (1935)
6-- Newspaper clippings -- McAlister, A. W. (1946)
7-- Newspaper clippings -- McAlister, L. L. (1948)
8-- Newspaper clippings -- McAlister, Mrs. A. W. (ca. 1913)
9Printed-- Pamphlets -- Ashe, W. S. (1853)
10-- Pamphlets -- Carruthers, Samuel (1856)
11-- Pamphlets -- "Foreignism Fully Exposed" (1855)
12-- Pamphlets -- "The Road Law" (ca. 1887)
13Printed-- Pamphlets -- Salem Female Academy (1872)
14-- Programs -- Charlotte Female Institute (1890)
15-- Programs -- Edgeworth Female Seminary (1849)
16-- Speech -- Adams, S. -- "Bill to Amend the Naturalization Laws" (1856)
17Printed-- Speech -- Benjamin, Judah P. -- "The Kansas Question" (1856)
18-- Speech -- Branch, Lawrence O'B. -- "On the President's Message" (1856)
19-- Speech -- Brooks -- "Cuban Affairs" (1853)
20-- Speech -- Carlile, John S. -- "The Cincinnati Platform" (1856)
21Printed-- Speech -- Clay, Henry -- "On the Compromise Report" (1850)
22-- Speech -- Clingman, Thomas L. -- "British Policies in Central America and Cuba" (1857)
23-- Speech -- Dawson, W. C. -- "The Bill Granting Land to the State of Iowa" (1852)
24-- Speech -- Evans, Lemuel D. -- "National Politics" (1856)
25Printed-- Speech -- Fuller, Henry M. -- RE: Slavery (1856)
26-- Speech -- Lindley -- RE: Know Nothings and Bentonians  (1856)
27-- Speech -- Pierce, Franklin -- Inaugural Address (1853)
28-- Speech -- Pierce, Franklin -- "Message to 33rd Congress" (1853)
29Printed-- Speech -- Pierce, Franklin -- "Message to 34th Congress" (1856)
30-- Speech -- Rayner, Kenneth -- RE: The American Convention  (1856)
31-- Speech -- Winslow, Warren -- "Assault on Senator Sumner" (1856)
32-- Speech -- Zollicoffer, F. K. -- "State of Party Politics" (1856)

Index to the Little/McAlister Papers
(ca. 1772-1963)

Note: The numbers following the name/subject entry – e.g. 1:1 – indicate in which Series#:Folder# (or, if no “:”, Series only) that name/subject can be found. Dates of the items are given in parentheses for an individual Series/Folder or, if at the end, for the entire subject/name entry. The abbreviation GSO indicates a Greensboro association.

Adams, S.: 8:16 (1856)
African Americans: freedmen contracts, 4:21 (1866-67); slave records, 4:28-29 (1814-61); 3:11 (1858)
Ashe, W.S.: 8:9 (1853)
Asheboro, NC: 1:14-18, 20-22 (1861-64)

Bancurn, Alfred: 3:2 (1870)
Benjamin, Judah P.: 8:17 (1856)
Bingham School (Mebaneville, NC): 6:5 (1876-79)
Branch, Lawrence O’B.: 8:18 (1856)
Brooks and Polk: 8:19 (1853)

Carlile, John S.: 8:20 (1856)
Carlisle: photographs of ruins, 7:1 (1963); 8:5 (1935)
Carolina Central Railway Co. of North Carolina, The: 4:26 (1874)
Carpenter, David: 3:3 (1877)
Carruthers, Samuel: 8:10 (1856)
Certificates: law, 4:25 (1850); stock, 4:26 (1855-74); American Consular, 3:1 (1918-19)
Charlotte Female Institute: 8:14 (1890)
Civil War: 1:12,14-18,20-22,34; 4:1-5,24; 8:2 (ca. 1861-65)
Clark, Mary: 1:1 (1937)
Clay, Henry: 8:21 (1850)
Clingman, Thomas L.: 8:22 (1857)
Commission merchants: 4:9,16-17,19 (1873-79)
Confederate States of America: 4:1-2 (1864); circular, 8:2 (1864)

Dawson, W.C.: 8:23 (1852)
Dixie Primer: pamphlet, 8:3 (n.d.)

Edgeworth Female Seminary: 8:15 (1849)
Education: 6:5 (1876-79); 8:13-15 (1849-90)
Edwards, B.W.: 4:7 (1876)
Evans, Lemuel D.: 8:24 (1856)

Fayetteville and Albemarle Plank Road Co.: 4:26 (1855-59)
Fuller, Henry M.: 8:25 (1856)

Gilmer, John A., Jr.: 1:2 (1860)
Graham, Frank P.: 1:26 (1949)
Greensboro, NC: 1:34 (1864); 6:1 (1926)
Greensboro Country Club: golf score cards, 6:1 (1926)

Harris, Hugh W.: 1:3 (1899); Supreme Court decision, 3:19 (n.d.)

Lacy, D.: 1:4 (ca. 1858)
Ladies Church Association: 2:1 (1867)
Leak, W.C.: 1:5 (1896)
Legrand: 3:15 (ca. 1870-76)
Lindley: 8:26 (1856)
Lingle, Nancy: 1:6 (1949)
Little: miscellaneous, 6:2 (ca. 1890-1947)
Little, B.F.: 1:12 (1917); Supreme Court decision, 3:19 (n.d.); 4 (1850-1907); 7:2 (ca. 1879)
Little, Jane P.: 3:11-12 (1858-60); 7:2 (ca. 1855)
Little, Janey: 1:7 (1948)
Little, John P.: 2:3 (1855-60)
Little, Lacy: 1:8 (1924); 3:1,4 (1900-19)
Little, Mary Jane Reid: 1:9 (1904); 3:13 (n.d.), Supreme Court decision, 3:19 (n.d.); obituary, 8:4 (1905)
Little, Rufus, R.: 3:16-17 (1905-23); obituary, 8:5 (1935)
Little, Sallie R.: wedding material (see also Sallie R. L. McAlister), 6:3 (1894)
Little, Sarah: 1:10 (1903-04)
Little, Thomas: 3:5,14,20 (1821-56); 4:8,27 (1814-54)
Little, Thomas R.: 1:11 (1897-1907); 6:4 (1910)
Lowrance, W.B.: 1:12 (1917)

McAdin, J(?): 1:13 (1900)
McAlister: children, 7:3 (n.d.); home, 7:4 (1950); miscellaneous, 6:4 (n.d.)
McAlister, A.C.: 1:14-18,20-22; 2:1 (1861-67)
McAlister, A.W.: 1:19 (1895-1919); 6:5-6,8 (1876-1938); 8:6 (1946)
McAlister, A.W. Foundation: 6:8 (n.d.)
McAlister, Adelaide: 1:14-18,20-22 (1861-64)
McAlister, Jean: 1:23 (1918); 6:7 (1931)
McAlister, John: 1:24 (1918)
McAlister, Lacy: 1:25 (1918-59); 8:7 (1948)
McAlister, May: 7:5 (n.d.)
McAlister, Sallie R. L.: 1:26-27 (1949); 3:6 (1900); 6:3,8 (ca. 1894-1949); 7:6 (n.d.); 8:8 (ca. 1913)
McConnell, John D.: 1:27 (1949)
McRae, Daniel: 3:7 (1837)
Mask, John: 3:8 (1772)
Mask, Pleasant M.: 3:9 (1820); 5:1 (1833)
Mebaneville, NC: 6:5 (1876-79)
Medical affairs and treatment: 4:24 (ca. 1863-67); 8:2 (1864)
Murray and Co. (Wilmington, NC): 4:9 (1875)

Naturalization laws: 8:11 (1855)
Naval store inspectors: 4:9 (1875)
New York Southern Society: 6:7 (1931)
North Carolina Troops (Civil War): 4:3-5 (1862)

Penick, P.F.: 1:28 (1886)
Pierce, Franklin: 8:27-29 (1853-56)
Plantations: 4 (1850-1907)
Player, Monroe & Co. (Wilmington, NC): 4:9 (1875)
Porter, J.A.: 1:29 (1898)

Railroads: 2:2 (1880); 4:26 (1874)
Rayner, Kenneth: 8:30 (1856)
Reid, “Flax” Jane: 4:10 (1855)
Reid, Mrs. I.M.: 4:11 (1858)
Richmond County (NC): 4 (1850-1907); plats, 5:1 (1833-1907); 7:1 (1963); 8:5 (1935)
Robinson, John: 4:12 (1879)

Salem Female
cademy: 8:13 (1872)
Saunders, W.L.: 1:30 (n.d.)
Seaboard Air Line: 2:2 (1880)
Shamburger, M.E.: 1:31 (1894)
Simmons, B.W.: 3:10 (1831)
Smith, W.N.H.: 1:32 (n.d.)
Steele’s Township: real estate values, 3:18 (1907)
Sullivan, Algernon Sidney Award: 6:7 (1931)

Transportation: 2:2 (1880); 4:26 (1855-74); road laws, 8:12 (ca. 1887)

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill: 6:7 (1931)

Wallace, S.D.: 4:14 (1876)
Ward, C.C.: 4:15 (1874)
Williams & Murchison (Wilmington, NC): 4:16,19 (1873)
Winner, A.V.: 1:35 (1894)
Winslow, Warren: 8:31 (1856)
Woman’s Heart Tobacco: advertisement, 8:1 (ca. 1887)
Worth, Alex: 1:36 (n.d.)
Worth, J.M.: 1:37 (1898)
Worth & Worth (Wilmington, NC): 4:17 (1873-79)
Wright, W. P.: 4:18 (1887)

Zollicoffer, F.K.: 8:32 (1856)