Francis Edgar Thomas Papers

ca. 1944-1974. 3 boxes (124 folders), ca. 815 items.MSS. COLL. #94

NOTE: The numbers cited in parentheses throughout the inventory, e.g. 1:5, refer the researcher to the Series#:Folder# in which that name/topic will be found.


The bulk of the Francis Edgar Thomas Papers date from 1944-1945 when Thomas was stationed in England during World War II as a Public Relations Specialist. Researchers interested in the United States Air Force during World War II will find most of the materials interesting. It illustrates a view of the war through the eyes of someone not directly involved in combat.

The collection focuses primarily on his military career with some items from civilian life. It contains a variety of printed materials, such as bulletins, pamphlets, and newspapers, photographs, maps, and correspondence. Of particular note is the Hometown Stories written by Thomas. These stories/press releases profiling men in the 453rd unit, including achievements and daily activities on the bomber base. The releases were sent with photographs to hometown newspapers for publication. There are, however, only a few photos left from the series.

Also of interest are photographs, correspondence, and misc. materials from a Christmas party held for orphaned children in war-ravaged, Nantes, France by members of the 453rd unit. Included are photos by Life Magazine war correspondent and photographer, Eliot Elisofon.

Arrangement: The Francis Edgar Thomas Papers are arranged into eight series according to subject and document type. Within each series, materials are arranged by document type, then alphabetically. The series are: 453rd USAF; Clarke, Allen Hugh; Literary; Maps; Photographs; Printed; Steward, Jimmy; and Thomas, F. Edgar. Seven bound volumes of newspapers, Stars and Stripes (5 vol. 1944-45) and Yank, (2 vol. 1944-45) were removed and placed on oversize, flat storage.

Provenance: The materials in this collection belonged to Thomas and were compiled mostly during his military service. His sister, Mrs. Susannah Thomas Watson donated the collection to the museum in May 1990. The accession number is 1990.55.10.

Processing: Peter Austin began processing this collection. The arrangement and finding aid were completed by Christine A. Dumoulin, Archives Assistant, November 2000.


Francis Edgar Thomas was born on November 10, 1911, and grew up in Wadesboro, NC. He attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and after graduation, moved to Greensboro and taught in the public school system from 1937-1942. On September 17, 1942, Thomas was drafted into the Army Airs Corps and remained on inactive duty until December 2, 1942. From Dec. 3, 1943-Feb. 3, 1946, Thomas was on active duty. During his tenure, he served as a Public Relations Specialist for the 453rd bomber squadron, 8th US Air Force stationed in England during World War II. Part of his duties included shielding actor Jimmy Stewart from the press. After leaving the service in 1946, Thomas taught history at Smith High School in Greensboro. In the early 1960s, he was appointed General Manager for the production, The Lost Colony. He was also the director of public relations at Longwood College in Virginia. Thomas was never married. He died on August 22, 1986, in Salisbury, NC, at age 74.

Biographical Sources: The sources used to compile the biographical notes were from the original accession sheet (intro folder), the newspaper article, “Thomas’ Aim Telling Lost Colony Story,” Durham Morning Herald, January 21, 1962 (6:12.1), and his obituary from the Greensboro News & Record, August 24, 1986.


The types of materials in this collection are certificates, correspondence, maps, photographs, and printed material such as bulletins, pamphlets, newspapers and clippings.

The bulk of the collection is related to Thomas as public relations specialist in the 453rd USAF. Thomas’s main duties focused on writing articles about the 453rd USAF and its bombing missions without divulging classified information. Included were profiles of approximately 200 enlisted men and their overseas activities for their hometown papers. (1:12-36) These Hometown Stories detailed events such as shooting down enemy aircraft, promotions, awards, and biographical information. For example, Donald F. Strahan, a weather officer from Wayne, Nebraska, was promoted from 1st Lieutenant to Captain in 1944; he helped determine the weather forecast which allied fighters and bombers depended on. Jess L. Gerdiny of Wichita Falls, TX, was a group photographic officer, responsible for the installation of aerial cameras for bombardment photos, film processing of ground and aerial photos, and preparation of all photo records of the B-24 liberator base; he was cited for “Outstanding performance of duty.” There are also numerous clippings (6:12.1-6) and a scrapbook (1:38) about the 453rd and its members. The photographs (1:37) show life on the bomber base from preparing for and returning from missions to leisure activities such as songfests and travel in the English countryside.

There are, however, weaknesses in the collection. While the collection gives us a clear picture of Thomas as an enlisted man, there is little about his civilian life. Although Thomas lived in Greensboro and taught at Smith High School, there are no materials directly related to the school or to Greensboro. Secondly, the range of materials is limited to a two-year period, with only a few documents from his later years.


1. 453rd USAF. 38 folders (ca. 350 items). ca. 1944.

Thomas was stationed in England with the 453rd Heavy Bombardment Unit, which was based in East Anglia, England; the unit was in operation for 15 months. Members of the unit flew B-24 Liberator bombers in missions over Germany in 1944 to cripple the Nazi aircraft industry. The unit flew approximately 200 missions over 11 months.

The subseries Correspondence (1:1–4) is primarily of a personal nature. In a letter to Thomas dated August 28, 1974, Ramsay D. Potts reminisces about the 8th Air Force and expresses his gratitude for Thomas’s work. A letter from Thomas to the Carroll Stewart Family speaks of a reunion in Florida. Folder 1:4 contains several items pertaining to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, including a Hinton James Day (founders day) celebration in England with former UNC-CH students in the 8th Air Force, and a proposal to procure University of North Carolina Press books in English for a war-ravaged school library in Lyon, France.

The French Christmas Party (1:5-10) shows a glimpse of humanity during the war. On December 25, 1944, the 453rd bomber unit and members of the Red Cross held a Christmas party for some 3000 orphaned children in Nantes, France. Using their rations to purchase soaps, candy, food, and toiletries for presents, the unit wrapped the gifts and transported them via the liberator plane Liberty Run. The series includes correspondence (1:5-7), party scripts, flight plans, and schedules (1:8), and photos of the event (1:9). Among the Christmas party photographs are 14 taken by Eliot Elisofon (1:10). Elisofon was a photographer and war correspondent for Life Magazine. Although known for his photography on African culture, these photos illustrate some of his wartime work.

Folders 1:12-36 contain a collection of press releases written by Thomas about the different members of the 453rd unit. These Hometown Stories chronicle the activities of the enlisted men and women through articles and photographs that were sent to local newspapers across the United States. Each folder is organized alphabetically.

The subseries Photographs (1:37) contains approximately 10 images of different aspects of the bomber base. Several portraits include an American Red Cross worker with three enlisted men in front of a series of paintings by Allen Hugh Clarke, a wedding with Edgar Thomas in the photo and base buildings as a backdrop, and three American Red Cross workers in front of the club mobile. There are also three official U.S. Air Force photos. Two were of airplanes purchased with war bonds and the people who raised them, Roosevelt Junior High School, and the Jewish War Veterans- Post. No. 156, Ladies Auxiliary. The last one is of members of the British Navy learning how to use a fire extinguisher. Folder 1:38 is a scrapbook of newspaper clippings about the 453rd unit as well as its members and missions. There are several articles on Col. James Stewart.

2. Clarke, Allen Hugh. 5 folders (ca. 52 items). ca. 1944.

Allen Hugh Clarke was a member of the 453rd unit as a tailgunner on the B-24 liberator Jughead. He used his off-duty hours to draw and paint the people and activities of the unit. While some of his paintings were sold to the Department of Education in Pittsburgh, the whereabouts of the remaining paintings is unknown.

The series contains some correspondence between Thomas and Clarke (2:2), biographical sketches of some of his subjects (2:1), and a series of photos of some of his artwork (2:3). The names mentioned in the biographical sketches are written on the folder in alphabetical order and indexed.

3. Literary. 3 folders (5 items). ca. 1944.

Researchers interested in women’s roles during World War II will find this series interesting. It contains a draft article of “10,000 Men and a Girl” (3:1), photos (3:2), and magazine article, “10,000 Men and a Girl,” on Peggy O’Mara, a Red Cross worker who was stationed in England. Written by Carroll W. Stewart, it details the activities of O’Mara as a Red Cross worker and the important role she had in being a liaison for soldiers and their families, bringing food to soldiers after flying missions, and operating the canteen.

4. Maps. 4 folders (6 items). ca. 1944.

This series consists of both military and civilian maps. The military maps (4:1, 4:4) were used as navigational tools by the fighter pilots. The civilian maps (4:2-3) are of England and Wales, and a war map of Europe for people at home to see where servicemen were fighting and stationed.

5. Photographs. 8 folders (ca. 165 items). ca. 1944.

The photos in this collection are a combination of both military and personal photos. Researchers can see a glimpse of life on the bomber base and those who worked in the public relations office. Those interested in aviation and World War II liberator planes will find not only photos of the bombers The Little Gramper, Zeus, (5:1), and Lonesome Polecat (5:8), but also aerial views of several bombing missions over Germany (5:2). These air strike photos range from before and after dropping bombs on the aerial targets of Chateudun, Berlin, Hamburg, Wesel, and Politz, but also views of the targets below. One aerial view of Wesel shows buildings, homes, and a church damaged by bombs and fire. Folders 5:6-7 show the crash of two liberators, the Golden Gaboon and the Robins Glen.

The Bomber Base folder contains approximately 7 images showing the outside of the mess hall and the surrounding area after a heavy rain. One shows a line of men waiting in the mud to get into the mess hall as well as military trucks. (5:3)

Folder 5:4 has three unidentified landscape/building photos, probably somewhere in England. There are also approximately 35 photos showing different aspects of the base (5:8). Researchers can get a glimpse of daily duties such as dish washing in the mess hall and leisure activities, such as a sing along and other programs. There are also 5 interesting photos of bombs being loaded onto an aircraft and crates being unloaded outside the base buildings. Approximately 12 photos are portraits of different 453rd members and officers, who are unidentified. Researchers can also see the parts of the English countryside, most likely East Anglia where the base was located.

6. Printed Materials. 29 folders (101 items). ca. 1943-1945.

This series is an interesting collection of wartime publications and personal items from ca. 1943 to 1945. The majority of bulletins, pamphlets, and newspapers are military publications. Facts in Review and Bulletins from Britain give researchers a broader look at the issues surrounding World War II from British and German perspectives. Other interesting items include the broadside “This is Our Affair,” a Communist propaganda piece about the invasion of Czechoslovakia (6:1) and a pocket card “Not to be produced in public” (6:20), with different phrases in Dutch, Spanish, French, and German. Soldiers who were lost, crossing enemy lines, etc. used this. “Now What Do You Want?” (6:21), is a pamphlet about the benefits of the veterans association, and the pamphlet “Message to Women” (6:18), was put out (Aug. 10, 1941) by the Queen of England, addressing the American women and their important role in the war. The newspapers The Scuttlebutt, The Liberator (6:11), Stars and Stripes (6:12.3), Yank (6:12.4), and the newspaper clippings (12.1, 12.2), give first hand accounts of the war in Europe.

7. Stewart, Jimmy. 3 folders (7 items).

This series, though limited, is a collection of articles (7:1, 7:3) and photographs (7:2) of Jimmy Stewart during his stint in the military in World War II. While best known as an actor, Col. James Stewart entered the Army in March 1941. During his tenure, he was eventually promoted to Colonel in the 8th Air Force, 453rd Heavy Bombardment Unit. He was also awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for his leadership role in bombing missions over Germany. While in the service, he chose to put aside his movie star image and wanted no special treatment. Three of the photos (7:2) show Stewart while on duty riding in a jeep, discussing flight plans with fellow pilots, and walking away from the liberator Male Call. Another photo shows Stewart as he is officially promoted to Colonel. These photos were sent to American newspapers. There are also two photos of a painting of Stewart done by Allan Hugh Clarke.

8. Thomas, F. Edgar. 34 folders (ca. 130 items). ca. 1943-1953.

This series consists of materials that personally belonged to Thomas and from his military service. Folders 8:1-3 are limited correspondence from 1943-1953; they are mostly general letters of appointment to the air force. Folders 8:5-20 are papers from his “201” personnel file, which includes discharge papers (8:7), medical forms (8:11), financial (8:8-11), and resume (8:19).

An interesting subseries is souvenirs (8:25-33). These materials are mostly items that Thomas kept from his social activities in the service and when he was discharged. From the military is an interesting chemical warfare reference card used to identify different types of poisoning by gas (8:28). City guides for San Francisco and London, England, show different restaurants, transportation, and area nightspots (8:29). There are two cocktail napkins from Blanchard’s and Don the Beachcombers, possibly officers clubs, (8:30), a drink menu (8:33) and guest membership card (8:32) from the Hotel Knickerbocker in Chicago. There is also an interesting guide to Camp Myles Standish (8:31), the first place enlisted men embarked after coming home from the war.

The photos folder (8:23) is somewhat more personal in nature. There are approximately 10 interior photos of the PRO office showing Thomas working with other PR staff members. There are four portraits of Thomas in uniform, both inside the PR office and outdoors; one is in his non-dress uniform cleaning his mess kit. There are also several group photos with member of the PR staff outside the office; most of the members are unidentified.

Researchers interested in classified military documents will find the subseries, Special Orders (8:30) interesting, as they contain sensitive information about strategic locations of bomber bases, orders where the men would be stationed, etc.


11453rd  USAF-- Correspondence -- Background Info
2-- Correspondence -- letters to F. Edgar Thomas
3-- Correspondence -- letters from F. Edgar Thomas
4-- Correspondence -- UNC-CH
5453rd  USAF-- French Christmas Party -- Correspondence -- Gibson, Harvey
6-- French Christmas Party -- Correspondence -- Press Release
7-- French Christmas Party -- Correspondence -- F.E. Thomas
8-- French Christmas Party -- Miscellaneous
9453rd  USAF-- French Christmas Party -- Photos
10-- French Christmas Party -- Photos -- Eliot Elisofon
11-- French Christmas Party -- Printed -- Menu      
12-36-- Hometown Stories
37453rd  USAF-- Photographs
38-- Scrapbook
21Clarke, Allen Hugh-- Biographical Sketches
2-- Paintings -- Correspondence
3-- Paintings -- Photos
4Clarke, Allen Hugh-- Paintings -- Photos -- Air Field Scenes
5-- Paintings -- Photos -- Miscellaneous
31Literary-- 10,000 Men and a Girl -- Draft
2-- 10,000 Men and a Girl -- Photos
3-- 10,000 Men and a Girl -- Printed -- Magazine article
41Maps -- Civilian -- England and Wales (2 items)                         
2-- European War Map
3Maps -- Military-- Europe (Air)
4-- Special Maps (2 items)
51Photographs-- Airplanes
2-- Air Strikes
3-- Bomber Base
4-- Landscapes -- Europe
5Photographs-- Negatives
6-- Plane Crashes -- Golden Gaboon
7-- Plane Crashes -- Robins Glen
8-- PRO Personnel
61Printed-- Broadside, “"This is Our Affair”"
2-- Brochure, "“American Red Cross Service Club”"
3-- Bulletins, "“Army Talk”"
4-- Bulletins, “"Bulletins From Britain”"
5Printed-- Bulletins, "“The Bulletin of American Veterans Committee”"
6-- Bulletins, "“Facts in Review”"
7-- Certificate -- Army Appointment
8-- Certificates -- “"Lost Colony Certificate of Appreciation”"
9Printed-- Certificates -- Officer Training School
10-- Miscellaneous
11-- Newspapers -- The Scuttlebutt and The Liberator
12.1-- Newspapers -- Clippings
12.2Printed-- Newspapers -- Clippings
12.3-- Newspapers -- Stars and Stripes
12.4-- Newspapers -- Yank
13-- Pamphlets -- “"Army Talks"”
14Printed-- Pamphlets -- “"Battle of Britain”"
15-- Pamphlets -- “"Britain Today"”
16-- Pamphlets -- “"Correspondence…”.."
17-- Pamphlets -- "“Le Bomabardement de Poletzi”"
18Printed-- Pamphlets -- “"Message to Women..."…” (1941)
19-- Pamphlets -- “"Neptune”"
20-- Pamphlets -- “"Not to be Produced…”..."
21-- Pamphlets -- "“Now What Do You Want”"
22Printed-- Pamphlets -- “"War In Pictures”"
23-- Pamphlets -- “"What are We Fighting For”"
24-- Programs -- Royal Albert Hall
25-- Programs -- Theater Royal
26Printed-- Roster
27-- Second Air Division Memorial
71Stewart, Jimmy-- Literary -- Biographical Sketch
2-- Photos
3-- Printed
81Thomas, F. Edgar-- Correspondence -- 1943-1945
2-- Correspondence -- 1946-1953
3-- Correspondence -- Undated
4-- Literary -- Rosters
5Thomas, F. Edgar-- Military -- Certificates
6-- Military -- Check List   
7-- Military -- Discharge Papers
8-- Military -- Financial -- Allotment of Pay
9Thomas, F. Edgar-- Military -- Financial -- Pay Accounts
10-- Military -- Financial -- Pay Data Card
11-- Military -- Forms -- Medical
12-- Military -- Forms -- Off. Adjs. Rating
13Thomas, F. Edgar-- Military -- Forms -- Placement
14-- Military -- Forms -- Training
15-- Military -- Insurance
16-- Military -- Miscellaneous
17Thomas, F. Edgar-- Military -- Ration Cards -- Clothing and accessories
18-- Military -- Receipts
19-- Military -- Resume
20-- Military -- Veterans Administration
21Thomas, F. Edgar-- Printed -- Booklet
22-- Printed -- Bulletin
23-- Photos
24-- Rifles -- Score Book
25Thomas, F. Edgar-- Souvenirs -- Correspondence -- Postcard
26-- Souvenirs -- Currency
27-- Souvenirs -- Financial -- Receipts
28-- Souvenirs -- Printed -- Chemical Warfare Guide
29Thomas, F. Edgar-- Souvenirs -- Printed -- City Guides
30-- Souvenirs -- Printed -- Cocktail Napkins
31-- Souvenirs -- Printed -- Guide -- Camp Myles Standish
32-- Souvenirs -- Printed -- Membership card
33Thomas, F. Edgar-- Souvenirs -- Printed -- Menu
34-- Special Orders

Index to the Francis Edgar Thomas Papers
(ca. 1944-1974)

NOTE: The numbers following the name/subject entry — e.g. 1:1 — indicate in which Series#:Folder# (or, if no “:”, Series only) that name/topic can be found.

Airplanes: 5:1, 5:2
Airplane Crashes:
Golden Gaboon: 5:6
Robins Glen: 5:7
Alexander, Jack: 1:30
Allen, Fred Jr.: 1:19
American Red Cross: 1:7, 3:1, 3:3, 6:2
Angerman, Carl: 1:12
Arcoraci, Louis: 1:12
Arnold, Milton: 1:24
Arntz, Paul C.: 1:33

B-24 Liberators:
Alice Vander-Winde: 1:28
Begin to Beguine: 1:17
Butch: 1:13
Cooter: 1:28
Corky: 1:14
El-Flako: 1:32
Flak-Hack: 1:14, 1:17
Golden Gaboon: 5:6
Herman: 1:18, 1:30
Hit and Git: 1:25
Hoo Jive: 1:12
Hustlin’ Hussy: 1:17, 1:23
Jo Revieress: 1:14
Lace: 1:23
Liberty Run: 1:9, 1:10
Little Gramper: 5:1
Lonesome Polecat: 5:8
Lonesome Polecat I: 1:31
Lonesome Polecat II: 1:31
Male Call: 1:30, 7:2
Mary Harriet: 1:13
Partial Payment: 1:18
Robins Glen: 5:7
Rumplestilskin: 1:24
Star Eyes: 1:13
Zeus: 5:1
Baily, Russell C: 1:23
Bartley, Charles: 1:25
Battle of Britain, 6:14
Beecher, Fred: 1:14
Bell, Homer C. Jr.: 1:23
Bennington, William G.: 1:22
Berg, Donald E.: 1:19
Berry, John S.: 1:16
Bertagnoli, Clifford A.: 1:32
Bieck, Robert B.: 1:18, 2:1
Bigel, Nathan D.: 1:33
Boucher, Alfred R.: 1:25
Bradley, Adrian F.: 1:33
Brantenham, George: 1:29
Briggs, Ikie: 1:21
Brondel, Albert: 1:12
Brown, Arthur, 1:14
Brown, George E.: 1:29
Bumba, Andrew Z.: 1:19
Burbee, James: 1:28
Burcar, Louis: 1:33

Camp Myles Standish (Boston): 8:31
Cannavaro, Donald W.: 1:17
Carr, John T.: 1:24
Carr, John T.: 1:25
Carter, Herbert L.: 1:33
Carter, Warren R.: 1:32
Cathey, Henry O.: 1:33
Chemical warfare: 8:25
Clarke, Allen Hugh: 2:1- 2:5
Clearfield, William: 1:12, 2:1
Cline, Walter: 1:33
Coggeshall’s Clowns: 1:17
Coggeshall, Robert Dwight: 1:17, 1:23, 2:1
Colin, Wilbur, H.: 1:28
Communism: 6:1
Comstock, William E.: 1:26
Cornog, Douglas Y.: 1:27
Counselman, Roger G.: 1:18
Crawford, Lee R.: 1:24
Cross, Iris M.: 1:25
Cross, Winnifred: 1:25
Crummie, Kenneth R.: 1:16
Czechoslovakia: Invasion of: 6:1

Davidson, Jerry W.: 1:21
Dean, Richard M.: 1:12
DelCielo, Ray W.: 1:13
Demary, Russell (sic): 1:29
Denk, Edward B.: 1:21
Denk, Robert J.: 1:21
Dibble, Keith M.: 1:30
Dietz, Frank I.: 1:30
Dominick, Henry A.: 1:28
Doolittle, Lee. A.: 1:32
Dorschell, James C.: 1:17
Dowda, Van D.: 1:26
Drapeau, Kenneth: 1:25
Duryear, Richard H.: 1:21

Eby, Leonard W.: 1:28
Eige, Glenn E.: 1:15
Elisofon, Eliot, 1:11
Elizabeth, Queen: 6: 6; 6:18 (1936-1952)
Erickson, Arvo: 1:32
Erickson, Leonard: 1:32
Evans, Lafayette: 1:30
Evje, Floyd: 1:24

Failla, Anthony T.: 1:33
Fairhurst, Kirk Standish: 1:17
Fallacaro, Dominic: 1:31
France: Christmas Party, 1944: 1:5- 1:11
Chateudun, bombardment of: 5:2
Lyon: 1:4
Nantes: 1:5-1:10
Felsen, Sam: 1:25
Fewer, William F.: 1:19
Fisichella, Mario: 1:33
Foddrell, Buford S.: 1:33
Foley, John D.: 1:19
Forbes, Richard R.: 1:14
Foster, Mel: 1:21

Gaal, Frank J.: 1:21
Galler, Aaron J: 1:33
Gates, George T.: 1:31
Gerding, Jess L.: 1:16
Germany: 6:6, 6:12.1
Berlin, bombardment of: 5:2
Hamburg, bombardment of: 5:2
Politz, bombardment of: 5:2
Wesel, bombardment of: 5:2
Gill, Vern J.: 1:13
Grabill, Marion P.: 1:33
Great Britain: 6:4, 6:15, 6:27
Griffen, Earl M.: 1:33
Griffeths, William E.: 1:26
Gunnel, James T.: 1:26
Gunsolley, Francis L.: 1:31, 1:32

Hagler, Elmo M.: 1:33
Hale, Ben F.: 1:17
Hankins, William E. (Lee): 1:24
Hanna, Wilbur G.: 1:19
Harcwhich, Lester C.: 1:27
Harris, James H.: 1:13
arris, Robert F.: 1:15
Hassing, James: 1:33
Hauger, Lester O.: 1:33
Heath, J.M.: 1:21
Heck, Eugene: 1:14
Hernandez, James: 1:34
Hinton James Day: 1:4
Hoff, Herman, J. Jr.: 1:34
Hometown Stories: 1:12-1:36
Hotel Knickerbocker (Chicago): 8:32-33
Hunt, Bernard J.: 1:19

Instant, Nancy J.: 1:34

Jeong, Lim W.: 1:14
Jewish War Veterans: 1:37
Jim Burbee’s Swingsters (band): 1:28
Johnson, Earl: 1:24
Johnson, Harlan R.: 1:24
Johnson, Harvey: 1:28
Johnson, John H.: 1:12
Johnson, Milton P.: 1:34
Jones, DeWitt C.: 1:15, 2:1
Joyce, William C.: 1:24

Kaczmarek, John P.: 1:25
Kappes, William: 1:32
Keirns, Rodney L.: 1:19
Kelleman, Frank J. Jr.: 1:29
Kelly, Stanley D.: 1:24
Kielar, Thaddeus, F.: 1:30
Kistler, Robert F.: 1:34
Klein, Jerome: 1:31
Knudsen, John M.: 1:19
Kotapish, James J.: 1:21
Kratky, James J.: 1:34
Kurzman, Maurice: 1:29
Kush, Raymond L.: 1:29

Larochelle, Arthur H. Jr.: 1:32
Laulec, Edward L.: 1:25
Leiloner, Stanley: 1:26
Liberator, The
(newspaper): 6:11
Lieblich, Daniel Parke: 1:18
Linaycomb, R.L.: 1:31
LoSasso, John J.: 1:34
Lost Colony (North Carolina): 6:8, 6:12.1 (1962)
Lyon, Mose, S.: 1:34

Madison, Edward A.: 1:34
Maher, Charles: 1:29
Mauser, Mike M.: 1:27
Mazzone, Anthony: 1:34
McCarthy, Vincent J.: 1:14
McCarty, Arthur G.: 1:31
McCormack, Whitson W.: 1:19
McCormick, Donald: 1:26
McCrocklin, William M.: 1:30
McCrombie, Jack: 1:34
McDowell, Eugene F.: 1:13
McFadden, John C: 1:22
McFadden, John C.: 1:15
McFadden, John C.: 1:27
McLain, Walter W.: 1:30
Michael, John W.: 1:28
Miller, Winnifred: 1:18
Minor, Eugene N.: 1:30
Minyard, A.E.: 1:30
Mitchem, Chester F.: 1:34
Monette, Charles F.: 1:19
Montgomery, T.L.: 1:21
Morrison, Paul O.: 1:15
Moya, Guadalupe L.: 1:34
Mueller, Arthur L.: 1:26

Newman, Edward C.: 1:34
Noonan, Arthur T.: 1:31
Nowalse, Harrison: 1:29

O’Dwyer, Thomas J.: 1:17
O’Mara, Peggy: 3:1-3:3
Odell, William R.: 1:34
Olin, Gene: 1:30
Olin, James: 1:30

Perry, Ulma: 1:30
Pflug, Paul H.: 1:21
Phillips, Leonard: 1:30
Pillman, Faneal T.: 1:32
Piro, Sam R.: 1:28
Plaaje, Luverne, L.: 1:35
Pleskovich, Frank J.: 1:12
Poland, Warren J.: 1:14
Potts, Ramsay: 1:2 (1974)
Pringle, Reid, A.: 1:27
Prosser, Bruce P.: 1:24
Prouet, Ambrose L.: 1:26
Purdy, Lloyd H.: 1:20
Purdy, Lloyd H.: 1:20, 1:35
Purtzer, Robert L.: 1:24

Reynolds, John C.: 1:23
Rhode, Eldon, F.: 1:22
Richman, William L.: 1:35
Richter, Albert C.: 1:35
Rickson, Donald E.: 1:35
Rifles: Score book, 8:24
Riggs, Ira D.: 1:28
Robertson, Earl: 1:14
Roehrig, George G.: 1:29
Rogers, Harry L.: 1:31
Rose, Robert L.: 1:28
Rosebrock, Charles A.: 1:16
Ross, John A.: 1:35
Roth, Jack W.: 1:21
Royal Albert Hall: 6:24
Rundblad, Geo. J.: 1:14
Russo, Mike: 1:31

Sams, Charles P.: 1:26
San Marco, Michael: 1:19
Santoro, Sal. N.: 1:19
Scarcella, Dominick J.: 1:19
Schweitzer, Carl H.: 1:35
Scuttlebutt, The (newspaper): 6:11
Serfoze, Edward: 1:35
Shapiro, Melvin S.: 1:31
Shaw, James I.: 1:22
Siegal, Meyer: 1:28
Smith, Dana E.: 1:21
Smith, Melton: 1:28
Solomon, Chester Erwin: 1:17
Somers, James J.: 1:29
Stars and Stripes: 6:12.3
Statler, Elmer: 1:35
Steele, Robert: 1:19
Stephans, Charles B.: 1:13
Stewart, Carroll W.: 1:3 (1972)
Stewart, Jimmy (James): 1:38, 7:1- 7:3
Stier, Russell: 1:12
Stoermer, Julius A.: 1:22
Stout, Mrs. John H.: 1:28
Strianse, Johnny: 1:12
Sullivan, Frank E.: 1:24
Sullivan, Frank Edward: 1:16

Tardiff, Betrand W.: 1:13
Theater Royal: 6:25
Thicknail, Joe: 1:19
Thomas, Carl R.: 1:35
Thomas, F. Edgar: 1:2, 1:3, 1:7, 5:7-5:9, 8:1-8:30
Thomas, Lawrence: 1:20
Thompson, Willard: 1:35
Tomko, Andrew D.: 1:23
Tronson, Gordon G.: 1:28
Trostle, Maxwell, L.: 1:27
Troupe, John: 1:28
Twarog, Leonard L.: 1:35

United States Air Force:
453rd Heavy Bombardment Unit: 1:1-1:38, 2:1-2:5, 5:1-5:8, 6:11, 6:12.1-6:12.4
Second Air Division Memorial: 6:27 (1963)
Special Orders: 8:34
Veterans Administration: 6:5, 6:21, 8:20 (1949, 1972)
University of North Carolina: 1:4

Valella, Samuel N.: 1:35
Valente, Anthony J.: 1:25
Veitre, Jimmy M.: 1:12

Walter, Boyd L.: 1:30
Ward, Charles A.: 1:30
Watt, Robert H.: 1:28
Weaver, Bernard W., 1:29
Webb, Ivan L.: 1:21, 2:1
Webster, Frank R.: 1:12
Wencker, Lorna Bernice: 1:29
Whilden, Roland: 1:12
Willis, Fred L.: 1:15
Wills, Thomas C.: 1:31
Witzel, Robert B.: 1:31
Woughter, Gerald L.: 1:26
Women: 3:1-3:3, 6:15, 6:18
Wright, Elwood: 1:35

Yank: 6:12.4
Yaros, Edward F.: 1:35
York, Perlie: 1:35

Zellers, Robert A.: 1:29