Manning Studio Collection


NameDateCity / StateAddressNeg.#Box
Oakley, Mr. Otis1954Greensboro, NC1219 Hill St.3393411
Oates, Mr. C. W.1954Greensboro, NC2735 Robinhood Dr.3396811
Oates, Mr. C. W.1954Greensboro, NC205 Lyndon St.335479
O'Brien, Capt. W. A.1946Leaksville, NC277242
O'Brien, Miss Judy1956Greensboro, NC916 Lexington Ave3592822
O'Brien, Miss Nancy (bride)1956Hamlet, NCBox 9 Mother Mrs J P O'Brien3569420
O'Brien, Mr. W. L.1956Greensboro, NC3103 Madison Ave.3553420
O'Brien, Mrs. Grace1956Greensboro, NC916 Lexington Ave3592722
O'Brien, Mrs. Pauline1956Greensboro, NC720 W. Lee St3583221
O'Connor, Miss Betty1952Greensboro, NC412 W. Market St322646
O'Connor, Miss Mary Lou1954Greensboro, NC218 College Place Apt #3335259
O'Connor, Mr. W. E.1955Greensboro, NCRoute #103477916
O'Dell, Mr. Fred C.1954Greensboro, NC212 S. Park Drive334358
Oden, Miss Beverly1952Greensboro, NC212 Mayflower Dr323656
O'Ferell, Mr. Martin1955McLeansville, NCRoute 13441914
Ogburn, Dr. H. H.1956Greensboro, NC1806 W.Market3548519
Ogburn, Miss Frances1952Greensboro, NC530 Sterling323536
Oglesby, Miss Johnie1956Greensboro, NCBox 681 W C U N C3563420
Old County Court House (copy)1954Greensboro, NCJefferson Standard Life Ins. Co.333838
Oldham, Miss Sue1954Greensboro, NCRt 8 Box 5743383311
Oldham, Mr. J. C.1954Greensboro, NCRt 8 Box 5743383411
Olds, Miss Nancy1955Venice, FloridaBox 3223415713
Oliver, Miss Doris1955Greensboro, NCAlamance Rd.3457015
Oliver, Miss Kitty (bride)1957Reidsville, NCBox 13493647625
Oliver, Mr. J. R. (rotary)1956Greensboro, NC308 B East Hendrix3554620
O'Reilly, Mrs. E. T. (2 yr old girl)1956Kernersville, NCRoute 2 Box 2773492217
Orr, Mr. Douglas Atty1956Greensboro, NC206 Sunset Dr3574921
Orth, Mrs. Ann1956Greensboro, NC924 Carr St3496717
Osborne, Miss Helen1956Greensboro, NC3503417
Osborne, Miss Inez1956Greensboro, NC2705 Spring Garden3587521
Osborne, Miss Irene1954Greensboro, NCRt.# 3 Box 473406712
Osborne, Miss Irene1955Greensboro, NCRt 3 Box 473482716
Osborne, Miss Irene1956Greensboro, NCRt 3 Box 473587721
Osborne, Miss Marion1954Greensboro, NC304 Hillside Dr.3402012
Osborne, Mr. Brady1956Greensboro, NC1205 Whilden Place3595422
Ott, Mr. Richard1957Guilford College, NCRt 1 Box 70 Q3642324
Otwell, Miss Mary Lou1955Greensboro, NCRt 1 Box 2583467215
Outlaw, Miss Betty1954Greensboro, NC1171/2 S. Mendenhall335839
Outlaw, Miss Betty Ray1954Greensboro, NC117 l/2 S. Mendenhall St.335399
Overby, Miss Jean1952Greensboro, NC1105 Martin St321185
Overcash, Miss Ann (bride)1946Greensboro, NCRoute # 3 Box 382276791
Overman, Miss Frankie1955Charlotte, NC421 Louise Ave.3416313
Overman, Mrs. Doyle (baby)1946Whittsett, NC276611
Overstreet, Miss Carol1957Greensboro, NC225 N. Elam36351-A24
Overstreet, Miss Carol1955Greensboro, NC225 N. Elam3480416
Overstreet, Miss Kay1955Greensboro, NC225 N. Elam3434014
Overstreet, Miss Patricia1955Greensboro, NC206 S. Greenway Westd3447614
Overstreet, Mr. Gordon1954Greensboro, NC225 N. Elam Ave.3411412
Overstreet, Mr. Linton1954Greensboro, NC206 SW Greenway3388111
Overstreet, Mrs. Gordon1957Greensboro, NC225 N. Elam36352-A24
Owens, Miss Gloria1946Moultrie, Ga.915 Hillcrest276671
Owens, Miss Patsy1956Ruth, NCBox 1033489817
Owens, W. C. (Sales Ex)1957Greensboro, NC3702 Madison Ave3634124
Ozment, Mrs. H. C. (baby)1952Greensboro, NC1807 Oak St322966
Pace, Mrs. Arlene1954Greensboro, NC2021 Anthony Court3383911
Padgett, Mr. C. D.1954Greensboro, NC2302 Lawndale Dr.3376810
Page, Miss Diane1946Greensboro, NC1028 W. Market279323
Page, Miss Dianne (bride)1946Greensboro, NC1028 W. Mrket St279693
Page, Miss Julia1954Greensboro, NCBox 1192 W.C. South Spencer335519
Page, Mr. (copy for)1955Troy, NC19553474016
Paine, Mr. Sidney S.1956Greensboro, NC1605 Carlisle Rd.3550119
Palmer, Miss Margaret1946Southern Pines, NCBox 1002276631
Pamplin, Mrs. W. L. (girl baby)1956Greensboro, NC2215 Reynolda Rd.3513718
Panagiotou, Mr. Manuel A.1954Greensboro, NC407 Sycamore St.3378110
Panye, Miss Faye (bride) Meyers1955Jamestown, NCBox 1333454415
Pappas, Miss Helen1954Greensboro, NC503 Spring St.335919
Pappas, Mr. & Mrs. Matthew1951Greensboro, NC223 N. Elm St.315354
Pappas, Mr. A. G. (daughter)1956Greensboro, NC604 E. Lake Dr3499117
Paris, Mr. J. D.1955Greensboro, NC1113 Neal St.3433713
Park, Miss Sara1956Greensboro, NC2801 W. Lake Rd3502417
Parker, Miss Ann (bride)1956Littleton, NCBox 3863509818
Parker, Miss Betty1952Greensboro, NC127 S. Mendenhall Apt 5321895
Parker, Miss Hazel1957Greensboro, NC303 W. Camel3646225
Parker, Miss Hazel (bride)1957Greensboro, NC303 W. Camel3647125
Parker, Miss Judy1954Salisbury, NC222 Mocksville Ave.3402612
Parker, Miss Nancy (bride)1955Greensboro, NC1814 Friendly Rd.3443214
Parker, Miss Susan1955Murfreesboro, NC3424413
Parker, Mr. A. H. (sales ex.)1957Greensboro, NCP O Box 7783648125
Parker, Mr. L. C.1957High Point, NCAdams Millis Corp5235526
Parker, Mr. A. H. (rotary)1956Greensboro, NCP.O. Box 7783552219
Parker, Mr. Thomas (atty)1956Greensboro, NC1856 Pembroke Rd3585321
Parker, Mrs. David R., Jr.1955High Point, NC401 Woodbrook Court3461615
Parker, Rev. A. L. (Lion)1956Greensboro, NC709 Asheboro St3570020
Parks, Miss Kate (bride)1957Seagrove, NC3628223
Parks, Miss Sara (bride)1956Greensboro, NC2801 W. Lake Rd.3514618
Parks, Mrs. B. S.1956Greensboro, NC408 Elam Ave3490117
Parris, Mrs. Lee (son)1952Burlington, NC1401 Granville St321465
Parrish, D. Ray1957Thomasville, NCPiedmont Cleaners6070327
Parrish, Miss Irene1955Summerfield, NCRt. #2 (Y.W.C.A.)3451715
Parrish, Mr. Fred and baby1954Savannah, Ga1706 E. 36th St.3382311
Parrish, Mr. Howard1954Greensboro, NC2618 Springwood3388311
Parrish, Mrs. Howard M.1955Greensboro, NC2618 Springwood Dr.3437414
Parsons, Miss Virginia1954Greensboro, NC2414 Sylvan Road335439
Parsons, Miss Virginia (bride)1954Greensboro, NC2414 Sylvan Rd.336479
Parsons, Mr. D. H., Atty1957High Point, NCSecurity Bank5236226
Pascal, Mr. F L Atty1956Greensboro, NC2420 Camden Rd3525419
Paschal, Miss Jean1952Greensboro, NC627 Joyner St320614
Pate, Miss Edity1956Goldsboro, NC203 N. Jackson St3589822
Patrick, Mr. M. L.1957High Point, NCCloverdale School5237626
Patterson, Lt. C. H.1946Bangor, Maine48 Highland Ave.277622
Patterson, Miss Hazel1957Siler City, NC104 East Raleigh3609323
Patterson, Mr. F. W.1956Greensboro, NC514 Woodland Dr.3550519
Patterson, Mrs. T. Henry1957Madison, NC202 Decatur St3661626
Patterson, Rev. T. Henry1957Greensboro, NC407 Hillcrest Dr3623123
Patton, Bill1946Greensboro, NC207 S. Eugene St.276741
Paul, Miss Beth1957Washington, DCHoliday House3600022
Payne, Miss Margaret (bride)1954High Point, NCRaleigh Farm Rd.3380410
Payne, Miss Mary (bride)1954Greensboro, NC219 B Florence St.3378010
Payne, Miss Thelma (bride)1956Greensboro, NCBox 1268 W.C.U.N.C.3512818
Payne, Mr. A. H.1957W-Salem, NCRt 7 Twin Oaks Dr3661826
Payne, Mr. C. H.1955Greensboro, NC1511 Elwood Ave3460615
Payne, Mrs. J. A.1956Greensboro, NC521 N. Edgeworth St3592622
Peacock, Miss Sarah (bride)1955High Point, N.C.711 W. Farriss Ave.3448614
Peacock, Mrs. H. O. (child)1946Guilford College, NC276811
Pearce, Miss Geraldine (bride)1952Greensboro, NC504 l/2 N. Greene St321755
Pearce, Miss Mary1946Greensboro, NC1-A Country Club Apartments279683
Pearl, Miss Betty (bride)1954Greensboro, NC1721 Madison Ave3372110
Pearman, Mr. Richard1955Greensboro, NC2217 Reynolda Rd.3459715
Pearson, Mr. A. K.1954Greensboro, NC3202 Madison Ave.3398111
Peck, Rev. Wayne1952Greensboro, NC366 W. Lee St321385
Peddycord, Miss Reba1956Winston-Salem, NC574 Waterworks Rd3589922
Peebles, Mr. Jim1954Greensboro, NC412 N. Spring St.3368610
Peeden, Mrs. John1946Greensboro, NC616 S. Spring St.277552
Peele, Miss Coleene1952Greensboro, NC2113 Troy St322295
Peeples, Miss Peggy (eng)1957Greensboro, NC401 N. Mendenhall3602922
Peeples, Miss Phyliss (bride)1957Kernersville, NCRt 23650425
Pegg, Miss Laverne1955Kernersville, NCRoute 23489617
Pegg, Mr. W. W.1953Guilford, NCRoute 1332397
Pegram, Miss Jane (bride)1952Greensboro, NCRoute 6, Box 474-B322215
Pegram, Miss Sue1952Greensboro, NC2408 Spring Garden St.322105
Pegram, Miss Vera1946Guilford College, NCRt # 1, Box 70277862
Pegram, Mrs. Wallace (baby)1946Greensboro, NCRoute 6279023
Pendleton, Mr./Mrs. W. R. (copy)1957Greensboro, NC713 Asheboro St3644724
Penland, Miss Peggy1956Greensboro, NC1515 Oak Street3508018
Pennil, Miss Mary Rose1957Greensboro, NC215 N. Edgeworth3667626
Pennington, Glenn1957Thomasville, NCThomasville Chair Co6069127
Pennington, Miss Judy1957Greensboro, NC603 Elwell Ave.3610223
Pennington, Miss Judy (bride)1957Greensboro, NC603 Elwell Ave3624523
Penry, Miss Betty (McCaskill)1952Greensboro, NCRoute 6320134
Penry, Mr. R. H.1954Greensboro, NCRt.#63404612
Penry, Mrs. R. H.1953Greensboro, NCRoute 6331307
Peoples, Miss Ann1955Greensboro, NCBox 1302 W.C.U.N.C. Wienfield Dorm3423613
Perrin, Mr. G. E.1943Greensboro, NCHood Place 801221561
Perrin, Mr. George E.1956Greensboro, NC801 Hood Pl.3547519
Perry, James H. (P Sales Ex)1957Greensboro, NC118 Homewood3635924
Perry, Miss Ollie Mae1946Siler City, NCBox 4276861
Perry, Miss Peggy1952Kernersville, NCPilgrim Bible College321095
Perry, Miss Peggy (bride)1954Greensboro, NC2010 Boulevard St.335729
Perry, Mr./Mrs. Walter E.1946Burlington, NC119 N. Broad279993
Perry, Mrs. Bill (girl)1956Liberty, NCBox 1613510518
Perryman, Miss Edity1953Greensboro, NC611 S. Lindell Rd.333358
Perryman, Miss Nancy (bride)1954High Point, NC449 W. Lexington3405612
Perryman, Mr./Mrs. E. J.1953Greensboro, NC611 S. Lindell333448
Person, Mr. Glenn1957Greensboro, NC3800 Parkwood Dr3648825
Pettit, Mr. Robert M.1955Greensboro, NC3807 Manor Dr3470816
Petty, Mr. Jack1955Winston Slm, NC4008 Robinhood Rd3417913
Pew, Mrs. Garland (baby)1954High Point, NC115 Chestnut Ct.3381011
Pharr, Miss Fay1954Greensboro, NC126 S. Mendenhall3409812
Phillippe, Miss Dixie (bride)1946Gibsonville, NCRoute # 1278472
Phillippi, Miss Dixie1946Greensboro, NCBox 1278032
Phillips, Dr. M. W.1957Thomasville, NC6068327
Phillips, Judge Donald F.1955Rockingham,NC3440114
Phillips, Miss Barbara Ann1952Greensboro, NC210 S. Tremont Drive322195
Phillips, Miss Betty Frank1955Ramseur, NC3466615
Phillips, Miss Betty Jean (bride)1956Greensboro, NC621 Park Ave3576821
Phillips, Miss Carolyn1952Greensboro, NC210 S. Tremont Dr321395
Phillips, Miss Carolyn1952Greensboro, NC210 S. Tremont Drive320534
Phillips, Miss Jane1956Lumberton, NC602 E. 7th Std3580421
Phillips, Miss Joan1954Greensboro, NC301 S. Tremont Dr.334388
Phillips, Miss Lois (bride)1954Greensboro, NCRt. #6 Box 579335749
Phillips, Miss Martha (bride)1954Thomasville, NC9 West Sunrise Dr3373710
Phillips, Miss Ruby1952Greensboro, NC201 Robbins St.323066
Phillips, Mr. K. G.1957Greensboro, NC3210 W. Market St3672026
Phillips, Mr. Wade W. (Rotary)1957Greensboro, NC1009 Twyckenham3667326
Phillips, Mr. C. W.1956Greensboro, NCW.C.U.N.C.3550819
Phillips, Mr. Jim1956Greensboro, NC3210 W. Market St3594422
Phillips, Mr./Mrs. T. J.1956Greensboro, NC201 Terrell St3591122
Phillips, Mrs. K. G. & Ann1957Greensboro, NC3210 W. Market St3671926
Phillips, Mrs. Kermit (baby)1957Greensboro, NCBox 11163652625
Phillips, Mrs. Lillian (dgthr Ann)1957Greensboro, NC3210 W. Market3664926
Phillips, Mrs. Charles F.1954Thomasville, NC9 West Sunrise Dr3373810
Phillips, Mrs. E. L.1955Greensboro, NC413 S. Lendell Rd3473316
Phillips, Mrs. Edith1946Greensboro, NC803 Dover Rd.276751
Phillips, Mrs. Lois S.1954Greensboro, NCRoute 6, Box 579334758
Phillips, Mrs. W. R. (2 boys)1955Greensboro, NC1042 S. Aycock3431113
Phillips, Mrs. K. G. (dgtr Ann)1956Greensboro, NC3210 W Market St3565920
Phipps, Miss Jane1954Greensboro, NC400 S. Spring St.334839
Pickard, Miss Louise1952Randleman, NC323 High Point Rd322906
Pickard, Mr. Harold1954Greensboro, NC2004 Asheboro St3370210
Pickett, Miss Ann (bride)1955Charlotte, N. C.1417 Scott Ct.3444014
Pickett, Miss Miriam1953Greensboro, NC306 Aberdeen Terrace332897
Pieper, Mr. N. J. L.1952New York, NY4 Albany St. (National Surety Corp.)320024
Pierce Mrs. S. M. (2 children)1957Greensboro, NCRt 9 Box 361B3647025
Pierce, Miss Doris (bride)1955Greensboro, NC1153 Battleground Ave.3448714
Pierce, Miss Martha1954Greensboro, NC1011 Northwood St.3370810
Pierce, Miss Mary Eliz. (bride)1955Mt. Gilead, NC3447314
Pierce, Mr. Edwin W. (atty)1956Greensboro, NCC/O Columbia Laundry3576121
Pierce, Mr. & Mrs. Barney1955Thomasville, NCBox 1383450115
Pierce, Mr. Claude (rotary)1956Greensboro, NC205 Elmwood Dr.3542119
Pinyan, Miss Patricia1954Greensboro, NC3399511
Pipkin, Mrs. W. B. (copy)1957High Point, NC633 S Main St (group picture)3621423
Pitcher, Mr. E. D.1957+Leakesville, NCC/O Mr Marlow Fieldcrest Mills3673226
Pitman, Miss Martha1952Greensboro, NCHinshaw Dorm, Woman's College320594
Pittman, Mrs R L (daughter)1957Greensboro, NC3703 Manor Dr3624023
Pleasant, Miss Billie (eng)1956Greensboro, NC116 Bruce St3564420
Pleasant, Miss Dorothy1957Greensboro, NC3513 Parkwood Dr3602722
Pleasant, Miss Billie Rae (bride)1956Greensboro, NC3513 Parkwood Dr3573221
Pleasants, Miss Dorothy (bride)1957Greensboro, NC3513 Parkwood Dr3626723
Pleasants, Miss Elizabeth bride1946Greensboro, NC110 Melrose Ct.278152
Plummer, Mrs. W. G.1946Kernersville, NC279843
Plybon, Mrs. R. L.1957Greensboro, NC314 Isabelle St3599422
Plyler, Mr. E. G.1952Greensboro, NCMontgomery Ward and Co321345
Poag, Miss Catherine1956Greensboro, NC1704 Walker Ave3561020
Poe, Mrs. H. V.1955Brown Smt, NCRoute 23440514
Pohl, Miss Alice1956Aberdeen, NC3510618
Poindexter, Dr. C. C.1941Greensboro, NCJefferson Bldg197281
Poindexter, Dr. C. C.1942Greensboro, NCMarket St. 1402 West208691
Polk, Miss Peggy1954Greensboro, NC219 B Florence St3374510
Pool, Miss Zilphia1951Greensboro, NC610 Magnolia (Women's College)314074
Poole, Cliff1957Pittsboro, NCCity Market6062627
Poole, Miss Barbara1956Carthage, NC3561320
Poole, Mr. Glenn1952Greensboro, NC2615 Walker Ave320714
Poole, Mr. James W.1955Greensboro, NC103 Wentworth Dr3483116
Poole, Mr. R. F.1955Greensboro, NC1700 Troxler St3483216
Poole, Mr./Mrs.. M. F., Jr.1946Greensboro, NC609 Battleground Ave277382
Pope, Miss Lake1957W-Salem, NCBox 123 Baptist Hospital36353-A24
Pope, Mr. Harrell Atty1956Greensboro, NC210 Country Club Dr3520918
Porter, Miss Nancy (bride)1956Greensboro, NC607 Huffine Mill Rd3588222
Poteat, Mr. W. M. Atty1956Greensboro, NC1207 Country Club Dr3522918
Potter, Mrs. Lina W.1946Wallace, NC277312
Potts, Miss Jessie1957Greensboro, NC1209 W Market3621523
Powell, Mr. Charles G. Atty1956Guilford College, NC3528219
Powell, Mr. Gilbert E. Atty1956Greensboro, NCP O Box L-13522418
Powell, Mr. J. F.1956Stokesdale, NC3593122
Powell, Mr. Oscar L.1957Greensboro, NC1309 Westridge Rd3666326
Powell, Mr. Terry1957Greensboro, NC1309 Westridge Rd3666426
Powell, Mr./Mrs. D. T.1956Greensboro, NC2105 Asheboro St3579221
Powell, Mrs Mary Lee1957Greensboro, NC1309 Westridge Rd.3666226
Powell, Mrs. Doris1953Greensboro, NC1208 W. Market St.333258
Powell, Mrs. J. F.1956Stokesdale, NC3593322
Powell, W. T.1944High Point, NCHillcrest Dr. 204248841
Powers, Miss Nell (bride)1954Greensboro, NC413 Woodlawn3407112
Powers, Mr. Carl Ray1955Bennett, NC3452415
Presnell, Miss Eula Mae (bride)1946Siler City, NCBox 4276491
Pressly, Dr. W. A. (rotary)1956Greensboro, NC822 N. Elm3547019
Preyer, Judge1955Greensboro, NC605 Sunset Dr3447814
Preyer, Allen T. (Sales Exec)1957Greensboro, NC101 N. Elm St3630123
Price, Julian1957Lumberton, NC5561927
Price, Julian1946Greensboro, NCJefferson Standard Life Ins. Co275681
Price, Miss Mary1953Stokesdale, NCRoute 2333308
Price, Miss Ruth1955High Point, NC212 Lindsay St.3459415
Price, Miss Wanda Louise1953Greensboro, NC808 Brown St.333107
Price, Miss Wanda Louise (bride)1954Greensboro, NC808 Brown St.3365110
Price, Mr. Paul1953Greensboro, NCJefferson Standard Life Ins. Co.332477
Price, Mr. Ralph1956Greensboro, NC1801 Carlisle Rd3505818
Price, Mr. W. H.1955Greensboro, NC219 S. Eugene St3488717
Price, Mrs. Ralph (little girl)1945Greensboro, NC264061
Priddy, Miss Pat1955Greensboro, NC402 l/2 Forrest St.3438514
Prince, Mr. Morris Atty1956Greensboro, NC2504 Timber Lane3529819
Pritchard, C. C.1957Thomasville, NCAgt Southery RR6067527
Proctor, Miss Lucille (bride)1956Greensboro, NC407 N. Mendenhall3515818
Proctor, Mr. A.W. (rotary)1956Greensboro, NC2005 Lafayette3543319
Prokop, R. A. (P Sales Ex)1957Greensboro, NC100 Meade Dr3636824
Pruett, Mr. Charles H.1954Greensboro, NC501 Woodlawn Ave.3398311
Puckett, Miss Polly1955Greensboro, NC1104 Magnolia St.3425113
Pugh, Miss Mary1954Fayetteville, NCRoute #5334738
Pugh, Miss Nancy1954Greensboro, NC401 E. Bessemer Ave.334688
Pugh, Mr. H. E.1954Greensboro, NCP. O. Box L3410712
Pugh, Mrs. J. Howard1954Greensboro, NC617 Northridge St.335309
Pugh, Mrs. J. H. (baby)1952Greensboro, NC617 Northridge323016
Putman, Mrs. R. C. (two children)1956Greensboro, NC2227 Pinecroft Rd.3512918
Putnam, Mr. Roy1954High Point, NC1208 Motlier Ave3368810
Putnman, Mrs. C. M. & 2 Boys1954Greensboro, NC3507 Madison Ave.3404712