Greensboro City Directories

The Greensboro City Directories for 1884-1963 have been digitized by the Digital Projects Unit at UNCG from copies held by the UNCG University Libraries, the Greensboro Public Library, and the Greensboro History Museum. They are accessible through Gateway: Triad Area City Directories, hosted by the University Libraries of UNC Greensboro. Alternative interfaces, especially the “Read Online” version that is great for browsing an individual volume, are available through the Internet Archive links below. Also included there are the 1879-1880 Winston, Salem and Greensboro directory and the 1964-1968 Greensboro directories, which were digitized by the North Carolina Digital Heritage Center from originals at UNC Chapel Hill.

The GHM Archives has original copies of some of the above digitized volumes. The volumes listed below have not yet been digitized. They can be consulted in person by scheduling an appointment with the Archives. Alternately, the Greensboro Public Library (Central Branch, 2nd Floor, Microform 317.56 G81) has a more complete set, which can be consulted during their hours of operation.

1966—Suburban 1977 1987—Suburban 1997
1969 1977—Suburban 1988 1997—Suburban
1969—Suburban 1978 1989 1998
1970 1978—Suburban 1989—Suburban 1998—Suburban
1970—Suburban 1979 1990 1999—Suburban
1971 1979—Suburban 1990—Suburban 2000
1971—Suburban 1980 1991 2000—Suburban
1972 1980—Suburban 1991—Suburban 2001
1972—Suburban 1981-82 1992 2001—Suburban
1973 1981—Suburban 1992—Suburban 2002
1973—Suburban 1982—Suburban 1993 2002—Suburban
1974 1984 1993—Suburban 2003—Suburban
1974—Suburban 1984—Suburban 1994 2004
1975 1985 1994—Suburban 2004—Suburban
1975—Suburban 1985—Suburban 1995—Suburban 2006
1976 1986 1996 2007
1976—Suburban 1986—Suburban 1996—Suburban