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This bibliography lists publications focusing on Greensboro and Guilford County history and is organized by subject. The citations were taken from several sources:

  • Everyday Life in Guilford County in the Past, by Helen Snow
  • Greensboro: A Chosen Center, by Gayle Hicks Fripp (below)
  • North Carolina History: An Annotated Bibliography, by H.G. Jones, pp. 590-597 (Westport, CT: Greenwood Press, 1995)
  • Some titles come directly from the online catalogs below.

Most of these titles are available locally as noted (library abbreviation & call number usually follow the entry). You can check each library’s online catalog to see if they are checked in and available to use.

Direct links are provided for titles that have been digitized by local, regional, and national libraries.

BIOGRAPHY: Guilford County Lives 

Brown, Charlotte Hawkins

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Caldwell, David

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Coffin, Levi

Frye, Henry

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Lindley, J. Van

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Madison, Dolley

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Murrow, Edward R.

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Porter, William Sidney (O. Henry)

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Preddy, George

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Tourgée, Albion

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Warner, Yardley


Architectural History/Surveys

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Business & Industry

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Churches & Religion

Education & School History 

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General Histories

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Medicine & Medical History

Military & Wars

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Municipal (City) Services

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People & Families

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Photographs & Photography

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Pictorials (images of people, businesses, buildings, streets)

Race & Class Relations

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Social Change


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Architecture History/Surveys

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Churches & Religion (Guilford Co.)

Education & School History

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Medicine & Medical History


Brown Summit

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High Point

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