Faulconer/Lindsay Family Papers

ca. 1860-1962. 2 boxes (19 folders), ca. 100 items.MSS. COLL. #53

NOTE: The numbers cited in parentheses throughout the inventory, e.g. 1:5, refer the researcher to the Series#:Folder# in which that name/topic will be found.


The focus of this collection mainly relates to the Faulconer and Lindsay families of North Carolina. It is particularly strong in material on Greensboro native F. L. Faulconer, Jr. and photographs of his relatives and ancestors.

Researchers interested in genealogical material on the Faulconer, Hogg and Lindsay families will find additional information that may be useful.

Arrangement: The Faulconer/Lindsay Family Papers are arranged into five series, and within each series folders are arranged alphabetically. The following are the five series: Correspondence, 1910-18; Genealogy, nd; Miscellaneous, ca. 1884-1930; Photographs, ca. 1860s-1920s; and Printed, 1873-1962.

Provenance: Two different accession numbers are associated with the Faulconer/Lindsay Family Papers: 1975.94.16 and 1984.58.48. The former donation, a calligraphic drawing, was presented to the museum with numerous three dimensional objects by F. L. Faulconer, Jr. The latter represents the remainder of the collection and was donated to the museum by Leonard L. Faulconer, the son of F. L. Faulconer, Jr. and Frances S. Faulconer.

Processing: This collection was organized and the finding aid prepared by Francis D. Pitts III in June 1997.


At some time near the year 1830 W. R. D. Lindsay moved to Greensboro and established a business, a tannery that tanned leather and made harnesses and saddles. Subsequently, members of the Lindsay family were associated with Greensboro well into the twentieth century.

Franklin L. Faulconer appears to have been the first member of his family to settle in Greensboro. He married Katharine Anderson Lindsay in 1904, and they had two children, one of whom was Franklin L. Faulconer, Jr. (1912-?). The latter Faulconer was reared in the city, graduating from Greensboro High School in 1930. He married Frances Elizabeth Smith of Greensboro in 1941. After their marriage, they settled in Roanoke, Virginia, then in Bluefield, West Virginia.

Biographical Sources: Aside from the biographical material found in the collection (see the numerous newspaper clippings in series 3 and 5), there does not appear to be much information readily available in print pertaining to the subjects. There are, however, two mentions of W. R. D. Lindsay in Ethel S. Arnett’s Greensboro, North Carolina: The County Seat of Guilford, Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 1955.


Types of materials in this collection include books, correspondence, certificates, a high school diploma, genealogical information, newspaper clippings, photographs, and wedding invitations.

The bulk of the Faulconer/Lindsay Family Papers relate to Greensboro native F. L. Faulconer, Jr. (1912-?). Researchers will find numerous items that document the early years of his life. Of particular note are certificates he was awarded from the First Presbyterian Church, the Greensboro public schools, and the Boy Scouts (5:3); his Greensboro High School diploma from 1930 (5:5); an album of photographs he compiled from the 1920s (4:1); and a number of photographs of him at various stages in his early life (4:1,6).

A sizable portion of the collection pertains to his ancestors and contemporary relatives. Researchers interested in the Faulconer, Hogg, and Lindsay families of North Carolina and elsewhere will find genealogical information in folder 2:1 and newspaper clippings in folders 3:1 and 5:7 that might be useful in gaining an understanding of their histories. Also, folder 5:8 contains two invitations to the wedding ceremony in 1873 of Mittie W. Anderson and William S. Lindsay. For visual representation of some of these people, see folders 4:4-8.

Of the items not identified as being related to Faulconer and his extended family, cartes de visite in folder 4:3 of President and Mrs. Grover Cleveland are worthy of note. Researchers will also find in this folder examples of cartes de visite produced by Greensboro photographers.

For researchers interested in the Boy Scouts, a book entitled Handbook for Boys: Boy Scouts of America (1928) is associated with this collection and can be found under accession number 75.94.15 in the general collection.


1. Correspondence. 1 folder (3 items). 1910-18.

The three items in this series are postcards — two addressed to Master Leonard Faulconer and one to Mrs. Wm. A. Lindsay.

2. Genealogy. 1 folder (ca. 6 items). Nd.

The genealogical material in this series examines the lines of descent of the Faulconer, Hogg, and Lindsay families. The connections between the three family lines is revealed here, according to accounts found in the collection, through F. L. Faulconer, Jr.’s maternal side: William S. Lindsay of Greensboro, son of Lydia Mary Hogg and William R. D. Lindsay, married Mary W. Anderson; their union produced one child, Katharine Anderson Lindsay, who married F. L. Faulconer. Their son, F.L. Faulconer, Jr., was born on 6 September 1912.

3. Miscellaneous. 1 folder (ca. 28 items). Ca. 1884-1930.

This series contains the loose material that was found in the Bible of Mrs. M. W. Lindsay and two items associated with F. L. Faulconer, Jr.’s high school diploma. The former consists mainly of newspaper clippings that relate information about family members or friends of Mrs. Lindsay; the latter are a poem entitled “Friends” and a program for an unidentified boys’ ceremony.

4. Photographs. 8 folders (ca. 35 items). Ca. 1860s-1920s.

Approximately half of the photographs in this series are of unidentified subjects. Many of the other half are of Lindsay and Faulconer family members (4:1,4-8). Of particular note are two tintypes, one each of William R. D. Lindsay and Mary W. Lindsay (4:8). In addition, this series contains cartes de visite produced by Greensboro photographers and those done elsewhere of President and Mrs. Grover Cleveland (4:3). Also of interest are photographs of Pilot Mt., North Carolina, and scenes of Greensboro found in an album that was compiled by F. L. Faulconer, Jr. during the 1920s (4:1).

5. Printed. 8 folders (ca. 35 items). Ca. 1873-1962.

This series contains an assortment of items relating to the life of F. L. Faulconer, Jr. Researchers will find a book entitled Baby’s Record (5:1), which gives highlights of the subject’s early years; certificates awarded to him by the First Presbyterian Church, the Greensboro public schools, and the Boy Scouts (5:3); and his diploma from Greensboro High School in 1930 (5:5). Other items of interest are a Bible that was owned by Mrs. M. W. Lindsay, in which additional genealogical information can be found (5:2); newspaper clippings, some of which relate to the Faulconer, Hogg, and Lindsay families (5:7); and invitations to the wedding ceremony in 1873 of Mittie W. Anderson and William S. Lindsay (5:8).


11Correspondence (1910-18)
21Genealogy -- Faulconer, Hogg, and Lindsay Families (nd)
31Miscellaneous (ca. 1884-1930)
41Photographs -- Albums -- Faulconer, F. L., Jr. (ca. 1920s)
2-- Albums -- Unidentified (ca. 1868-86)
3-- Albums -- " -- Loose items (ca. 1868-86)
4-- Faulconer (ca. 1910-?)
5-- Faulconer, F. L. (ca. 1915)
6-- Faulconer, F. L., Jr. (ca. 1914-30)
7-- Faulconer, Katharine (ca. 1915)
8-- Lindsay (ca. 1860s-1870s)
51Printed-- Baby's Record (ca. 1912-18)
2-- Bible (1884)
3-- Certificates (1919-28)
4-- Drawings (1893)
5-- Greensboro High School diploma (1930)
6-- Lyrics (ca. 1922)
7-- Newspaper clippings -- Misc. (ca. 1922-62)
8-- Wedding invitations (1873)

Index to the Faulconer/Lindsay Collection
(ca. 1868-1962)

Note: The numbers following the name/subject entry –e.g. 1:1 – indicate in which Series#:Folder# (or, if no “:”, Series only) that name/topic can be found. Dates of the items are given in parenthesis for an individual Series/Folder or, if at the end, for the entire subject/name entry. The abbreviation GSO indicates a Greensboro association.

Anderson, Mittie W.: 4:8; 5:8 (ca. 1870s)

Bailey, Mary Lindsay: 4:8 (nd)
Boy Scouts: 5:3,6,7 (ca. 1925-28)
Brady’s Nat’l Portrait Gallery: 4:2 (nd)

Certificates: 5:3 (1919-28)
Cleveland, Grover: photo, 4:3 (ca. 1886)
Cleveland, Mrs. Grover: photo, 4:3 (ca. 1886)

Drawings: 5:4 (1893)

Faulconer, F. L.: 2:1; 4:4,5 (ca. 1904-10)
Faulconer, F. L., Jr.: 2:1; 4:1,4,6; 5:1,3,5,7 (ca. 1912-41)
Faulconer, Katharine: 2:1; 4:4,7 (ca. 1904-10)
Faulconer, Mrs. F. L., Jr.: 5:7 (1941)
Faulconer family: 2:1 (nd); 3:1 (ca 1884)
First Presbyterian Church: 5:3 (1919)

Genealogy: 2:1 (nd)
Greensboro: photos of, 4:1 (ca. 1920s)
Greensboro High School: 5:5 (1930)
Greensboro Public Schools: 5:3 (1922)

Hogg family: 2:1; 5:7 (nd)
Hughes and Andrews (GSO): 4:3 (ca. 1860s-80s)

Lindsay, Mrs. M. W.: 3:1; 4:8; 5:2 (ca. 1860s-80s)
Lindsay, W. R. D.: 4:8 (ca. 1860s)
Lindsay, William S.: 4:8; 5:8 (ca. 1870s)
Lindsay family: 2:1; 3:1; Bible, 5:2

Methodist Episcopal Church (Madison, NC): 5:8 (1873)

Pilot Mt. (NC): photos of, 4:1 (ca. 1920s)

Smith, Frances Elizabeth: 2:1; 5:7 (ca. 1941)