Glascock Family Papers

ca. 1884-1988 [bulk 1906-1963]. 1 box (41 folders), ca. 75 items.MSS. COLL. #181

NOTE: The numbers cited in parentheses, e.g. 1:5, refer the researcher to the Series#:Folder# in which that name or topic will be found.


This collection contains material originating from various members of the Glascock and McNairy families. Some correspondence and several items involving the United Confederate Veterans relate most closely to the personal lives of family members. G.T. Glascock & Sons letterheads are the only items that pertain to the family business, a Greensboro foundry known for its stoves.

Arrangement: This collection is organized into six series by document type and arranged within series by subject and/or document type. The series are:  Correspondence, 1901-1950; Financial, 1884-1950; Literary, 1963; Miscellaneous, 1884-1958; Photographs; and Printed Material, 1894-1988.

Provenance: This collection was donated by Mr. and Mrs. Bob Demaree in 2006 and assigned accession number 2006.6.2. Bob Demaree was the son of Frances Glascock Demaree and grandson of Thomas A. Glascock.

Processing: This collection was organized and the finding aid was prepared by volunteer C. Christopher Lynch between September and December 2012. The collection was reorganized and the biographical note expanded by Archivist Elise Allison in September 2016.


Born in Halifax County, Virginia, Giles Thomas Glascock (1844-1917) married Martha Clendenin (1847-1902), and had at least seven children, including Ada Everett (1869-1889), Thomas Addison (1873-1958), Lucius LeGrande (1876-1945), and Nell (1884-1979). The family lived at 634 Asheboro St. Thomas A. Glascock married Carolyn “Carrie” McNairy (1878-1968), daughter of Civil War veteran John W. McNairy (1844-1916) and a member of a prominent Guilford County family. Nell married Robert Goldston Rives (1881-1938).

The Glascock family operated a general foundry and stove manufacturing business in Greensboro. The company was established by G.T. Glascock around 1873, and sons Thomas and Lucius joined it to form G.T. Glascock & Sons in the 1890s. Incorporated as the Glascock Stove & Manufacturing Co. in 1906, the foundry was best known for manufacturing the Carolina Cook Stove or “Carolina Queen.” It also produced hollow ware, grates, feed cutters, plow castings, wood sawing and splitting machinery, and factory, dry kiln and lumber trucks.

Biographical Sources: The biographical information was obtained from the Greensboro city directories, and Information about the company was found in Progressive Greensboro: The Gate City and Beyond (Jos. J. Stone & Co., 1903: p. 80), “The Gate City,” Greensboro (J.M. Reece & Co., 1910: p. 21) and Sketches of Greensboro, North Carolina (Central Publishing Co., Inc., 1917: p. 35).


This collection consists of a random assortment of materials relating to the personal lives of the Glascock family. Correspondence includes a letter from T.A. Glascock to his wife, Carrie McNairy Glascock, concerning personal matters, their daughter Frances, and Glascock’s political endeavors. An essay by Nell Glascock Rives concerns a social organization called the “Every Other Wednesday” Club. Other materials of note are bills and school reports for Ada Glascock during her time at Greensboro Female College in 1884, and a photograph of Centenary Methodist Church and its congregation. Printed items include the 1920 edition of The Sage from Greensboro High School and a program for the 1894 graduating exercises at the Greensboro Female College. In addition, several documents pertain to the 1906 reunion of the United Confederate Veterans in New Orleans, which J.W. McNairy attended.


1. Correspondence.  7 folders (8 items).  1901-1950.

This series includes a birthday invitation to Carolyn and Frances Glascock (the wife and daughter of T.A. Glascock; 1:2) and a letter written by Eugene McNairy (brother of Carrie McNairy Glascock) on J.W. Scott & Co. letterhead (1:6). Another letter appoints J.W. McNairy to represent the Guilford Camp No. 795 at the 1906 United Confederate Veterans reunion in New Orleans (1:7). Correspondence to T.A. Glascock from Clive Folger Jr. of the Atlantic Coast Railroad Company reports the unexpected death of Mr. Brower (1:3), while Glascock wrote to his wife of the upcoming election in a photocopy of a typed letter on G.T. Glascock & Sons letterhead (1:3).

2. Financial.  3 folders (10 items).  1884-1950.

Included in this series are two bills for Ada Glascock’s tuition at Greensboro Female College (2:2), and a two page receipt from Asheboro Street Pharmacy with an attached business card from Reverend Adolphus T. Bell of Centenary Church (2:1). Additional receipts of a domestic variety are to T.A. Glascock (2:3) from various businesses throughout Greensboro.

3. Literary. 1 folder (1 item).  1963.

This essay, written by Nell Glascock Rives, concerns the origin of the “Every Other Wednesday Club” in 1914 and afterwards. The purpose of this club, as told by Nell Rives, was to meet every other Wednesday for socializing and friendship. The essay discusses the founding of the E.O.W. Club and the founding members, including multiple members of the Glascock family, and lists numbers of children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren beside members’ names at the beginning of the essay.

4. Miscellaneous. 4 folders (6 items).  1884-1958.

This series contains two school reports for Ada Glascock (sister of T.A. Glascock) from Greensboro Female College (4:3) and a driver’s license of Mrs. T.A. (Carrie McNairy) Glascock (4:2). Also included are a handwritten list on stationary from The Fancy Grocery Co. (4:1) and a photocopy of an annual Christmas count of bird sightings by the Piedmont Bird Club (4:4).

5. Photographs.  4 folders (5 items).

One photograph in this series shows a house at 634 Asheboro St. (later Martin Luther King Jr. Dr.) called “The Rookery,” according to its verso (5:1). It was the residence of G.T. Glascock. Two photos show Eugene McNairy: one in uniform with two other gentlemen and one with Annie L. Sparger on Gaston St. (5:3). Also included are a photograph of Centenary Methodist Church with its congregation (5:2) and a photograph of an unknown woman wearing a hat (5:4).

6. Printed Material.  22 folders (ca. 45 items).  1894-1988.

This series includes invitations (6:8), programs (6:14), a telephone directory (6:17), booklets (6:2, 6:9), a copy of the Greensboro Daily Record (6:3), and materials relating to the United Confederate Veterans (6:21) and United Daughters of the Confederacy (6:22). A Soldier’s Application for Pension (6:16) likely belonged to J.W. McNairy, while the United Confederate Veterans documents relate to his attendance at a 1906 reunion in New Orleans. The Greensboro High School annual, The Sage (6:5), for 1920 contains a picture of Frances Glascock (daughter of T.A. Glascock). Additionally, this series holds a program for the 1894 graduating exercises at Greensboro Female College (6:4) and a program for the installation of Chancellor Ferguson at UNC-Greensboro in 1967 (6:20).


11Correspondence-- Centenary Methodist Church (1950)
2-- Glascock, Frances (1910)
3-- Glascock, T.A. (1904, 1947)
4-- Greensboro Civic Music Association (1950)
5Correspondence-- G.T. Glascock & Sons (1901)
6-- McNairy, Eugene (1902)
7-- United Confederate Veterans (1906)
*J.W. McNairy
21Financial-- Asheboro Street Pharmacy (1907)
*Adophus T. Bell
2-- Greensboro Female College (1884)
*Ada Glascock
3-- Glascock, T.A. (1927, 1948-1950)
31Literary-- E.O.W. Club (1963)
*Nell Glascock Rives
41Miscellaneous (1900s)
2-- Driver's License (ca. 1930)
*Mrs. T.A. Glascock
3-- Greensboro Female College (1884)
*Ada Glascock
4-- Piedmont Bird Club (1942-1958)
51Photographs-- 634 Asheboro St. ("The Rookery")
2-- Centenary Methodist Church
3-- McNairy, Eugene
4-- Unidentified woman
61Printed Material-- Ex Libris Club (1963)
*Carolyn McNairy, Dorothy McNairy, Ethel McNairy
2-- "Feelings are Expressions," by Ronald D. Robinson (1978)
3-- Greensboro Daily Record (1917)
4-- Greensboro Female College (1894, 1912)
5Printed Material-- Greensboro High School -- The Sage (1920)
*Frances Glascock
6-- Greensboro Woman's Club (1950)
7-- Guilford County Board of Health, Certificate of Vaccination (1914)
*Frances Glascock
8-- Invitations (ca. 1908-1977)
9Printed Material-- "Light and Shadow: A Collection of Poems by Beatrice Folger" (1988)
10-- Lindley Elementary PTA (1956)
11-- Merrimon Insurance Agency (1950)
12-- Methodist Church, Greensboro District (1950)
13Printed Material-- Meyer's Department Store (ca. 1946)
*Ethel McNairy
14-- Programs (ca. 1905-1948)
15-- Sign Language
16-- Soldier's Application for Pension (ca. 1903)
17Printed Material-- Telephone Directory
18-- "Thoughts on the Battleground of Guilford"
19-- "Three Little Blossoms"
20-- UNC-Greensboro (1967)
*Chancellor James Sharbrough Ferguson
21Printed Material-- United Confederate Veterans (ca. 1906)
*J.W. McNairy
22-- United Daughters of the Confederacy (1940-1941)
*Mrs. T.A. Glascock

Index to the Glascock Family Papers

Note:  The numbers following the name/subject entry – e.g. 1:1 – indicate which Series:Folder that name/topic can be found. Dates of the items are given in parentheses for an individual Series/Folder or, if at the end, for the entire entry.

Anti-Saloon League: 1:3 (1904)
Arthur O’Connor and Sons Florist: 2:3 (1927)
Asheboro St. Pharmacy: 2:1 (1907)
Atlantic Coast Line Railroad Company: 1:3 (1947)

Bell, Adolphus T.: 2:1 (1907)
Berry Coal Co.: 2:3 (1950)

Centenary Epworth League: 6:8 (1908)
Centenary Methodist Church: 1:1, 5:2

Euterpe Club: 6:14 (1948)
Every Other Wednesday Club: 3:1 (1963)
Ex Libris Club: 6:1 (1963)

Fancy Grocery Co. (Hillsboro, N.C.): 4:1
Faulkner, Mary: 1:2, 3:1 (1910-1963)
Ferguson, James Sharbrough: 6:20 (1967)
First Presbyterian Church: 6:14
Folger, Beatrice: 6:9 (1988)

Glascock, Ada: 2:2, 4:3 (1884)
Glascock, Carrie McNairy: 1:1, 1:2, 3:1, 4:2, 6:22
Glascock, Frances: 1:2, 6:5, 6:7 (1910-1920)
Glascock, Lizzie: 3:1 (1963)
Glascock, Thomas A.: 1:3, 2:3 (1904-1950)
Greensboro Chamber of Commerce: 6:8 (1977)
Greensboro Civic Music Association: 1:4 (1950)
Guilford County Board of Health: 6:7 (1914)
Greensboro Daily Record: 6:3 (1917)
Greensboro Female College: 2:2, 4:3, 6:4 (1884-1912)
Greensboro High School: 6:5 (1920)
Greensboro Woman’s Club: 6:6 (1950)
G.T. Glascock & Sons: 1:3, 1:5 (1901-1904)
Guilford Battleground: 6:18

Kearns Paint Co., Inc.: 2:3 (1950)
Kelly Furniture Co.: 2:3 (1948)

Lindley Elementary School: 6:10 (1956)

McNairy, Carolyn: 6:1 (1963)
McNairy, Dorothy: 6:1 (1963)
McNairy, Ethel: 3:1, 6:1, 6:13 (ca. 1946-1963)
McNairy, Eugene: 1:6, 5:3
McNairy, J.W.: 1:7, 6:21 (ca. 1906)
Merrimon Insurance Agency: 6:11 (1950)
Methodist Church, Greensboro District: 6:12 (1950)
Meyer’s Department Store: 2:3, 6:13 (ca. 1946-1950)

National Conference of Christians and Jews (Greensboro Council): 6:8 (1949)

Piedmont Bird Club: 4:4 (1942-1958)

Rives, Nell Glascock: 3:1 (1963)
Robinson, Ronald D.: 6:2 (1978)

Sage, The: 6:5 (1920)
Sparger, Annie L.: 5:3
State Normal College: 6:14 (1914)
Stevens, W.J.: 6:15

Troxler Brothers Grocers: 2:3 (1950)

United Confederate Veterans: 1:7, 6:21 (ca. 1906)
United Daughters of the Confederacy: 6:22 (1940-1941)
University of North Carolina at Greensboro: 6:20 (1967)

Wooters, Estelle: 6:8