Greensboro High School Collection

MSS. COLL. #64


Title: Greensboro High School Collection

Dates: 1906-1942; 1950; 1958; 1973-1974

Quantity: 4 boxes

Types of Material: correspondence; literary, periodicals, newspapers, yearbooks, invitations and programs

Accession Numbers: 1947.322; 1976.94.1; 1982.1047.6; 1989.124.1; 1992.44.1; 1996.148.1; 2002.71.2; 2008.47.2; 2009.22.1-9; 2012.36.1; 2013.8.1; 2014.62.1-3; 2016.50.1; 2017.29.1; 2018.21.1; 2019.33.1

Brief Description: This collection consists primarily of early 20th century annuals and literary magazines from Greensboro High School. Some materials are associated with Central High School in Greensboro.
Materials include: the annuals called The Reflector (1910-14, 1922-30) and the Whirligig (1950, 1958); the Greensboro High School Magazine (May 1906; December 1906), with the latter including Andrew Joyner’s story on William Jennings Bryan’s visit to North Carolina that coincided with the death of Dr. Charles Duncan McIver; the Greensboro High School magazine, The Sage (1913-18); the Central High School magazine entitled Homespun (December 1926; November 1927; December 1927); and the Senior High School magazine, Homespun (November 1931; December 1931). Also included in the collection are J.L. Mann’s handwritten resignation as Superintendent of Guilford County Schools (1916); a program for the Junior-Senior dinner (1924); programs for commencement exercises at Greensboro High School (1910, 1925, 1928, 1935, 1938, 1941); an invitation to the reunion of the Greensboro High School Class of ’25 (n.d.); the Greensboro High School newspaper, High Life (1941-42); and a student handbook (1973-74).
Note that the links provided here include additional issues of the relevant titles from other collections at the Greensboro History Museum and from Grimsley High School.

Major Names/Subjects: Bryan, William Jennings, 1860-1925
Greensboro High School (Greensboro, N.C.)
Greensboro High School Magazine
High Life
Mann, J.L.
McIver, Charles Duncan, 1860-1906
Reflector, The
Sage, The

Date Surveyed: 9/4/1996