Ned Harrison Collection

ca. 1944-1998. 7½ boxes (511 folders), ca. 1100 items.MSS. COLL. #136

NOTE: The numbers cited in parentheses, e.g. 1:5, refer the researcher to the Series#:Folder# in which that name/topic will be found.


The Ned Harrison Collection consists of materials gathered from war veterans and civilians for a newspaper column commemorating the 50th anniversary of U.S. involvement in World War II. Harrison invited people to submit their recollections of events and experiences from 1943 to 1945 to be published in the Greensboro News & Record. His column ran from January 1993 to January 1996. Materials range from letters written by soldiers about their experiences and newspaper articles to project notes and maps. Researchers interested in many aspects of World War II will find this collection useful. Research areas include: the home front, Battle of the Bulge, the South Pacific and the war with Japan, dropping of the atom bomb, concentration camps, D-Day, V-J Day, the armed services and the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

Researchers may also want to consult tape recordings from The Ned Harrison Show, a call-in radio program in which Harrison interviewed veterans about their experiences. The show ran from October 1996 to March 1997. The collection is filed separately under GHM Tapes #30-53. (See Appendix for full listing.)

Arrangement: The Ned Harrison Collection is organized by subject and arranged alphabetically by personal name. The series are: Ned Harrison Notes, 1944-1994; General Letters, 1993-1996; D-Day Experiences, 1993-1995; Battle of the Bulge Experiences, 1994-1995; South Pacific Experiences, 1993-1995; and V-J Day Experiences, August 1995.

Provenance: This collection was donated by Ned Harrison in August 1997 and assigned the accession number is 1997.95.1.

Processing: This collection was processed by Archivist Stephen Catlett, and the finding aid was updated and completed by Christine Dumoulin, Archives Assistant, in 2004.


Ned Harrison was born on October 30, 1924, in Worchester, Massachusetts. He attended High School in Worcester, graduating in 1942. From April 1943 to October, 1945, Harrison served with the 15th Air Force, 454th Bomb Group, 304th Bomb Wing and flew 22 combat missions. During his service, he attained the rank of 1st Lieutenant and was awarded several commendations, including four Battle Stars, two Oak Leaf Clusters, and a Purple Heart.

Upon completing his military duty, Harrison worked in sales and marketing, retiring as the Vice President of Marketing for Jackson Corporation in New York. After his retirement, he attended the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill to study military history. He then began teaching courses on World War II at Guilford College, Alamance Community College, and Guilford Technical Community College. As part of the approaching 50th anniversary, Harrison wrote a column for the Greensboro News & Record on World War II from 1993 to 1996. He invited local Guilford County vets and civilians to contact the News & Record with their wartime experiences. Harrison also had a weekly call-in radio program about World War II on WKEW in Greensboro from 1994 to 1997.

On a personal level, Harrison was married with three children and two grandchildren, and he was a member of Temple Emanuel in Greensboro. He died on April 30, 2014.

Biographical Sources: The biographical information was gathered from a copy of Ned Harrison’s résumé.


The materials in this collection consist of correspondence, project notes, newspaper clippings, maps, and copies of photographs. Most of the materials relate to the experiences of local Greensboro/Guilford County residents who participated in World War II as soldiers and civilians. The first series contains notes, drafts of articles, contact information, and correspondence that Harrison compiled as he worked on the project. There are also notes relating to D-Day, including an article titled “Scenes from the Battle of Normandy” (1:2), copies from a D-Day encyclopedia (1:1), and maps of the Ardennes, including notes from the Battle of the Bulge (1:4).

Series 2 consists of correspondence detailing wartime experiences relating to topics not covered in the other series, including women on the home front and German concentration camps. Jennie MacKenzie recalls the dropping of the atom bomb on Japan while her husband was in the South Pacific (2:127). As a soldier in Europe, Carlton Raper discusses the horror and sadness felt when they arrived to liberate the Jews in Dachau. (2:178). On V-E Day, Louise Keever recalls hearing the news while working as a telephone operator for Hickory Telephone Company (2:108).

Series 3 contains letters, articles, and maps relating to D-Day and the American invasion of Normandy. A letter from Archie Coleman discusses the flying gliders that landed on the beaches of Normandy armed with anti-tank guns (3:8). There are also materials, such as newsletters, correspondence, announcements and letters, planning events in the United States and Europe to commemorate the landing at Normandy. Included was a scheduled re-enactment to take place in France (3:44). A particularly interesting account comes from a French High School girl in Bordeaux, who was riding the train when she heard of the invasion (3:24).

Series 4 recounts events and experiences during the Battle of the Bulge and contains correspondence, newsletters, and copies of newspaper articles. A letter submitted by Robert Manness describes the misery of fighting on the front lines and the emotional traumas soldiers were faced with (4:28). Veteran Robert Cook, a combat engineer attached with General Patton’s 3rd Army, recalls bombing raids while working to clear the roads (4:8). An article with maps details the Battle of Luxembourg (4:2)

The war fought in the South Pacific is chronicled in series 5. There are letters soldiers and civilians, copies of articles, maps, and newsletters. An article discusses the first amphibious assault on Japan called Operation Olympic (5:48) and a pilot describes when his plane was hit by a Kamikaze fighter (5:90). A particularly interesting article details the Japanese surrender at Ryukyus, including copies of the signed surrender documents and an account of all the events of the day (5:46)

Series 6, V-J Day, contains mostly letters and copies of newspaper articles discussing reactions towards the surrender of Japan and the end of World War II. Materials relate accounts from both veterans and civilians. Dermont Everhart tells of being with the first group of men who landed at Tokyo Bay. When they arrived, they saw “Killroy was Here” written on the sea wall; the paint was still running (6:12). A videotape of Ramsay Potts shares experiences with the 8th Air Force (6:46). A copy of the Air Daily from September 3, 1945, gives a brief account of the various ceremonies that were held commemorating V-J Day (6:4)

Also of interest is a series of recordings from The Ned Harrison Show, a weekly radio program where Harrison interviewed veterans and took listener calls. N.C. Representative John Cocklereece tells of his experiences with the Graves Registration Unit, who was responsible for gathering bodies and preparing them for burial (GHM Tape #34). There are also interviews with John Beamon, an expert in German Luftwaffe aircraft (GHM Tape #38) and Craig Kabatchnick, an attorney who specializes in veteran’s affairs and veteran’s rights (GHM Tape #52).


1. Ned Harrison Notes.  5 folders (ca. 130 items).  1944-1994.

This series contains correspondence, notes, copies of articles (both drafts and published pieces), miscellaneous commemorative materials, and copies of World War II maps. All of these items pertain to Harrison’s Greensboro News & Record project in which he asked people to submit their personal accounts of experiences during World War II for a series of columns he was writing for the 50th anniversary of the war.

2. General Letters.  247 folders (ca. 500 items).  1993-1996.

The bulk of correspondence in this series pertains to the project mentioned in the first series. Many of these letters contain subject matter that relates to topics not covered in series 3 thru 6. In particular, home front experiences will provide material of interest to researchers. For a sampling of civilian experiences in Greensboro, see Miriam Caviness’s piece on working in a supply depot (2:32) or Diane G. Faucette’s brief history of the Y-Matrons Club at the YWCA in Greensboro (2:58).

3. D-Day Experiences.  49 folders (ca. 150 items).  1993-1995.

This series contains letters, copies of photographs, copies of newspaper articles, and a newsletter titled Beachhead (3:7). All correspondents wrote, in response to Ned Harrison’s request for material on D-Day experiences. The bulk of the letters are from soldiers. Interesting items include Ed Black’s description of his experiences aboard the U.S.S. Rich (3:3); Gerald Clough’s description of the action above the beaches that day (3:7); a letter from Al Corry recounting his experience as a bombardier (3:9); and John Thaxton describing the events of the day from the perspective of someone in the first assault wave (3:44).

4. Battle of the Bulge Experiences.  46 folders (ca. 120 items).  1994-1995.

This series contains letters, copies of newspaper articles, newsletters, and photographs submitted to Ned Harrison from local and regional World War II veterans as well as their family members and friends. All correspondents in this series submitted material related to experiences in the Battle of the Bulge.

Noteworthy items include descriptions of being a prisoner of war by Junius Beaver (4:3); a recounting of experiences of a machine gunner, as described by Ed Brinkley (4:5); and the story related by Sidney LeBrun of his near-death experience and the two soldiers who risked their lives to save him (4:25). Folder 4:45 contains numerous articles examining and discussing war-related issues that may be of interest to some researchers.

5. South Pacific Experiences.  112 folders (ca. 150 items).  1993-1995.

This series contains letters, copies of newspaper articles, newsletters, photographs, and a silk, waterproof map of Nagasaki (5:9). These materials were submitted to Ned Harrison in response to his request that people send in reminiscences of their experiences in the South Pacific during the invasion of Japan. The letters are primarily from soldiers, with a small number coming from family members and friends.

Several letters relate disappointment from soldiers, many of whom had been transferred after May 1945 from the European Theater to the South Pacific, when they learned they would be assigned to fight in Japan. Most veterans in this series, however, express gratitude for President Truman’s decision to use the atomic bomb because they felt it saved American and Japanese lives. For example, see the letters from Hugh Cazel (5:25), John Dewan (5:37), and Homer Wall (5:104). Also of note is the Okinawa diary kept by Robert Pope (5:85).

6. V-J Day Experiences.  51 folders (60 items).  August 1995.

This series contains letters, photographs, and copies of newspaper articles from local and regional World War II veterans and civilians. All materials were submitted in response to Ned Harrison’s request for information on what people were doing and thinking on 2 September 1945, the date President Harry Truman declared the official end of World War II.

The bulk of the letters describe a wide range of experiences and emotions felt on that day of celebration. For example, George Anderson writes about how he ran away from home that night (6:3); and Mary Deskins relates how she was in the middle of a blood transfusion when a nurse came in screaming that “the war is over”(6:10). Most correspondents express great joy in remembering this date, but Frances Grogan (6:20) recalls great sadness — because victory would not bring her brother home alive.

A few of the letters relate to events in Greensboro. Corrine Fagg was living in the county, off Rankin Mill Road, and remembers a fog horn sounding, which brought tears of joy (6:13); John Lowe was at the hospital awaiting the birth of his first child (6:29); and Joseph Garrison had just arrived in Greensboro that day to start his ministry (6:17).

The issue of the atomic bomb is addressed, with several people giving very positive opinions with regard to its use. For example, see letters from Darrel Brittsan (6:7), Joseph Guill (6:21), Bill Howell (6:24), Stephen Millikin (6:31), and Raeford Turner (6:42). There is also a video of Ramsay Potts that chronicles his experiences with the 8th Force (6:46). The tape was removed and is now housed with the GHM video collection.


15-JanHarrison, Ned-- D-Day, Bulge and South Pacific notes
21General Letters-- Adelman, R.A. (Marine Corps)
2-- Adkins, Alvis (Army, 1st Infantry)
3-- Agapion, Bill (Army, 182nd Infantry)
4-- Allen, B. Smith (Air Force)
5General Letters-- Allred, Howard (Air Force)
6-- Altvater, Mark (Air Force)
7-- Andrews, Bruce (Army, 14th Div.)
8-- Anonymous
9General Letters-- Apple, Lawrence (Army, 99th Div.)
10-- Atanasio, John (Air Force)
11-- Atkins, Mrs. J.R.
12-- Auman, Leonard
13General Letters-- Aydelette, Bernard (Navy)
14-- Banegas, Steve (Vietnam veteran, father World War II)
15-- Battle, Henry (World War II poem)
16-- Beerman, Bill
17General Letters-- Bennett, O.L. (Navy)
18-- Black, Ed (Navy; D-Day)
19-- Blum, Jack (Air Force)
20-- Bodle, Robert (Air Force)
221General Letters-- Bossieux, Al (Air Force)
22-- Bradner, John
23-- Brande, Gilmer
24-- Bray, Lawrence (Army, 104th Div.)
25General Letters-- Brown, Alex (Army, 66th Div.)
26-- Burroughs, Harvey
27-- Butler, Leonard (World War II school experiences)
28-- Butts, Bennie (Air Force)
29General Letters-- Capps, George (POW experiences)
30-- Carlini, Rose (V-E Day)
31-- Carson, Edward (Army; POW)
32-- Caviness, Miriam (civilian experiences at Cherry Pt.)
33General Letters-- Clanton, Mel
34-- Clark, C.W.
35-- Clement, Hugh (Army, 35th Infantry)
36-- Clough, Gerald
37General Letters-- Clymer, David (26th Infantry Div., 101st Reg.)
38-- Cocklereece, John (606th Graves Registration, D-Day)
39-- Coleman, C.A. (German surrender)
40-- Coleman, Shirley (V-E Day)
241General Letters-- Collins, Myrtle (civilian experiences)
42-- Comer, Pete (Army, Patton's death)
43-- Conrad, Donald (World War I veterans -- "Torch")
44-- Copley, Ray (V-E Day)
45General Letters-- Craver, Robert (Air Force pilot's journal)
46-- Cronham, Chuck (war headlines)
47-- Daniel, Opal (William, husband; Navy, Pacific)
48-- Davis, Curtis (Pacific, POW)
49General Letters-- Davis, Wilson (UNCG classes, 1995)
50-- Deaton, Lynwood (for father, 3 brothers)
51-- Devaney, F.L. (World War II, Philippines)
52-- Dickerson, Doug (Museum, 1996)
53General Letters-- Ditto, William (Okinawa, North China)
54-- Doss, C.D. (for Turner Pickerel)
55-- Elms, John (Navy experiences)
56-- Evans, Red (Camp Toccoa, Paratrooper reunion)
57General Letters-- Everhard, Bill (26th Infantry, Battle of Bulge)
58-- Faucette, Diane (YWCA in World War II)
59-- Fisher, John (World War II experiences)
60-- Flake, Blondell (for Mahon Flake -- 1142nd Engineers)
261General Letters-- Ford, John (Ft. Bragg's 50th anniversary of war's end)
62-- Frame, Glenn (Navy, Pacific, U.S.S. Ticonderoga)
63-- Fredrickson, Robert (POWs, Pacific)
64-- Gailey, Jim (Coast Guard)
65General Letters-- Gammon, Hunter (Navy, Pacific)
66-- Garrett. M.C. (ETO, Air Force)
67-- Garvin, Noel
68-- Gaspar, William (Korean War reunion)
69General Letters-- Gingher, Clair (for Vernon Lignon)
70-- Gooch, Rocky (sales flyer for war memorabilia)
71-- Grave, Perry (Vietnam veteran -- Black scholarship program)
72-- Gray, Al (Re: naval reunion in Beverly Hills)
73General Letters-- Greeson, Albert (136th Infantry Div.)
74-- Grogan, Margaret (Re: omission in paper)
75-- Gunn, J.A. (ETO, Air Force, POW)
76-- Hall, Raymond (letter on Harrison background)
77General Letters-- Hannah, Walter (43rd Heavy Automotive Maintenance Co.)
78-- Harris, Shirley (Re: veterans at D-Day ceremonies)
79-- Harris, William (New York Times clipping about Iwo Jima)
80-- Hartley, Stewart (Military Police Detach. 1)
281General Letters-- Harvell, James (563rde Antiaircraft Artillery Bn, Bulge)
82-- Harvell, Perry
83-- Harvell, Charlie (Air Force)
84-- Havener, Jack (B-26 Marauder Historical Society)
85General Letters-- Heineman, Philip (Japanese POWs)
86-- Hicks, Ralph (54th General Hospital)
87-- Hill, Thomas (V-E Day and Easter, 1945)
88-- Hines, Mary (civilian experiences )
89General Letters-- Hites, Robert (Army, 137th Infantry Reg., 35th Div.)
90-- Holliday, Paul (Army, 4th Div., D-Day)
91-- Hood, George (8th Air Force)
92-- Hornyak, Paul (Bataan-Corregidor Reunion, 1994)
93General Letters-- Horton, Geraldine (husband in 3rd Army)
94-- Hubert. Tom (Re brother's death in World War II)
95-- Huffman, Diane (Re: V-E Day)
96-- Hunt, Jack (Battle of Bulge; brother's death)
97General Letters-- Hutton, Iredell (Air Force)
98-- Hutton, Max (Navy)
99-- Ivey, Cornelia (letter re: Nuremberg Trials)
100-- Jackson, James (413th Inf.; 104th Timberwolf Div.)
101General Letters-- Jarmon, James (World War I, Guilford Grays)
2102-- Jarrell, Mary (husband, Randall, poetry)
103-- Jones, Charles (Iwo Jima)
104-- Jones, Elmer (Air Force, 39th Bomb Group)
105General Letters-- Jones, Joseph (Army, 84th Inf. Div.)
106-- Jung, John (47th Inf., 2nd Reg., 9th Div.)
107-- Kahn, Ernest (Re: V-E Day)
108-- Keever, Louise (Re: V-E Day)
109General Letters-- Kenerly, George (actions with enemy forces)
110-- King, Caleb (169th Inf., 43rd Div., Co. A)
111-- Klein, Min (Greensboro in World War II)
112-- Klingele, Emerson (Navy, Iwo Jima)
113General Letters-- Kueppers, Ed (8th Air Force)
114-- Lamarr, Ianthia (brothers served in World War II)
115-- Latham, John (8th Air Force; rcvd Russian medal)
116-- Lawson, Hugh (5211th Engineer Bn.)
117General Letters-- Lester, James (168th Infantry, 34th Div., 5th Army; last moments)
118-- Lewis, Hal (invitation to VFW meeting)
119-- Navy; U.S.S. Thadeus Parker
120-- Lineberry, Carol (family reaction to end of war)
121General Letters-- Livingston, Glenn (925th Field Artillery, 100th Infantry Div.; POW)
2122-- Lloyd, Harold (Navy, U.S.S. Electra & Lamor)
123-- London, Robert (Re: World War II)
124-- Longdon, Evelyn
125General Letters-- Lucas, Helen (Women Marines)
126-- Lytton, Kenneth (101th Airborne Div. reunion)
127-- MacKenzie, Jennie (wife's experience during atomic bomb)
128-- Madaris, Henry (Air Force POW; coming home)
129General Letters-- Mail for Our Military -- News Release
130-- Malloy, John (82nd Airborne Div., schedule of events)
131-- Manzi, Claude (Operation Tiger)
132-- Marks, Faye (V-E Day)
133General Letters-- Marsh, John (Air Force)
134-- Martin, Elvin (47th Infantry, 9th Div., Remagen Bridge reunion)
135-- Matthews, Charles (tribute from 8th Air Force Society)
136-- McAlister, John (8th Air Force)
137General Letters-- McDonald, Leroy
138-- McLean, Ernest (168th Infanry, 34th Div.; Anzio)
139-- McLendon, Brantley (Re his father's experiences)
140-- McMann, Margaret (B-24 Bomber Squadron reunion)
2141General Letters-- McNeal, Keith (personal experiences)
142-- Mercer, Edward (S.S. Henry Bacon)
143-- Millar, Ian (displeasure)
144-- Mitchell, Harold (memories of World War II)
145General Letters-- Monnett, Harold (notes from Okinawa)
146-- Moore, Robert (Navy LCI 1069; U.S.S. Comfort)
147-- Morris, Jack (World War II information)
148-- Morris, Joyce (brother in World War II)
149General Letters-- Murray, Garland (U.S. naval communications)
150-- Myers, Ralph (Re: his book about World War II)
151-- Nash, Michael (5th Bomb Squad, 20th Air Force, atomic bomb)
152-- Nestor, Helen (nurse)
153General Letters-- Newberry, Alyce (P.T. Boat reunion)
154-- Newman, Phil (Re: Recognition Day, missing plaque)
155-- Noah, Joe (Preddy Memorial Foundation)
156-- Oliver, Edward (121st Reg., 8th Infantry Div. Huertgen Forest)
157General Letters-- Osborne, Guy (439th Troop Carrier Group)
158-- Owens, Robert (Navy Frog Man)
159-- Paine, Marshall (Re: soldiers burning flag so Japs couldn't)
160-- Parker, H.R. (Re: Greensboro Tar Heel Chorus)
2161General Letters-- Passerella, Tony (Grayson Reunion Committee)
162-- Paul, Vincent (Air Force, 325th Infantry, 82nd Airborne)
163-- Peacock, Robert (Air Force, 459th Bomb Group)
164-- Peele, Faye (Wall of Liberty in Normandy)
165General Letters-- Pettee, Robert (Africa, France, Belgium, Germany)
166-- Pettigrew, John (V-E Day)
167-- Phelan, Don (Navy, SW Pacific reunion)
168-- Phillips, Henry (Remagen Bridgehead)
169General Letters-- Phillips, Robert (Re book on Okinawa)
170-- Pickett, John (Air Force, downed 5 planes in one day)
171-- Pitcher, James (experiences on December 7, 1941)
172-- Poff, Cecil (Air Force, 306th Bomb Group)
173General Letters-- Power, Jack (U.S.S. Elyson)
174-- Preteska, Joe (Normandy to the Bulge)
175-- Price, John (Air Force)
176-- P.T. Boats, Inc. (press release)
177General Letters-- Raine, Russell (Anzio)
178-- Raper, Carlton (liberation of Dachau)
179-- Rayle, Ralph (2nd Marine Div., South Pacific)
180-- Reagam, Bob (8th Air Force, POW)
181General Letters-- Reep, Lawrence (Air Force)
182-- Reese, Herbert (Manduria Group, Italy)
183-- Renville, Duane (P.T. Boat Reunion )
184-- Rice, Jupp (Christmas celebration during World War II)
2185General Letters-- Riffey, Fletcher (Letter)
186-- Routh, B. Z. (7th Air Force)
187-- Routh, Glenn (Pacific)
188-- Russell, Larry (Amelia Earhart mystery)
189General Letters-- Scherff, Mary Anne (brother home for Christmas)
190-- Schwartz, Jack (diary)
191-- Search, Warren (thank you for talk)
192-- Senn, Ann (husband's Air Force experiences)
193General Letters-- Senn, Robert (50th anniversary of D-Day)
194-- Sewell, Elizabeth (Re: V-E Day)
195-- Sexton, William (Marine in China, 1945)
196-- Shepherd's Center (info letter)
197General Letters-- Shroger, Ann (V-E Day, FDR's death)
198-- Siler, Wesley (Air Force, 100th Bomb Squadron)
199-- Smith, Jonnye (her father in World War II)
200-- Smith, Margaret (V-E Day)
201General Letters-- Solomon, Marshall (V-E Day)
202-- Southworth, John (aborted plans, invasion of Japan)
203-- Spach, Jule (V-E Day)
204-- Sparks, John (V-E Day, letter to his mother)
2205General Letters-- Spencer, Charles (Ernie Pyle's death and memorial)
206-- Sprague, Gene (511th Parachute Infantry Association)
207-- Shaley, Sheila (Christmas menu from U.S.S. Mackinac)
208-- Stanley, Geneva (her World War II story)
209General Letters-- Steele, Stuart (389th Bomber Group )
210-- Stephanz, Paul (Duke football team to Sugar Bowl, 1945)
211-- Stock, Carl (Sweet Adelines Chorus)
212-- Strauss., Ralph (V-E Day)
213General Letters-- Styers, Thomas (B-17 experience)
214-- Sykes, William (his honorable discharge)
215-- Symmes, Andrew (14th Marines, Iwo Jima)
216-- Tagert. Sarah (victim of polio epidemic, 1944)
217General Letters-- Taylor, Dib (husband's World War II experiences)
218-- Thomas, Francis (Re: deceased husband)
219-- Thompson, William (response)
220-- Thore, John (Pearl Harbor survivor, Navy)
221General Letters-- Thornton, Bill (Re: Women's Memorial, Arlington)
222-- Traynham, W.H. (9th Infantry Div.)
223-- Trott, Robert
224-- Troy, Guy (4th Cavalry, Omaha Beach)
2225General Letters-- Troy, Louise (Re: husband)
226-- Tulley, Mary (Re: newsletter)
227-- Turner, Jeff (Jack Bendigo killed at Anzio)
228-- Vaughan, Mrs. Clyde (Air Force)
2229General Letters-- VFW
230-- Voss, Ned
231-- Waechter, Richard (Hoffman Island Radio reunion)
232-- Ware, Joseph (368th Engineer Co.)
233General Letters-- Weaver, Llewellyn
234-- Webb, Lewis (Dachau, western Germany)
235-- White, Bob (Navy, U.S.S. LST 345)
236-- White, John (pharmacist with Navy)
237General Letters-- Wilkinson, James (miscellaneous)
238-- Williams, Harrell (5 brothers in the service)
239-- Williams, John
240-- Williams, Oakley (Battleship Iowa)
241General Letters-- Wilson, B. H. (8th Air Force; 96th Bomb Group)
242-- Wilson, Robert (Bataan survivors)
243-- Wood, Lyle (U.S.S. Lexington reunion)
244-- Woody, Sonny (his talk at memorial service)
245General Letters-- Wright, Walter
246-- Zerlin, Leonard (makings of book on experiences)
247-- Zoebelein, Arthur (newsletter)
31D-Day Experiences-- Adams, Wesley
2-- Benbow, Bob
3-- Black, Ed
4-- Blackburn, Gary
5D-Day Experiences-- Bowman, William
6-- Britt, Julian
7-- Clough, Gerald
8-- Coleman, Archie
9D-Day Experiences-- Davis, Clarence
11-- De Long, Frank
12-- Dickerson, Douglas
13-- Donati, David
14D-Day Experiences-- Eisenhower, Dwight (copy of letter)
15-- Ellington, Frank
16-- Gilbert, William
17-- Graham, Reece
318D-Day Experiences-- Greeson, Albert
19-- Guill, Joseph
20-- Hatchett, Russell
21-- Hodge, Alfred
22D-Day Experiences-- Holmes, George
23-- Huffman, Weddie
24-- Kepreades, Monique
25-- Latham, John
26D-Day Experiences-- Lloyd, Katherine
27-- Lytton, Jane
28-- Maness, Fred
29-- McIver, James
30D-Day Experiences-- Murray, Garland
31-- Myles, Mary
32-- Nealeans, Vann
33-- Newman, Phil
334D-Day Experiences-- Peoples, Phil
35-- Pequigney, Frank
36-- Preteska, Joe
37-- Price, Albert
38D-Day Experiences-- Primm, Gerald
39-- Pritchett, Esther
40-- Rudd, Earl
41-- Staley, Fay
42D-Day Experiences-- Stroyer, Ann
43-- Sykes, Pat
44-- Thaxton, John
45-- Ulosevich, Steven
46D-Day Experiences-- Wall, James
47-- Wells, Harold
48-- Wray, Lucille
49-- Zuydwest, John
41Battle of the Bulge Experiences-- Abbott, Juanita
2-- Bailess, Oliver
3-- Beaver, Junius
4-- Bos, Gerald
5Battle of the Bulge Experiences-- Brinkley, Ed
6-- Brown, Nick
7-- Burroughs, Harvey
8-- Cook, Robert
9Battle of the Bulge Experiences-- Courembis, John
10-- Dickerson, Douglas
11-- Ford, John
12-- Gray, L.H.
13Battle of the Bulge Experiences-- Harris, Wingate
14-- Hill, Thomas
15-- Holden, John
16-- Ingold, Murphy
417Battle of the Bulge Experiences-- Johnson, Albert
18-- Johnson, Wade
19-- Jones, Charles
20-- Jones, George
21Battle of the Bulge Experiences-- Jones, Joseph
22-- Justice, Robert
23-- O.Henry Kiwanis Club
24-- Lawrence, Wade
25Battle of the Bulge Experiences-- LeBrun, Sydney
26-- Loy, William
27-- Lytton, Kenneth
28-- Maness, Robert
29Battle of the Bulge Experiences-- Marley, Eli
30-- Moore, Ethel
31-- Pack, Randall
32-- Parker, C.
433Battle of the Bulge Experiences-- Patterson, Alton
34-- Roueche, James
35-- Sappenfield, Jack
36-- Simmons, James
37Battle of the Bulge Experiences-- Smith, Casper
38-- Snell, Raymond
39-- Strickland, Robert
40-- Troxler, Henry
41Battle of the Bulge Experiences-- Ward. Richard
42“-- Ward, Tom
43“-- Wicker, Zeb
44“-- Wilder, Leona
45Battle of the Bulge Experiences-- Wicker, Zeb
46“-- Wyant, Vernon
51South Pacific Experiences-- Agapion, Bill
2-- Alden, Roger
3-- Andrew, Van
4-- Andrew, H.C.
5South Pacific Experiences-- Avery, R.C.
6-- Barmett. Lloyd
7-- Barrow, H. D.
8-- Barvir, Joseph
9South Pacific Experiences-- Bauguss., Claude
10-- Bean, Fleta
11-- Bennett, D.L.
12-- Bennett, Rodga
13South Pacific Experiences-- Black, Thomas
14-- Blackman, Dewey
15-- Blue, Walter
16-- Bolton. H.H.
517South Pacific Experiences-- Bossieux, Al
18-- Bowman, John
19-- Brande, Gilmer
20-- Brim, J. E.
21South Pacific Experiences-- Bristow, Warren
22-- Brown, Alex
23-- Bumgartner, John
24-- Bunge, Fred
25South Pacific Experiences-- Cazel, Hugh
26-- Clapp, Harry
27-- Clark, Frank
28-- Clark, James
29South Pacific Experiences-- Coble, George
30-- Coleman, Shirley
31-- Cooper, Oliver
32-- Cornet, John
533South Pacific Experiences-- Cox, James
34-- Davis, A.V.
35-- Deter. Paul
36-- DeVane, F.L.
37South Pacific Experiences-- DeWan, John
38-- Donnell, D.L.
39-- Earnheart, Robert
40-- Evans, Malcolm
41South Pacific Experiences-- Fields, Fred
42-- Frame, Glenn
43-- Frank, Jack
44-- Gallagher, Thomas
45South Pacific Experiences-- Gerringer, Colon
46-- Glud, Aage
47-- Goldberg, Herbert
48-- Gorrell, L. I.
549South Pacific Experiences-- Gretzinger, James
50-- Hackney, Worth
51-- Hagan, Charles
52-- Ham, Robert
53South Pacific Experiences-- Hamil, John
54-- Handley, Albert
55-- Hatcher, Melvin
56-- Heath, Sam
57South Pacific Experiences-- Highsmith, Charles
58-- Howard, Paul
59-- Huffman, Weddie
60-- Hughes, Reid
61South Pacific Experiences-- Hunter, Elmer
62-- Hutchins, Van
63-- Ingold, Raymond
64-- Ivey, Dick
565South Pacific Experiences-- Jones, Spencer
66-- Kimbro, Lee
67-- Lane, David
68-- Law, William
69South Pacific Experiences-- Levy, Bertram
70-- Lewis, Kenneth
71-- Lowe, Daniel
72-- Luther, James
73South Pacific Experiences-- Mack, Edgar
74-- Maclin, Henry
75-- Marsh, Earl
76-- Mathis, Donnie H. Russell
77South Pacific Experiences-- McDaniel, Paul
78-- McDonald, Leroy
79-- McLaurin, Milton
80-- Meadows, Raymond
581South Pacific Experiences-- Meadows, Robert
82-- Partin, Emmett
83-- Phillips, Howard
84-- Poole, Russell
85South Pacific Experiences-- Pope, Robert
86-- Price, John
87-- Rauch, Al
88-- Rodenbough, Jean
89South Pacific Experiences-- Rothrock, Robert
90-- Rudiger, Jess
91-- Small, James
92-- Squires, Daniel
93South Pacific Experiences-- Strader, A. J.
94-- Strader, Herbert
95-- Swanson, Irv
96-- Tothill, Frank
597South Pacific Experiences-- Troxler, Albert
98-- Tucker, Jane
99-- Tuggle, Clayton
100-- Underwood, Brooks
101South Pacific Experiences-- Underwood, Gerald
102-- U.S.S. Remey
103-- Voss, Ned
104-- Wall, Homer
105South Pacific Experiences-- Weissner, Charles
106-- Wentz, C.S.
107-- Wilkerson, Robert
108-- Williams, D.C.
109South Pacific Experiences-- Williams, James
110-- Williamson, J. E.
111-- Yelverton, George
112-- Zuydwegt, John
61V-J Day Experiences-- Adams, Wesley
2-- Allred, Howard
3-- Anderson, George
4-- Bailey, Charles
5V-J Day Experiences-- Beane, Charles
6-- Boseman, Helen
7-- Brittsan, Darrel
8-- Carter, James
9V-J Day Experiences-- Conrad, Don
10-- Deskins, Mary
11-- Driver, J. E.
12-- Everhart, Dermont
13V-J Day Experiences-- Fagg, Corrine
14-- Ford, John
15-- Frazier, Edith
16-- Gailey, James
617V-J Day Experiences-- Garrison, Joseph
18-- Goldsmith, Barbra
19-- Greeson, Albert
20-- Grogan, Frances
21V-J Day Experiences-- Guill, Joseph
22-- Harpe, L. C.
23-- Hooks, Thearon
24-- Howell, Bill
25V-J Day Experiences-- Johnson, Robert
26-- Ledbetter, Ruby
27-- Lewis, James
28-- Loman, Amy and Carl
29V-J Day Experiences-- Lowe, John
30-- Michaud, Nancy
31-- Millikin, Stephen
32-- Nice, Richard
633V-J Day Experiences-- Peace, Robert
34-- Raines, Hubert
35-- Rauch, Al
36-- Robertson, Virginia
37V-J Day Experiences-- Smith, William
38-- Strandberg, Charles
39-- Tennant, William
40-- Tipton, William
41V-J Day Experiences-- Tufts, Peter
42-- Turner, Raeford
43-- Van Schaick, Jennie
44-- Vestal, Robert
45V-J Day Experiences-- Ware, Joseph
46-- Warmath, Jack/Ramsay Potts -- GHM Video #6
47-- Williams, Callie
48-- Williams, Robert
649V-J Day Experiences-- Williams, Vernon
50-- Wittemann, Marianne
51-- Wylie, Wade
52-- Zane, Edward

Index to the Ned Harrison Collection
(ca. 1944-1998)

Note: The numbers following the name/subject entry — e.g.1:1 — indicate in which Series#:Folder# (or, if no “:”, Series only) that name/topic can be found.

Abbott, Juanita: 4:1
Adams, Wesley: 3:1, 6:1
Adelman, R. A.: 2:1
Adkins, Alvis: 2:2
Agapion, Bill : 2:3, 5:1
Alden, Roger: 5;2
Allen, B. Smith: 2:4
Allred, Howard: 2:5, 6:2
Altvater, Mark: 2:6
Anderson, George: 6:3
Andrew, H. C.: 5:4
Andrew, Van: 5:3
Andrews, Bruce: 2:7
Anonymous: 2:8
Apple, Lawrence: 2:9
Atanasio, John: 2:10
Atkins, Mrs. J. R.: 2:11
Atom bomb: 2:127, 5:12, 5:15
Auman, Leonard: 2:12
Avery, R. C.: 5:5
Aydelette, Bernard (Navy): 2:13

Bailess, Oliver: 4:2
Bailey, Charles: 6:4
Banegas, Steve: 2:14
Barmett. Lloyd: 5:6
Barrow, H. D.: 5:7
Barvir, Joseph: 5:8
Battle, Henry: 2:15
Battle of Luxembourg: 4:2
Battleship Iowa: 2:240
Bauguss., Claude: 5:9
Beachhead (newsletter): 3:7
Bean, Fleta: 5:10
Beane, Charles: 6:5
Beaver, Junius: 4:3
Beerman, Bill: 2:16
Benbow, Bob: 3:2
Bennett, D. L.: 5:11
Bennett, O.L.: 2:17
Bennett, Rodga: 5:12
Black, Ed: 2:18, 3:3
Black, Thomas: 5:13
Blackburn, Gary: 3:4
Blackman, Dewey: 5:14
Blue, Walter: 5:15
Blum, Jack: 2:19
Bodle, Robert L: 2:20
Bolton. H. H.: 5:16
Bos, Gerald: 4:4
Boseman, Helen: 6:6
Bossieux, Al: 2:21, 5:17
Bowman, John: 5:18
Bowman, William: 3:5
Bradner, John: 2:22
Brande, Gilmer: 2:23, 5:19
Bray, Lawrence: 2:24
Brim, J. E.: 5:20
Brinkley, Ed: 4:5
Bristow, Warren: 5:21
Britt, Julian: 3:6
Brittsan, Darrel: 6:7
Brown, Alex: 2:25, 5:22
Brown, Nick: 4:6
Bumgartner, John: 5:23
Bunge, Fred: 5:24
Burroughs, Harvey: 2:26, 4:7
Butler, Leonard: 2:27
Butts, Bennie: 2:28

Capps, George: 2:29
Carlini, Rose: 2:30
Carson, Edward: 2:31
Carter, James: 6:8
Caviness, Miriam: 2:32
Cazel, Hugh: 5:25
Clanton, Mel: 2:33
Clapp, Harry : 5;26
Clark, C. W.:2:34
Clark, Frank: 5:27
Clark, James: 5:28
Clement, Hugh: 2:35
Clough, Gerald: 2:36, 3:7
Clymer, David: 2:37
Coble, George: 5:29
Cocklereece, John: 2:38
Coleman, Archie: 3:8
Coleman, C.A.: 2:39
Coleman, Shirley: 2:40, 5:30
Collins, Myrtle: 2:41
Comer, Pete: 2:42
Concentration Camps:
Dachau (Germany): 2:178, 2:234
Conrad, Don:, 2:43, 6:9
Cook, Robert: 4:8
Cooper, Oliver: 5:31
Copley, Ray: 2:44
Cornet, John: 5:32
Courembis, John: 4:9
Cox, James: 5:33
Craver, Robert: 2:45
Cronham, Chuck: 2:46

Dachau (Germany): 2:178, 2:234
Daniel, Opal: 2:47
Davis, A. V.: 5:34
Davis, Clarence: 3:9
Davis, Curtis: 2:48
Davis, Wilson: 2:49
De Long, Frank: 3:10
Deaton, Lynwood: 2:50
Deskins, Mary: 6:10
Deter. Paul: 5:35
DeVane, F. L.: 5:36
Devaney, F.L.: 2:51
DeWan, John: 5:37
Dickerson, Doug: 2:52, 3:12, 4:10
Ditto, William: 2:53
Donati, David: 3;13
Donnell, D. L.: 5:38
Doss, C.D.: 2:54
Driver, J. E.: 6:11

Earhart, Amelia: 2:188
Earnheart, Robert: 5:39
Eighth Air Force: 6:46
Eisenhower, Dwight: 3:14
Ellington, Frank: 3:15
Elms, John: 2:55
Evans, Malcolm: 5:40
Evans, Red: 2:56
Everhard, Bill: 2:57
Everhart, Dermont: 6:12

Fagg, Corrine: 6:13
Faucette, Diane: 2:58
Fields, Fred: 5:41
Fisher, John: 2:59
Flake, Blondell: 2:60
Ford, John: 2:61, 4:11, 6:14
Frame, Glenn: 2:62, 5:42
Frank, Jack: 5:43
Frazier, Edith: 6:15
Fredrickson, Robert: 2:63

Gailey, James: 2:64, 6:16
Gallagher, Thomas: 5:44
Gammon, Hunter: 2:65
Garrett. M.C.: 2:66
Garrison, Joseph: 6:17
Garvin, Noel: 2:67
Gaspar, William: 2:68
Gerringer, Colon: 5:45
Gilbert, William: 3:16
Gingher, Clair: 2:69
Glud, Aage: 5:46
Goldberg, Herbert: 5:47
Goldsmith, Barbra: 6:18
Gooch, Rocky: 2:70
Gorrell, L. I.: 5:48
Graham, Reece: 3:17
Grave, Perry: 2:71
Gray, Al: 2:72
Gray, L. H.: 4:12
Greeson, Albert: 2:73, 3:18, 6:19
Gretzinger, James: 5:49
Grogan, Frances: 6:20
Grogan, Margaret: 2:74
Guill, Joseph: 3:19, 6:21
Gunn, J.A.: 2:75

Hackney, Worth: 5:50
Hagan, Charles: 5:51
Hall, Raymond: 2:76
Ham. Robert: 5:52
Hamil, John: 5:53
Handley, Albert: 5:54
Hannah, Walter: 2:77
Harpe, L. C.: 6:22
Harris, Shirley: 2:78
Harris, Wingate: 4:13
Harris, William: 2:79
Harrison, Ned: 1:1-1:5
Hartley, Stewart: 2:80
Harvell, Charlie: 2:83
Harvell, James: 2:81
Harvell, Perry: 2:82
Hatcher, Melvin: 5:55
Hatchett, Russell: 3:20
Havener, Jack: 2:84
Heath, Sam: 5:56
Heineman, Philip: 2:85
Hicks, Ralph: 2:86
Highsmith, Charles: 5:57
Hill, Thomas: 2:87, 4:14
Hines, Mary: 2:88
Hites, Robert: 2:89
Hodge, Alfred: 3:21
Holden, John: 4:15
Holliday, Paul: 2:90
Holmes, George: 3:22
Hood, George: 2:91
Hooks, Thearon: 6:23
Hornyak, Paul: 2:92
Horton, Geraldine: 2:93
Howard, Paul: 5:58
Howell, Bill: 6:24
Hubert. Tom: 2:94
Huffman, Weddie: 3:23, 5:59
Huffman, Diane: 2:95
Hughes, Reid: 5:60
Hunt, Jack: 2:96
Hunter, Elmer: 5:61
Hutchins, Van: 5:62
Hutton, Iredell: 2:97
Hutton, Max: 2:98

Ingold, Murphy: 4:16
Ingold, Raymond: 5:63
Ivey, Cornelia: 2:99
Ivey, Dick: 5:64

Jackson, James: 2:100
Japan: 2:202
Iwo Jima: 2:79, 2:112, 2:215
Nagasaki (map): 5:9
Okinawa: 2:53, 2:145, 5:46, 5:85 (diary)
Prisoners of War: 2:85, 5:23
Surrender of the Ryukyus: 5:46
Jarmon, James: 2:101
Jarrell, Mary: 2:102
Johnson, Albert: 4:17
Johnson, Robert: 6:25
Johnson, Wade: 4:18
Jones, Charles: 2:103
Jones, Charles: 4:19
Jones, Elmer: 2:104
Jones, George: 4:20
Jones, Joseph: 2:105
Jones, Joseph: 4:21
Jones, Spencer: 5:65
Jung, John: 2:106
Justice, Robert: 4:22

Kahn, Ernest: 2:107
Keever, Louise: 2:108
Kenerly, George: 2:109
Kepreades, Monique: 3:24
Kimbro, Lee: 5:66
King, Caleb: 2:110
Klein, Min: 2:111
Klingele, Emerson: 2:112
Kueppers, Ed: 2:113

Lamarr, Ianthia: 2:114
Lane, David: 5:67
Latham, John: 2:115
Latham, John: 3:25
Law, William: 5:68
Lawrence, Wade: 4:24
Lawson, Hugh: 2:116
LeBrun, Sydney: 4:25
Ledbetter, Ruby: 6:26
Lester, James: 2:117
Levy, Bertram: 5:69
Lewis, Hal: 2:118
Lewis, James: 6:27
Lewis, Kenneth: 5:70
Lineberry, Carol: 2:120
Livingston, Glenn: 2:121
Lloyd, Harold: 2:122
Lloyd, Katherine: 3:26
Loman, Amy and Carl: 6:28
London, Robert: 2:123
Longdon, Evelyn: 2:124
Lowe, Daniel: 5:71
Lowe, John: 6:29
Loy, William: 4:26
Lucas, Helen: 2:125
Luther, James: 5:72
Lytton, Jane: 3:27
Lytton, Kenneth: 2:126, 4:27

Mack, Edgar: 5:73
MacKenzie, Jennie: 2:127
Maclin, Henry: 5:74
Madaris, Henry: 2:128
Mail for Our Military: 2:129
Malloy, John: 2:130
Maness, Fred: 3:28
Maness, Robert: 4:28
Manzi, Claude: 2:131
Marks, Faye: 2:132
Marley, Eli: 4:29
Marsh, Earl: 5:75
Marsh, John: 2:133
Martin, Elvin: 2:134
Mathis, Donnie H. Russell: 5:76
Matthews, Charles: 2:135
McAlister, John: 2:136
McDaniel, Paul: 5:77
McDonald, Leroy: 2:137, 5:78
McIver, James: 3:29
McLaurin, Milton: 5:79
McLean, Ernest: 2:138
McLendon, Brantley: 2:139
McMann, Margaret: 2:140
McNeal, Keith: 2:141
Meadows, Raymond: 5:80
Meadows, Robert: 5:81
Mercer, Edward: 2:142
Michaud, Nancy: 6:30
Millar, Ian: 2:143
Millikin, Stephen: 6:31
Mitchell, Harold: 2:144
Monnett, Harold: 2:145
Moore, Ethel: 4:30
Moore, Robert: 2:146
Morris, Jack: 2:147
Morris, Joyce : 2:148
Murray, Garland: 2:149
Murray, Garland: 3:30
Myers, Ralph: 2:150
Myles, Mary: 3:31

Nagasaki (Japan): 5:9 (Map)
Nash, Michael: 2:151
Naval Ships:
Battleship Iowa: 2:240
SS Henry Bacon: 2:142
U.S.S. Electra: 2:122
U.S.S. Elyson: 2:173
U.S.S. Lamor: 2:122
U.S.S. Lexington: 2:243
U.S.S. Mackinac: 2:207
U.S.S. Remey: 5:102
U.S.S. Rich: 3:3
U.S.S. Thadeus Parker: 2:119
U.S.S. Ticonderoga: 2:62
U.S.S. Wyoming: 5:67
Nealeans, Vann: 3:32
Nestor, Helen: 2:152
Newberry, Alyce: 2:153
Newman, Phil: 2:154
Newman, Phil: 3:33
Nice, Richard: 6:32
Noah, Joe: 2:155

O.Henry Kiwanis Club: 4:23
Okinawa (Japan): 2:53, 2:145, 5:46, 5:85
Oliver, Edward: 2:156
Operation Olympic: 5:48
Osborne, Guy: 2:157
Owens, Robert: 2:158

P.T. Boats, Inc.: 2:176
Pack, Randall: 4:31
Paine, Marshall: 2:159
Parker, C.: 4:32
Parker, H.R.: 2:160
Partin, Emmett: 5:82
Passerella, Tony: 2:161
Patterson, Alton: 4:33
Paul, Vincent: 2:162
Peace, Robert: 6:33
Peacock, Robert: 2:163
Peele, Faye: 2:164
Peoples, Phil: 3:34
Pequigney, Frank: 3:35
Pettee, Robert: 2:165
Pettigrew, John: 2:166
Phelan, Don: 2:167
Phillips, Henry: 2:168
Phillips, Howard: 5:83
Phillips, Robert: 2:169
Pickett, John: 2:170
Pitcher, James: 2:171
Poetry: 2:15, 2:102
Poff, Cecil: 2:172
Polio: 2:216
Poole, Russell: 5:84
Pope, Robert: 5:85
Potts, Ramsay: 6:46
Power, Jack: 2:173
Preteska, Joe: 2:174
Preteska, Joe: 3:36
Price, Albert: 3:37
Price, John: 2:175
Price, John: 5:86
Primm, Gerald: 3:38
Prisoners of War (P.O.W.’s): 2:29, 2:31, 2:48, 2:75, 2:121
Pritchett, Esther: 3:39

Raine, Russell: 2:177
Raines, Hubert: 6:34
Raper, Carlton: 2:178
Rauch, Al: 5:87
Rauch, Al: 6:35
Rayle, Ralph: 2:179
Reagam. Bob: 2:180
Reep, Lawrence: 2:181
Reese, Herbert: 2:182
Renville, Duane: 2:183
Rice, Jupp: 2:184
Riffey, Fletcher: 2:185
Robertson, Virginia: 6:36
Rodenbough, Jean: 5:88
Rothrock, Robert: 5:89
Roueche, James: 4:34
Routh, B. Z.: 2:186
Routh, Glenn: 2:187
Rudd, Earl: 3:40
Rudiger, Jess: 5:90
Russell, Larry: 2:188

Sappenfield, Jack: 4:35
Scherff, Mary Anne: 2:189
Schwartz, Jack: 2:190
Search, Warren: 2:191
Senn, Ann: 2:192
Senn, Robert: 2:193
Sewell, Elizabeth: 2:194
Sexton, William: 2:195
Shaley, Sheila: 2:207
Shepherd’s Center: 2:196
Shroger, Ann: 2:197
Siler, Wesley: 2:198
Simmons, James: 4:36
Small, James: 5:91
Smith, Casper: 4:37
Smith, Jonnye: 2:199
Smith, Margaret: 2:200
Smith, William: 6:37
Snell, Raymond: 4:38
Solomon, Marshall: 2:201
Southworth, John: 2:202
Spach, Jule: 2:203
Sparks, John: 2:204
Spencer, Charles: 2:205
Sprague, Gene: 2:206
Squires, Daniel: 5:92
Staley, Fay: 3:41
Stanley, Geneva: 2:08
Steele, Stuart: 2:209
Stephanz, Paul: 2:210
Stock, Carl: 2:211
Strader, A. J.: 5:93
Strader, Herbert: 5:94
Strandberg, Charles: 6:38
Strauss., Ralph: 2:212
Strickland, Robert: 4:39
Stroyer, Ann: 3:42
Styers, Thomas: 2:213
Surrender of the Ryukyus (Japan): 5:46
Swanson, Irv: 5:95
Sykes, Pat: 3:43
Sykes, William: 2:214
Symmes, Andrew: 2:215

Tagert, Sarah: 2:216
Taylor, Dib: 2:217
Tennant, William: 6:39
Thaxton, John: 3:44
The Octopuss: 5:75 (newsletter)
Thomas, Francis: 2:218
Thompson, William: 2:219
Thore, John: 2:220
Thornton, Bill: 2:221
Tipton, William: 6:40
Tothill, Frank: 5:96
Traynham, W. H.: 2:222
Trott, Robert: 2:223
Troxler, Albert: 5:97
Troxler, Henry: 4:40
Troy, Guy: 2:224
Troy, Louise: 2:225
Tucker, Jane: 5:98
Tufts, Peter: 6:41
Tuggle, Clayton: 5:99
Tulley, Mary: 2:226
Turner, Jeff: 2:227
Turner, Raeford: 6:42

Ulosevich, Steven: 3:45
Underwood, Brooks: 5:100
Underwood, Gerald: 5:101
United States Army Air Force:
8th Air Force; 96th Bomb Group: 2:241
389th Bomber Group: 2:209
U.S.S. Electra: 2:122
U.S.S. Elyson: 2:173
U.S.S. Lamor: 2:122
U.S.S. Lexington: 2:243
U.S.S. Mackinac: 2:207
U.S.S. Remey: 5:102
U.S.S. Rich: 3:3
U.S.S. Thadeus Parker: 2:119
U.S.S. Ticonderoga: 2:62
U.S.S. Wyoming: 5:67

Van Schaick, Jennie: 6:43
Vaughan, Mrs. Clyde: 2:228
Vestal, Robert: 6:44
Veterans of Foreign Wars: 2:229
Voss, Ned: 2:230, 5:103

Waechter, Richard: 2:231
Wall, Homer: 5:104
Wall, James: 3:46
Ward, Tom: 4:42
Ward. Richard: 4:41
Ware, Joseph: 2:232, 6:45
Weaver. Llewellyn: 2:233
Webb, Lewis: 2:234
Weissner, Charles: 5:105
Wells, Harold: 3:47
Wentz, C. S.: 5:106
White, Bob: 2:235
White, John: 2:236
Wicker, Zeb: 4:43, 4:45
Wilder, Leona: 4:44
Wilkerson, Robert: 5:107
Wilkinson, James: 2:237
Williams, Callie: 6:46
Williams, D. C.: 5:108
Williams, Harrell: 2:238
Williams, James: 5:109
Williams, John: 2:239
Williams, Oakley: 2:240
Williams, Robert: 6:47
Williams, Vernon: 6:48
Williamson, J. E.: 5:110
Wilson, B. H.: 2:241
Wilson, Robert: 2:242
Wittemann, Marianne: 6:49
Wood, Lyle: 2:243
Woody, Sonny: 2:244
Wray, Lucille: 3:48
Wright, Walter: 2:245
Wyant, Vernon: 4:46
Wylie, Wade: 6:50

Yelverton, George: 5:111
Young Women’s Christian Association: 2:58 (Y-Matron’s Club)

Zane, Edward: 6:51
Zerlin, Leonard: 2:246
Zoebelein, Arthur: 2:247
Zuydwegt, John: 5:112
Zuydwest, John: 3:49

Appendix: Audio Tapes – Ned Harrison Show

World War II Reminiscences
GHM Tapes – Recordings #30-57

Tape #DateNameSubject
30October 1, 1996Mr. George JonesTraining Command- CBI Theater
31October 8, 1996Mr. Bill Gorman15th Air Force, European Theater
32October 16, 1996Mr. David Clymer26th Infantry- Battle of the Bulge
33October 22, 1996Congressman Howard CobleU.S. Coast Guard
34October 29, 1996N.C. Rep. John CocklereeceU.S. Army- Grave Regiment Unit
35November 5, 1996Mr. Gerald PrimmAir Force, Southern France
36November 12, 1996Mr. Jack CornetU.S. Army, 96th Infantry, Pacific
37November 19, 1996Mr. Hunter GammonU.S. Navy Medic from Reidsville
38November 26, 1996Mr. John R. BeamonHistorian- German Luftwaffe
39December 2, 1996Mr. Clayton TuggleU.S. Navy- Pearl Harbor
40December 10, 1996Mr. Ben WilsonNorth Africa, Southern France
41December 17, 1996Mr. Walter WrightU.S. Army, 106th Infantry, Ardennes, POW
42December 24, 1996Mr. Jody JonesU.S. Army, 84th Infantry, Battle of the Bulge
43December 31, 1996End of the year re-cap
44January 7, 1997Mr. David LaneU.S. Navy, U.S.S. Wyoming, Pacific
45January 14, 1997Mr. Glenn FrameU.S. Navy, U.S.S. Ticonderoga, Pacific
46January 21, 1997Mr. Ed WrennOSS, Trained natives to fight Japan
47January 28, 1997Mr. Balfour Z. Routh7th Air Force, Pacific, bombed Iwo Jima
48February 4, 1997Mr. Burt MassingaleBasic training, etc. ca. 1939
49February 11, 1997Mr. Carlton RaperU.S. Army, combat engineers, ETO bridges, liberation of Dachau
50February 18, 1997Mr. Dick NewellU.S. Air Force, Korea, Vietnam
51February 25, 1997Mr. Al "Gus" MeylandU.S. Air Force, Pacific, bombed Tokyo
52March 4, 1997Mr. Craig KabatchnickAttorney, veterans rights
53March 11, 1997Mr. Fred Marsh15th Air Force, bombed Poland (Ploetsi), POW