Jackson Printing Company Collection

ca. 1946-2003 [bulk ca. 1946-1960s]. 2 boxes (172 folders), ca. 400 items.MSS. COLL. #173

NOTE: The numbers cited in parentheses throughout the inventory, e.g. 1:5, refer the researcher to the Series#:Folder# in which that name/topic will be found.


This collection consists of approximately 400 broadsides printed by Jackson Printing Company in Greensboro. The broadsides feature advertisements and/or announcements concerning religious events, auctions, entertainment activities, grocery store produce sales, political events and representatives, and local business services. The collection contains no information about the historical significance or practices of Jackson Printing Company. The original and unique graphics created by the company do, however, present a valuable resource for understanding the work of a small Southern printing company during this period.

Arrangement: This collection is arranged into twelve series and within series by subject. The series are: Auctions, ca. 1961-1964; Beauty/Barber Shops, ca. 1963; Churches, ca. 1948-1979; Cleaning Service, n.d.; Entertainment, ca. 1955-1966; Grocery Stores, ca. 1953-1963; Miscellaneous, ca. 1959-1971; Pamphlets, ca. 1930-1982; Political, ca. 1960s; Repair/Hardware, ca. 1950s; Religious, ca. 1950s; and Service Stations, ca. 1951-1973.

Access Restrictions: Access is open, with certain restrictions on extremely fragile items.

Provenance: This collection was acquired from Doris Walker Jackson in 2004 and assigned the accession number 2004.26.3. The museum also acquired some three-dimensional artifacts.

Processing: This collection was processed by Katie Nash during May 2004-January 2005. Editing and final revision of the finding aid was made by Stephen Catlett during 2004-2005.


James W. Jackson, Jr. (1919-2004), founder and printer of Jackson Printing Company, resided in Greensboro for the majority of his life. Born to Novella Jennings and James Weaver Jackson Sr., he had a brother named Theadore N. Jackson, and two sisters, Ruth J. Culler and Rebecca J. Paschal. He and his wife, Doris Walker, were married for 63 years and had a son, James W. Jackson III, and a daughter, Judith Jackson Faust.

After graduating from Greensboro Senior High School in 1937, James W. Jackson Jr. attended the Southern School of Printing in Nashville, TN. During World War II, he served in the Army Air Corps for 22 months. Then he was transferred to the Infantry division and resided in Germany following the Battle of the Bulge in December 1944 and January 1945.

He returned to Greensboro after the war and started Jackson Printing Company in 1946. He also opened Jackson Coin Company around 1955. Careful analysis of the Greensboro City Directories from 1946 and through the early 1960s shows that Jackson Printing Company advertised a few specific job capabilities. During the late 1940s-1950s, the company performed tasks such as job printing, poster printing, rubber stamping, engraving, advertising, and other specialties. In the mid-1950s, it added tasks such as publications, plastic binding, and laminating.

During the time he owned and operated these two companies, James W. Jackson Jr. was a member of several organizations, including the Greensboro Coin Club and Tabernacle Baptist Church. In addition, for 22 years he served on the Board of Directors for the North Carolina Numismatic Association. He was also a lifetime member of the former Middle Atlantic Numismatic Association. He died in Greensboro on February 29, 2004.

Biographical Sources: The obituary of James W. Jackson Jr. was published in the Greensboro News & Record, March 2, 2004, on page B.6-B.7.


The collection contains only broadsides printed by Jackson Printing Company. The business was locally owned and operated by James W. Jackson, Jr., and was in operation for over fifty years. The bulk dates are from 1946 to the mid-1960s. There is virtually no information in the collection on the history of the Jackson Printing Company itself.

The collection is arranged alphabetically into twelve series, and then alphabetically within the series. Extensive in both content and number of broadsides, the series pertaining to Churches is also one of the most interesting. For example, within it is a broadside advertising Rev. Jerry Falwell’s visit to Northside Baptist Church in Summerfield, NC, during 1972 (3:48, 3:48.1). Included in both the churches and religious series are broadsides that shed light on various church-related activities including: visiting evangelists from all over the United States [including Billy Graham in 1951 (11:1)], professors speaking from local Greensboro educational institutions, music by family trios and choir groups, and sermons involving crusades for Christ.

The Pamphlet series contains the most controversial broadside printed by Jackson. The first rule mentioned in the list of rules for the livestock and amateur horseshows for the Bessemer Community Center, in 1950, states, “Entries open to all white persons” (8:1, p.11). This statement clearly represents the issues surrounding racial conflicts during the 1950s-1960s.

Other noteworthy materials pertaining to businesses include broadsides relating to: Beauty/Barber Shops, Cleaning Service, Grocery Stores, Repair/Hardware, and Service Stations. Although each of the series is small, the broadsides offer insight into the existing businesses of the area and the specialty of each business. For example, beauty and barber shops advertised a variety of hairstyles, shampoos and conditioners, and other products revolutionary for people’s hair during the 1960s (2). The grocery store and repair/hardware broadsides offer a glimpse of the cost of food items or basic repairs for hardware such as TV, tape recorders, and record players (6 & 10).

The collection also includes broadsides advertising a variety of Entertainment activities. Specifically, there were coin auctions open to the public taking place every Friday night at Jackson Printing Company (1:1). There were also “Rock ‘N’ Roll” nights at the Piedmont Lanes (5:4, 5:5). Other events included activities like, dancing, singing, and listening to the latest rock ‘n’ roll music from the local radio station WCOG (later WPET) (5:5.1).

The Political broadsides advertise candidates running for governmental offices in the area, mainly representing the Democratic Party. Of particular note is the broadside of I. Beverly Lake’s 1960 candidacy, which states that he is a “…sworn enemy of the N.A.A.C.P” (9:3).

Because this collection contains only one type of material, it is difficult to discern the total range of printing jobs that Jackson Printing Company undertook. Another weakness is the lack of information on the types of printing methods, materials, or equipment used by the company during the years of operation.


1. Auctions. 7 folders (9 items). ca. 1961-1964.

The printed broadsides in this series are arranged in alphabetical order by type or subject name. Most of them took place in Greensboro, NC, unless otherwise indicated. The majority of the auctions were held publicly, and most of them were of estate auctions. These broadsides present an interesting, but limited view of local social and material culture during the early 1960s.

The individuals related to the public/estate auctions include: Maggie Bayne Dixon (1:3); J.A. Goodwin (1:4); Mrs. Lollie Price Rippy (1:7). The primary items auctioned off included household furniture, farm equipment and tools, and household appliances.

Other auctions included in this series involve coin auctions that were sponsored by the Jackson Coin Company (1:1) or the North Carolina Coin Clubs Association (1:2).

Also included are business or organizational auctions such as the Greensboro Historical Museum (1:5) and the “Old Brick Store” (1:6). Their auctions listed items such as furniture, record players, household appliances, supplies, and farm equipment.

2. Beauty/Barber Shops. 9 folders (15 items). ca. 1963.

This series of printed broadsides is arranged alphabetically by the name of the shop or salon. Each Barber Shop or Beauty Salon is a local business, unless otherwise indicated. All the broadsides have a written overview indicating what each business offers pertaining to popular hairstyles, haircuts, and treatments for men and women’s hair during the early 1960s.

The Barber Shop broadsides include information pertaining to the cost of haircuts (specific types and non specific types) for men, children, and women, as well as the hours of operation, barbers, and location.

The Beauty Salon broadsides provide information about types of shampoos, haircuts, permanents, and hot oil treatments for women. Each Salon advertises its weekly or monthly specials, the beauticians, hours of operation, and location. In particular, Kaylin’s Salon (2:5) offered a wide variety of hair treatments such as blonde, brunette, red, auburn, and silver hair locks, a special shampoo treatment that washes away dandruff, and a unique cream for conditioning.

3. Churches. 82 folders (95 items). ca. 1948-1979.

This series contains broadsides, mostly undated, relating to churches in Greensboro, NC, unless otherwise indicated. They are arranged alphabetically by the name of the church. They advertise events taking place at churches, including: church functions (both religious and educational), visiting evangelists and pastors, musical events, and visiting speakers. It is a varied collection presenting a very broad view of local church activities during this period.

Of interest are the musical groups featured at church services and events. These include the Indian Singers and the Stewart Family (3:74, 3:75); The (Singing) Beacons (3:1, 3:81), and many other family groups.

Also documented are Evangelists and missionaries, both local/regional, and those traveling from across the United States as well as abroad. For example, Rev. Jerry Falwell visited Northside Baptist Church (Summerfield , NC ) in 1972 (3.48, 3.48.1). At the time, Falwell was the pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church in Lynchburg, Va.

An international missionary from Ontario, Canada, Rev. Vince Lohnes spoke at the Gospel Baptist Church in Greensboro, NC (n.d.) (3:19). Another example, Michael Chrismon was sent to Israel as a missionary by the Church Street Baptist Church (n.d.) (3:12).

4. Cleaning Service. 2 folders (2 items). n.d.

This series is the smallest in the collection. The folders are arranged alphabetically by the name of the cleaning business. The two broadsides represent the general cost of cleaning and the types of methods used to clean various materials. Specifically, the Perkins Carpet Cleaning Service (4:1) advertises a “damp cleaning soapless method” that can be used on household rugs and carpets. Royal Cleaners in Lawndale Shopping Center, advertises the specials of the month for dry cleaning (4:2).

5. Entertainment. 9 folders (12 items). ca. 1955-1966.

The majority of broadsides in this series advertise musical events happening in Greensboro, NC during 1966. They are arranged alphabetically by the name of the place or the type of entertainment. This particular series sheds light on the various types of musical entertainment offered to the local population during the 1950s-1960s.

Of interest are the broadsides advertising the “Rock ‘N’ Roll” nights at the Piedmont Lanes, featuring musical guests such as the Pink Panthers, the Barons, and the Creators (5:5.1). Tim Parker (the master of ceremonies), from radio stations WCOG and later WPET, hosted the events.

Also documented are theatrical and musical programs from different schools in Greensboro. In 1955, Greensboro Senior High School put on the play “Of Mice and Angels” (5:1.1). Other schools such as Guilford College and Sumner School are represented in this series as well (5:3, 5:6).

The highlight in this series is a small booklet titled Uncle Henry’s Scrapbook. Uncle Henry worked for radio station WGBG. This booklet contains black and white graphics of advertisements and photographs of individuals who worked for the radio station (5:7).

6. Grocery Stores. 9 folders (10 items). ca. 1953-1963.

Arranged alphabetically by the name of the grocery store, these broadsides advertise various grocery stores throughout Greensboro, unless otherwise noted. It is a varied collection that shows the types of foods consumed and the price of each item.

Of interest in this series are broadsides that advertise particular grocery store bargain days, and also stores that deliver to the customer. The two grocery stores that deliver were 3-D Curb Market (6:1) and Harrington’s Self Service Grocery (6:5). In 1963, the grocery store with the most locations was Li’L General Food Stores, with five locations (6:7).

The most interesting broadside with the most graphics is an ad for the Food Palace, located off of Lawndale Dr. and Summit Ave. It highlights the special values on Del-Monte canned foods, with a creative western coral theme (6:4).

7. Miscellaneous. 9 folders (10 items). ca. 1959-1971.

This miscellaneous group contains a variety of advertisements with information ranging from Glenwood Fabric Shop, Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, to a photography studio. It is arranged alphabetically by the title or theme of the particular broadside advertisement.

A highlight in this series is the small booklet titled NC Household Goods Movers & Warehousemen’s Association, Annual Convention. This business event took place in the King Cotton Hotel in May of 1959. Businessmen from all over North Carolina joined together to discuss issues concerning: “Ethics in Business”, “Future of the Moving Industry”, “Labor Relations”, and other business-related topics (7:6).

8. Pamphlets. 16 folders (16 items). ca. 1930-1982 [bulk ca. 1953-1960].

The pamphlets in this series mostly contain information about Greensboro community centers and junior clubs, as well as members and sponsored events of each organization. They are arranged alphabetically by the title of the organization.

Of particular historical interest are the 1950 Bessemer Community Center and Guilford Community livestock and amateur horse shows. The rules and regulations outlined in each pamphlet documents this era of racial segregation. The Bessemer Community Center pamphlet states the first rule of entry as, “Entries open to all white persons” (8:1, p.11).

The Guilford Community Livestock show also documents details pertaining to the rules of the show for livestock owners and their animals, information on saddle classes, and various types of livestock and cattle (8:5).

Another interesting pamphlet in this series is the Student Handbook of the Agricultural and Technical College of North Carolina, 1950-1952 (8:13). Within the booklet are pictures of President F.D. Bluford, Nina Johnson (Miss A&T), William H. Gamble, Frederick A. Williams, Jerald M. Marteena, and William E. Reed. The booklet also mentions a variety of information including: the history of the college, admissions, appropriate dress for multiple occasions, dormitory rules, student activities, and many additional topics (8:13).

9. Political. 7 folders (10 items). ca. 1960s.

This series is arranged alphabetically by the individual’s last name. It contains broadsides advertising political candidates and leaders during the 1960s, who were running for government offices ranging from a City Councilman to U.S. Senator. A highlight in this series is a poster size broadside representing the candidate Bert Hall for County Commissioner (9:1.1). [See also: GHM Archives, Bert Hall Papers, Mss. Coll. #90].

Also documented are multiple broadsides advertising I. Beverly Lake’s candidacy for governor. The passion and controversy surrounding this 1960 race is well illustrated in one broadside which states: “Dr. Lake is the sworn enemy of the N.A.A.C.P” (9:3).

10. Repair/Hardware. 4 folders (4 items). ca. 1950s.

This small series of broadsides is arranged alphabetically by the name of the business. They advertise multiple hardware and repair service businesses in Greensboro, unless otherwise noted. Even though the series is small, the broadsides offer an insight to the types of equipment and hardware needs of the local community. Of interest is the ad for Gaither T.V. Service. The owner, Lee Gaither did repairs on all types of record players, tape players, and TVs (10:3).

11. Religious. 2 folders (10 items). ca. 1950s.

Contained in this series are broadsides advertising guest speakers at community revivals in Greensboro, unless otherwise noted. They are arranged in alphabetical order by name or type. In particular, this series portrays the Evangelical ministry aspect of religion and local church communities.

Of particular religious interest are broadsides relating to the Rev. Billy Graham’s revival in Greensboro and the Piedmont area in 1951 (11:1).

Also of note, is a broadside advertising the “Miracle Child Evangelist” (Lavin J. Burcham) who came to Greensboro Coliseum’s Town Hall to conduct a revival. The broadside states, “Called of God to preach at 5 years of age” (11:2).

12. Service Stations. 22 folders (31 items). ca. 1951-1973.

This series is arranged alphabetically by the name of the service station. The majority of service stations are locally owned and operated, unless otherwise noted. The broadsides advertise specials at each service station such as oil change, car wash, car wax, price of gasoline, and tire maintenance.

The most interesting broadsides in this series are the ones that have a photograph of the service station and owners. The two with photographs are Barney’s Esso Servicenter (12:3) and Taylor’s Esso Servicenter (12:18). The advertising and promotion undertaking by these businesses is highlighted in numerous broadsides, which contain information about winning prizes and free services.


11Auctions-- Coins -- Jackson Coin Company, 2704-06 Oakcrest Ave.
2-- Coins -- NC Coin Clubs Assoc., Inc., O' Henry Hotel
* Chas B. Robinson, Gen. Chair
* J.W. Baxter Bason, Bourse Chairman
* J. W. Jackson, Jr., N.C.C.C.A. President
3-- Dixon, Maggie Bayne, May 16, 1964
4-- Goodwin, J.A., November 19, 1961
5Auctions-- Greensboro Historical Museum, May 16 [1964], 211 N. Elm St.
6-- Old Brick Store, May 3 [1952,1958,1969?]
7-- Rippy, Mrs. Lollie Price, November 4, 1961
21Beauty/Barber Shops-- Al's House of Hair, 3126 Battleground Ave.
* Al Beach, owner
2-- Evelyn's Beauty Salon, 2713 Battleground Ave.
* July 5 [1950,1961,1967,1972?]
* Evelyn Payne, owner
* Lillian Foust
* Catherine Miller
* Molly Edwards
3-- Fentress Beauty Shop, Oak Ridge Rd, Hwy 150, Summerfield, NC
* Becky Westmoreland, beautician
* Izula Fentress, owner & beautician
4-- Imperial Barber Shop, Guilford College, November 5, 1963
* Gilmer Halbrook, owner
* James Crouse, owner
5Beauty/Barber Shops-- Kaylin's Holiday Magic, Cosmetic Salon, 2150 Lawndale Shopping Ctr.   
6-- Lil's Beauty Shop, 3126 Battleground Ave.
* Lil Jones, owner
7-- Raynor's Barber Shop, 2206 Walker Ave.
* James M. Raynor, barber
* Robert Rorrer, barber
8-- Rierson's Beauty Shop, 3304 Nathaniel Rd.
* Mabel Rierson, operator (formerly of Meyer's)
9Beauty/Barber Shops-- Stout's Barber Shop, 2019 Freeman Mill Rd.
* Shelley D. Stout, owner
31Churches-- Bethel Baptist Church, 2230 Lee's Chapel Rd., August 18-23, 1975
* Bill Belcher, Evangelist (Pickens, SC)
* Rev. Vernon Gales, pastor
* Cook Family, singers
* The Glory Road Singers, singers
* The Guye Family, singers
* The Beacons, singers
* New Hope Singers, singers
2-- Bethlehem Pilgrim Church, Snow Camp, NC
* Rev. W. Secery, Evangelist (Charlotte, NC)
* The Singing Buntings, singers (Albermarle, NC)
3-- Broadview Wesleyan Methodist Church, Broadview & Church St. Ext.
* Rev. C. Wesley Lovin, Evangelist (High Point, NC)
* Rev. J.W. Stiles, Song Evangelist (Altavista, VA)
4-- Broadview Wesleyan Methodist Church, Broadview & Church St. Ext.
* Rev. James Chrispell, Gen. Evangelist (Michigan)
* Prof. Gordon E. Miller, Music Director of Pilgrim Bible College (Kernersville, NC)
5-- Broadview Wesleyan Methodist Church, Broadview & Church St. Ext.
* Rev. M.L. Arnold, Gen. Evangelist (Central, SC)
* Rev. Harold L. Rickman, pastor
* Rev. Hoover Smith, singing Evangelist (Lincolnton, NC)
6-- Buchanan Baptist Church, Burlington Rd.
* Rev. Raymond Lanier (Durham, NC)
* Rev. James B. Clifton, pastor
7-- Calvary Baptist Church, Summerfield, NC, 1969
* Rev. O.M. Moorefield, Evangelist (pastor of Yadkin College Baptist Church)
* Kenneth Vaughn, pastor
8-- Calvary Baptist Church,– Summerfield, NC, 1969
* November 10-16, 1969
* Rev. Carl Gray Knight, Evangelist (Fellowship Baptist Church, Stokesdale, NC)
* Kenneth Vaughn, pastor
9-- Calvary Baptist Church, Heath St. Bessemer
* April 20-22 [1951,1956,1962,1973?]
* Dr. Fred Garland
10-- Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, Edgeworth & Sycamore St.
* Glen Schunk, Evangelist
11-- Christian and Missionary Alliance Church, Edgeworth & Sycamore St.
* W.B. Bedford, minister
12-- Church Street Baptist Church, 3113 Church St.
* Michael Chrismon, missionary to Israel
* Dr. J. William Kanoy, pastor
13-- Church Street Baptist Church, 3113 Church St.
* David Graves, teacher & interpreter to the deaf
* Bill Myers, teacher & interpreter to the deaf
14-- Church Street Baptist Church, 3113 Church St.
*June 4-9 [1957,1963,1968?]
* Dr. B.B. Caldwell, Bible teacher & Evangelist (Greenville, SC)
* J.M. Kanoy, pastor
15-- Efland Baptist Church, Efland, NC
* A.F. Blackburn, Evangelist (High Point, NC)
* Williard Vincent, pastor
16-- Eller Memorial Baptist Church, 1200 4th St.
* J. Wakelon Morrison, Music leader
* Rev. Don Austin, Evangelist
* John T. Edwards, pastor
17-- First Baptist Church, December 8, 1957
* Claud B. Bowen, pastor
18-- First Pentecostal Holiness Church, 1036 S. Aycock St.
* Mrs. R.N. Williams, Evangelist
19-- Gospel Baptist Church, Greensboro, NC
* Rev. Vince Lohnes, missionary (Ontario, Canada)
* Perry G. Ross, pastor
20-- Greensboro Gospel Tabernacle, Edgeworth & Sycamore St.
* Rev. Don Kenyon, Bible teacher (Fort Wayne Bible College)
21-- Greensboro Gospel Tabernacle, Edgeworth & Sycamore St.
* Phil Saint, draws, sings, & paints
* Howard H. Chipchase, pastor
22-- Guerrant Spring Baptist Church, Reidsville, NC, 1973
* April 2-7, 1973
* Rev. Sam Ashburn, Evangelist (pastor of the Vance St. Baptist Church in Reidsville, NC)
* Rev. Raymond Bullock, pastor
23-- Guilford Park Presbyterian Church, 2019 Fernwood Dr.
* Rev. Irving E. Birdseye, pastor
24-- Guilford Park Presbyterian Church, Fernwood & Fairfield Ave.
* Dr. John A. Redhead
25-- Guilford Park Presbyterian Church, 2019 Fernwood Dr.
* Rev. J.W. McGinnis, pastor
* Dr. Austic C. Lovelace, organist
* Mrs. Chas L. Powell, organist
* Moir Ayers, song leader
* Rev. Chas M. Ramsay, Ph.D, Associate Professor of Religion, Greensboro College
26-- Hickory Grove Methodist Church, Pomona Rd.
* April 20 [1955,1960,1966?]
* Geo T. Stephens, national Evangelist
27-- Honey-Rock Baptist Church
* Danny Prior, Evangelist
28-- Hopewell Wesleyan Methodist Church, Hopewell Rd, Summerfield, NC
* Rev. W.M. Phillippe, Jr., Evangelist (Savannah, GA)
* Rev. W.M. Phillippe, Jr., Evangelist (Savannah, GA)
29-- Immanuel Baptist Church, 2432 High Point Rd.
* Dr. Charles B. Howard, Evangelist & Prof. (Campbell College)
* Troy G. Robbins, pastor & song leader
30-- John Wesley Mission, Hwy 65, Reidsville, NC
* Rev. T.G. Williams (Summerfield, NC)
* Rev. O.A. Kiger (Summerfield, NC)
* Rev. J.M. Williams (Reidsville, NC)
31-- Joyner Memorial Methodist Church, Old Battleground Rd.
* Carson Blanton, Evangelist (Superintendent Union Mission in Roanoke Rapids, NC)
* Four Friends Quartet, singers
32-- Joyner Memorial Methodist Church, Old Battleground Rd.
* October 22-25 [1950,1961,1967,1972]
* Rev. G.E. White (Minister at Westview Methodist Church in Hickory, NC)
* Gorrell Rumley, song leader
* Evan S. Bancroft, pastor
33-- Julian Baptist Church, Hwy 62, November 12-16, 1979
* Rev. Roy Goodson
* Rev. Utah Brown, pastor
34-- Lawndale Baptist Church, 3505 Lawndale Dr.
* Rev. Maurice Clayton, Evangelist (Tunica, Mississippi)
* Mr. David Lee, song leader
35-- Lebanon Baptist Church, Hicone Rd., March 29-April 5, 1959
* Rev. H.P. Gauldin (pastor of Brightwood Baptist Church)
* Rev. C.M. Oates, pastor
36-- Lewis Chapel Church
* Rev. W. Sykes Smith, Evangelist
* Rev. A.J. Smith, music leader from China
* A.H. Price, pastor
37-- Lindley Park Baptist Church, Walker & Holden Rd.
* Rev. L.J. Matthews, Evangelist (pastor of Konnoak Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, NC)
38-- Lindley Park Baptist Church, Walker & Holden Rd.
* Rev. BurtonG. Campbell, song leader
* Rev. Arnold L. Robertson, Evangelist
39-- Magnolia Street Baptist Church, E. Wendover at Magnolia
* Rev. John T. Edwards, Evangelist
* Jack Roe, pastor
40-- Martin Ave. Baptist Church, Greensboro, NC
* Rev. James Talbot (pastor of Reedy Fork Baptist Church)
* J. Morris Clark, pastor
41-- Martin Ave. Baptist Church
* Rev. Lee Stewart, Evangelist
* J. Morris Clark, pastor
42-- McConnell Road Baptist Church
* Rev. Clarence R. Nida, Evangelist
* Rev. J.T. Ellis, Jr., pastor
43-- Midway Methodist Church, November 1, 1948
* Luther L. Gobbel, President
* Costen J. Harrell, D.D., Bishop
* William A. Lambeth, D.D., District Superintendent
* R.E. Hinshaw, pastor
44-- Midway Pilgrim Church, Huffine Mill Rd.
* Rev. Bellomy, Evangelist (Kenova, W. Va.)
45-- Miller Interdenominational Christian Church, Reidsville, NC, 1968
* November 3, 1968, Revival
* Rev. Hubert Bennett, Evangelist
* Rev. A.H. Price, pastor
46-- New Baptist Church, Denny Rd., July 9, 1958
* Rev. Alton Riddle, pastor
* former location of Word of Truth Baptist Church
47-- North Greensboro Church of God, Tennessee Rd.
* Rev. Douglas Allen, pastor
48-- Northside Baptist Church, Hwy 220 & Winfree Rd., Summerfield, NC, June 4, 1972
* Rev. Rusty Coffey
* Dr. Jerry Falwell (The Thomas Road Baptist Church, Lynchburg, VA)
* Dr. Raymond Taylor
48.1-- Northside Baptist Church, Hwy 220 & Winfree Rd., Summerfield, NC
* June 4 [1972?]
* Terry Joyce, singer
* The Northside Trio, singers
* Dr. Jerry Falwell (pastor of the fastest growing church in America)
49-- Northside Baptist Church, Hwy 220 & Winfree Rd., Summerfield, NC, July 12-16, 1972
* Dr. J. Harold Loman (Salisbury, NC)
* The Gethsemane Quartet, singers
* The Rhodes Family, singers
* The Friends Trio, singers
50-- Northwest Baptist Church, Route 3, near Northwest High School
* Rev. Rayton Puckett, Evangelist (Ararat, NC)
51-- Northwest Baptist Church, Route 3
* Rev. Dewey Weaver, Evangelist (Blacksburg, Va)
52-- Northwest Baptist Church, Stafford Mill Rd.
* October 27-November 1 [1952,1958,1969]
* Rev. Joe Myers
* Rev. Zeno Groce
* Rev. Bobby Roberson
* Dr. Harold Sightler
* Rev. Rayton Puckett, pastor
53-- Oak Level Baptist Church, Stokesdale, NC, February 22, 1970
* Inspiration Quartet, singers (Bryson City, NC)
* Harold Venable, pastor
54-- Pilgrim Holiness Mission, Summerfield, NC
* Rev. B.F.M. Fahl (Philadelphia, PA)
* R.A. Pegram, pastor
55-- Pilgrim Holiness Church, Hwy 220 N, Summerfield, NC
* Rev. W.L. Cockman, Evangelist
* H.D. Pegram, pastor
56-- Pinecroft Baptist Church, 3422 Freeman Mill Rd.
* Rev. Raymond Smith (pastor of McCalla Ave. Baptist Church in Knoxville, TN)
* Earl Kaisinger, chalk artist
* Jack Chellew, pastor
57-- Pinecroft Baptist Church, 3422 Freeman Mill Rd.
* Rev. Clarence Nida, Evangelist
* Rev. Jack Chellew, pastor
58-- Reedy Fork Baptist Church, Yanceyville Rd.
* Clarence R. Nida, Evangelist
59-- Rocky Knoll Baptist Church, 501 Kirkland
* Clarence R. Nida, Evangelist
* Rev. Don Austin, Evangelist
* Sam Allred, gospel singer
60-- Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, June 21, 1953
* Willard C. Adkinson, pastor
61-- Southside Baptist Church, Freeman Mill Rd. & Kindley Rd.
* Rev. Jerry Tillman, Evangelist (Southeastern Seminary- Wake Forest and Miami, Fl.)
* Rev. Gene Phillips, pastor
62-- Summerfield Methodist Church, October 4-9, 1964
* Dr. Wilson O. Weldon, Evangelist (pastor of W. Market St. Methodist Church)
* Rev. T.C. McLean, congregational song leader
* Homecoming October 11, 1964
63-- Summerfield Pilgrim Holiness Church, Hwy 220, Summerfield, NC
* Rev. J. Harold Loman, Evangelist
* Rev. H.D. Pegram pastor
64-- Sunshine Methodist Church, June 23-30, 1963
* David E. Hubbard, Evangelist
65-- Tabernacle Baptist Church, Oak St. & S. Aycock St.
* Rev. Frank Chrisco
* Rainbow Trio-Masters Quartet and Trio, singers
66-- Tabernacle Baptist Church, Oak St. & S. Aycock St.
* Rev. Milton G. Frazier (Hartsville, SC)
* Bill Haynes, song leader
67-- Tabernacle Baptist Church, Oak St. & S. Aycock St.
* August 18-22 [1952,1958,1969?]
* Rev. Harry J. Simms, Evangelist (pastor of Rosemont Baptist Church in Winston-Salem, NC)
* Rev. Charles E. Moore, pastor
68-- Undenominational Christian Church, Hwy 65, 5 mi. west of Wentworth
* A. Ham Price, pastor
* John M. Williams, Evangelist
* The Path Lighters, singers
* The Moore Family, singers
* The Wesleyan Methodist Trio, singers
69-- United Institutional Church, August 7-9, 1956
* Dr. Charles W. Anderson, pastor
70-- United Institutional Baptist Church, 802 E. Market St.
* Dr. Charles W. Anderson, pastor
* Mrs. Charles W. Anderson, song leader
71-- United Institutional Baptist Church
* Charles W. Anderson, pastor
* Llewellyn A. Wise, board of directors
* John H. Nicholson, board of directors
* E.R. Jones, board of directors
* Walter N. Nelson, board of directors
* Thomas Bannister, board of directors
* Jack Griffin, board of directors
* William Wilkes, board of directors
72-- Victory Baptist Church, Meadowood Rd.
* Rev. Perry Ross, Evangelist
* Rev. Alvin Pegram, pastor
73-- Wadsworth Congregational Church, Wadsworth, NC, November 26, 1961
* Rev. Amos T. Foust, pastor & officiating
* Mr. John Wesley Jackson, deceased
* Elworth E. Smith Sr., funeral directors
* Mrs. Ella M. Smith, funeral directors
74-- Wayside Baptist Church, Summerfield, NC, May 21, 1961
* Indian Singers, singers
* Rev. Lee Stewart, Evangelist
* The Stewart Family Singers, singers
* May 21-27, 1961
75-- Wayside Baptist Church, Summerfield, NC, 1962
* May 20, 1962, Homecoming
* Indian Singers, singers
* Rev. Lee Stewart, Evangelist
* Rev. F.E. Davis, pastor
* May 21-June 2, 1962, Revival Services
76-- Wayside Baptist Church, Summerfield, NC, 1967
* April 29, 1967
* The Mello-Tone Quartet, gospel singers
* F.E. Davis, pastor
77-- Wayside Baptist Church, Summerfield, NC, 1968
* June 24-29, 1968
* Rev. Billy Hamlet, Evangelist (pastor of Cross Roads Baptist Church in Cassville, NC)
* M.B. Norman, pastor (Brown Summit, NC)
78-- Wayside Baptist Church, Summerfield, NC
* March 5 [1950,1961,1967,1972?]
* Klaudt Indian Gospel Family, singers
79-- Wayside Baptist Church, Summerfield, NC
* Rev. Lee Stewart, Evangelist
* Rev. F.E. Davis, pastor
* The Stewart Family (Indian Singers), singers
80-- Wayside Baptist Church, Summerfield, NC
* J.O. Phillips, Evangelist (Greenville, SC)
* F.E. Davis, pastor
81-- West High Point Church of God, Jordan Pl. & Mill Ave., 1975
* June 7, 1975
* The Gloryland Quartet, singers
* The Singing Beacons, singers
82-- West Irving Park Methodist Church, Cone Blvd. & Lafayette Ave., October 24-28, 1965
* Ernest Fitzgerald, member of Western NC Conference of Methodist Church
* Lloyd Hunsucker, pastor
* Henry B. Ingram, director of music
* Francis E. Little, baritone & prof. of voice at Greensboro College
* Dr. Harold E. Spangler, pediatrician & soloist
* Jeanne Meredith, soprano soloist of Grace Methodist Church
* Howard Coleman, minister of Education at Grace
* Robert H. Ellis, director of Page High School Chorus
* William H. Jordan, director of W. Market St. Methodist Church Choir
41Cleaning Service-- Perkins Carpet Cleaning Service, 1409 N. Elam Ave.
2-- Royal Cleaners, Lawndale Shopping Center
51Entertainment-- Friendly Road Speedway, west of Guilford College
1.1-- Greensboro Senior High School, December 16, 1955
* Of Men and Angels, play
* Miss Louise Smith, writer
* Dick Robinson, student director
* Lisa Anderson, organist
2-- Movie Theatres -- Janus Theatres, W. Northwood & Battleground
3-- Music -- Guilford College a Cappella Choir
* Carl C. Baumbach, director
4-- Music -- Piedmont Lanes, 1118 Pinecroft Rd., 1966
* Tim Parker, WCOG Master of Ceremonies
* May 13, 1966, Buddy Smith and the Rockets (Reidsville, NC) & the Barons
* May 14, 1966, The Barons & The Pink Panthers
5-- Music -- Piedmont Lanes, 1966
* Tim Parker, master of ceremonies
* May 20, 1966, Buddy Smith and the Rockets & The Pink Panthers
* May 21, 1966, The Mystics & The Checkmates
5.1-- Music -- Piedmont Lanes, 1118 Pinecroft Rd., 1966
* Tim Parker, WPET master of ceremonies
* June 3, 1966, The Checkmates & The Vondels
* June 4, 1966, The Pink Panthers & The Creators & The Intentions & The Royals
* June 8, 1966, The Creators
6-- Music -- Sumner School Auditorium
* Slim Martin Haylofters and the Haylofters
* Radio station WGBG
* Sumner Civitan Club
7-- Music -- Uncle Henry's Scrapbook
* Uncle Henry, radio station WGBG
* Troy L. Martin, good friend of Uncle Henry
61Grocery Stores-- 3-D Curb Market, 831 W. Lee St.
* Dallas, Larry, & Joe, owners
* February 12-13 [1954,1960,1965,1971?]
2-- Cut-Rate Super Market, 707 E. Market St.
* January 9-10 [1953,1959,1970?]
3-- Dixie Super Market, 1803 McConnell Rd.
4-- Food Palace, 2134 Lawndale Dr.
5-- Harrington's Self-Service Grocery, 226 E. Sycamore St.
* Formerly Donnell's Grocery
6-- Lawndale Curb Market, 2710 Lawndale Dr.
7-- Li'L General Food Stores, April 30, 1963
* 2436 Florida St., location
* 1721 Huntington Rd., location
* 317 Asheboro St., location
* 1640 Spring Garden St., location
* 507 Mobile St., location
8-- Little Brick Store, 1309 Pinecroft Rd.
* Formerly Buck's Cash Grocery
* Percy Wray, owner
9-- U-Save-It Food Store, 2100 N. Elm St.
71Miscellaneous-- Antique Flea Market, Hwy 29 N
* Tick Tock Bargain Hut
* Mr. & Mrs. T.R. Wilson, owners
2-- Beer party invitation, September 11, 1971
* September 12, 1971, raindate
* 1521 Colonial
3-- Fabric -- Glenwood Fabric Shop, 2018 Freeman Mill Rd.
4-- Home Service, Moore's Mobile Home Service, Route 10, Greensboro, NC
4.1Miscellaneous-- Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
5-- Little Angel Nursery, 2415 Lawndale Dr.
* Mrs. Doris McNeal, owner of children's nursery
6-- NC Household Goods Movers & Warehousemen's Assoc., May 8-9, 1959
* King Cotton Hotel
* Walton McNairy, President
* Paul D. Spell, 1st Vice President
* J.W. Walton, Jr., 2nd Vice President
* John Yarbrough, secretary-treasurer
* Edgar Shelburn, director
* Frank Watson, director
* Elbert Weeks, director
* Irving Atkins, director
* Allen Draughn, director
* George Lentz, director
* George H. Martin, director
* Stanley Wainwright, director
7-- Photography, Murdock's Studio, 1304 E. Market St.
* Ben W. Covert (Carolina Realty Co.), PO Box 1976, Greensboro, NC
81Pamphlets-- Bessemer Community Center Amateur Horse Show, June 10, 1950
2-- Gate City Shrine No. 2, 1953
3-- Greensboro Woman's Club, 1980-1982
4-- Guilford Chapter No. 141, Order of the Eastern Star, Year Book, 1955-1956
5Pamphlets-- Guilford Community Livestock Show (10th Annual), April 11, 1953
6-- Immanuel Lutheran College - General Catalog, 1954-1956
7-- Immanuel Lutheran College - Announcements for 1958-1959
8-- Junior League of Greensboro, 1971-1973
9Pamphlets-- Junior Woman's Club, 1930-1956
10-- Kiser Junior High School - Student Directory, 1968-1969
11-- Klimate-Pruf Paint Co. Inc. - Net Price List No. 124
12-- Klimate-Pruf Pain Co. Inc. - Net Price List No. 160
13Pamphlets-- N.C. A & T College - Student Handbook, 1950-1952
14-- NC Christian Advocate, 429 W. Gaston St.
15-- NC Junior Club Women - Handbook, 1949
16-- Tarheel Couples Club, 1961-1962
91Political -- Falkener, Waldo C., City Councilman
1.1-- Hall, Bert, County Commissioner
2-- Jordan, B. Everett, U.S. Senator, May 28, 1960
* 9th ranking Democrat on the Senate Committee on Agriculture & Forestry
* 5th ranking Democrat on the Senate Committee on Rules & Administration, Post Office & Civil Service
3-- Lake, I. Beverly, Governor, 1960
* "Dr. Lake is the sworn enemy of the N.A.A.C.P."
4Political -- Preyer, L. Richardson, Congress, 6th District
5-- Sanford, Terry, Governor
6-- Trogdon, W.E. (Bill), Constable, Sumner Township
101Repair/Hardware-- Cliff's Lawn Mowers & Repair Service, 2000 Etta Court
2-- Community Hardware, 1916 Spring Garden St. June 1, 1953
3-- Gaither T.V. Service, Lake Brandt Road
* Lee Gaither, owner
4-- Guilford Power Mower Company, 5210 W. Market St.
* J.R. Moore, owner
* William H. Watterson, owner
111Religious Billy Graham, October 14-November 11, 1951
2-- Miscellaneous
* Ed Ferguson, Evangelist
* Lavin J. Burcham, Miracle Child Evangelist
* Dr. Howard Powell, Evangelist (Raleigh, NC)
* Dr. R.I. Humberd, Bible Teacher (Flora, Indiana)
* Rev. T.C. McLean, Music Director (Summerfield, NC)
* Rev. S.G. Farrington, Bible Preacher (Summerfield, NC)
* Rev. & Mrs. H.L. Rickman, singers (Summerfield, NC)
* George E. Washington, Evangelist (Detroit, Michigan)
121Service Stations-- Aycock Crown Service, 105 N. Aycock St.
2-- Baker's Gulf Service, 2703 Battleground Rd.
3-- Barney's Esso Service Center, Lexington Ave. & Grove St.
* Barney Kirkman, owner
* Charlie Apple, owner
4-- Barrow Oil Co. & your local Atlantic Dealer
* December 7-9 [1951,1962,1972?]
5Service Stations-- Bessemer Atlantic, 3215 E. Bessemer Ave.
6-- Bill Price Esso Service Center, 2604 Lawndale Dr.
7-- Dolly Madison Gulf Service, Guilford College
* August 28,29 [1953,1959,1964?]
8-- Frank Webster's Crown, 2801 E. Bessemer Ave.
9Service Stations-- Hester's Texaco, 1600 E. Bessemer Ave.
* February 21-March 2 [1957,1963,1968,1974?]
10-- J.H. Price Esso, 901 S. Elm St.
* September 28-October 10 [1953,1959,1964,1970?]
11-- Mo-Jo Fix-It Service, 1675 Spring Garden St.
12-- P & M Auto Service, 3300 High Point Road
13Service Stations-- Sparkle Car Wash, 1703 Battleground Ave.
14-- Spring Garden Atlantic Service, 2827 Spring Garden St., 1960
* John Foley, Jr., owner
* August 25-27, 1960
15-- Spring Garden Gulf Service, Spring Garden at Pinecroft Rd.
* Raymond E. Osborne, manager
16-- Summit Sunoco Service, 500 Summit Ave. at Percy St.
* Johnny Simpson, owner and operator
17Service Stations-- Sunset Hills Crown Service, 105 N. Aycock at Madison
18-- Taylor's Esso Service Center, 1115 E. Bessemer Ave.
* John B. Taylor, manager
* Edward Outland
* Jack Washburn
* May 2-5 [1951,1956,1962,1973?]
19-- Way's Texaco, Old Reidsville Rd. and Hicone Rd.
* Herbert Way, owner
20-- Westover Terrace Crown Service, 1300 Westover Terrace, 1958
21Service Stations-- Woodmere Texaco, Phillips and Brywood streets
* July 28-August 5 [1950,1961,1967,1972?]
* Haskell Trull, owner
22-- Wrenn Esso Service Center, 1115 Summit Ave.

Index to the Jackson Printing Company Collection
(ca. 1946-2003)

NOTE: The numbers following the name/subject entry — e.g. 1:1 — indicate in which Series#:Folder# (or, if no “:”, Series only) that name/topic can be found. Dates of the items are given in parentheses for an individual Series/Folder or, if at the end, for the entire subject/name entry.

Adkinson, Willard C.: 3:60 (n.d.)
Al’s House of Hair: 2:1 (n.d.)
Allen, Rev. Douglas: 3:47 (n.d.)
Allred, Sam: 3:59 (n.d.)
Anderson, Dr. Charles W.: 3:69-71 (n.d.)
Anderson, Mrs. Charles W.: 3:70 (n.d.)
Anderson, Lisa: 5:1.1 (n.d.)
Antique Flea Market: 7:1 (n.d.)
Apple, Charlie: 12:3 (n.d.)
Arnold, Rev. M.L.: 3:5 (n.d.)
Ashburn, Rev. Sam: 3:22 (n.d.)
Atkins, Irving: 7:6 (n.d.)
Austin, Rev. Don: 3:16, 3:59 (n.d.)
Aycock Crown Service: 12:1 (n.d.)
Ayers, Moir: 3:25 (n.d.)

Baker’s Gulf Service: 12:2 (n.d.)
Bancroft, Evan S.: 3:32 (n.d.)
Bannister, Thomas: 3:71 (n.d.)
Barney’s Esso Service Center: 12:3 (n.d.)
Barons, The: 5:4 (1966)
Barrow Oil Co.: 12:4 (1951, 1962, 1972?)
Bason, J.W. Baxter: 1:2 (n.d.)
Baumbach, Carl C.: 5:3 (n.d.)
Beach, Al: 2:1 (n.d.)
Beacons, The: 3:1 (n.d.)
Bedford, W.B.: 3:11 (n.d.)
Beer party invitation: 7:2 (1971)
Belcher, Bill: 3:1 (n.d.)
Bellomy, Rev.: 3:44 (n.d.)
Bennett, Rev. Hubert: 3:34 (n.d.)
Bessemer Atlantic: 12:5 (n.d.)
Bessemer Community Center Amateur Horse Show: 8:1 (1950)
Bethel Baptist Church: 3:1 (1975)
Bethlehem Pilgrim Church: 3:2 (n.d.)
Bill Price Esso Service Center: 12:6 (n.d.)
Birdseye, Rev. Irving E.: 3:23 (n.d.)
Blacksburg, Va: 3:51 (n.d.)
Blackburn, A.F.: 3:15 (n.d.)
Blanton, Carson: 3:31 (n.d.)
Bowen, Claud B.: 3:17 (n.d.)
Brightwood Baptist Church: 3:35 (n.d.)
Broadview Wesleyan Methodist Church: 3:3-5 (n.d.)
Brown, Rev. Utah: 3:33 (n.d.)
Brown Summit, NC: 3:77 (n.d.)
Bryson City, NC: 3:53 (n.d.)
Buchanan Baptist Church: 3:6 (n.d.)
Buck’s Cash Grocery: 6:8 (n.d.)
Bullock, Rev. Raymond: 3:22 (n.d.)
Burcham, Lavin J.: 11:2 (n.d.)

Caldwell, Dr. B.B.: 3:14 (n.d.)
Calvary Baptist Church: 3:7-9 (1969)
Campbell, Rev. Burton G.: 3:38 (n.d.)
Campbell College: 3:29 (n.d.)
Carolina Realty Co.: 7:8 (n.d.)
Cassville, NC: 3:77 (n.d.)
Checkmates & The Vondels: 5:5.1 (1966)
Chellew, Jack: 3:56-57 (n.d.)
Chipchase, Howard H.: 3:21 (n.d.)
Chrisco, Rev. Frank: 3:65 (n.d.)
Chrispell, Rev. James: 3:4 (n.d.)
Chrismon, Michael: 3:12 (n.d.)
Christian and Missionary Alliance Church : 3:10-11 (n.d.)
Church Street Baptist Church: 3:12-14 (1957, 1963, 1968?)
Clark, J. Morris: 3:41 (n.d.)
Clayton, Rev. Maurice: 3:34 (n.d.)
Cliff’s Lawn Mowers & Repair Service: 10:1 (n.d.)
Clifton, Rev. James B.: 3:6 (n.d.)
Cockman, Rev. W.L.: 3:55 (n.d.)
Coffey, Rev. Rusty: 3:48 (n.d.)
Coleman, Howard: 3:82 (n.d.)
Community Hardware, 10:2 (1953)
Cook Family: 3:1 (n.d.)
Covert, Ben W.: 7:8 (n.d.)
Creators, The: 5:5.1 (1966)
Cross Roads Baptist Church: 3:77 (1968)
Crouse, James: 2:4 (n.d.)
Cut-Rate Super Market: 6:2 (1953, 1959, 1970?)

Dallas, Larry & Joe: 6:1 (n.d.)
Davis, Rev. F.E.: 3:75-76, 3:79-80 (n.d.)
Detroit, Michigan: 11:2 (n.d.)
Dixie Super Market: 6:3 (n.d.)
Dixon, Maggie Bayne: 1:3 (1964)
Dolly Madison Gulf Service: 12:7 (1953, 1959, 1964?)
Donnell’s Grocery: 6:5 (n.d.)
Draughn, Allen: 7:6 (n.d.)

Edwards, John T.: 3:16, 3:29 (n.d.)
Edwards, Molly: 2:2 (n.d.)
Efland Baptist Church : 3:15 (n.d.)
Eller Memorial Baptist Church : 3:16 (n.d.)
Ellis, Rev. J.T.: 3:42 (n.d.)
Ellis, Robert H.: 3:82 (n.d.)
Evelyn’s Beauty Salon: 2:2 (ca. 1950, 1961, 1967, 1972?)

Fahl, Rev. B.F.M.: 3:54 (n.d.)
Falkener, Waldo C.: 9:1 (n.d.)
Falwell, Dr. Jerry: 3:48, 3:48.1 (n.d.)
Farrington, Rev. S.G.: 11:2 (n.d.)
Fellowship Baptist Church: 3:8 (n.d.)
Fentress Beauty Shop: 2:3 (n.d.)
Fentress, Izula: 2:3 (n.d.)
Ferguson, Ed: 11:2 (n.d.)
First Baptist Church: 3:17 (1957)
First Pentecostal Holiness Church: 3:18 (n.d.)
Fitzgerald, Ernest: 3:82 (n.d.)
Flora, Indiana: 11:2 (n.d.)
Foley, John, Jr.: 12:14 (1960)
Food Palace : 6:4 (n.d.)
Fort Wayne Bible College : 3:20 (n.d.)
Four Friends Quartet: 3:31 (n.d.)
Foust, Rev. Amos T.: 3:73 (n.d.)
Foust, Lillian: 2:2 (n.d.)
Frank Webster’s Crown: 12:8 (n.d.)
Frazier, Rev. Milton G.: 3:66 (n.d.)
Friendly Road Speedway : 5:1 (n.d.)
Friends Trio: 3:49 (n.d.)

Gaither, Lee: 10:3 (n.d.)
Gaither T.V. Service: 10:3 (n.d.)
Gales, Rev. Vernon: 3:1 (n.d.)
Garland, Dr. Fred: 3:9 (n.d.)
Gate City Shrine No. 2: 8:2 (1953)
Gauldin, Rev. H.P.: 3:35 (n.d.)
Gethsemane Quartet, The: 3:49 (n.d.)
Glenwood Fabric Shop: 7:3 (n.d.)
Gloryland Quartet: 3:81 (1975)
Glory Road Singers: 3:1 (n.d.)
Gobbel, Luther L.: 3:43 (n.d.)
Goodson, Rev. Roy: 3:33 (n.d.)
Goodwin, J.A.: 1:4 (1961)
Gospel Baptist Church: 3:19 (n.d.)
Grace Methodist Church: 3:82 (n.d.)
Graham, Billy: 11:1 (1951)
Graves, David: 3:13 (n.d.)
Greensboro College: 3:25, 3:82 (n.d.)
Greensboro Gospel Tabernacle: 3:20-21 (n.d.)
Greensboro Historical Museum: 1:5 (c.1964?)
Greensboro Senior High School: 5:1.1 (1955)
Greensboro Woman’s Club: 8:3 (1980-1982)
Greenville, SC: 3:80 (n.d.)
Griffin, Jack: 3:71 (n.d.)
Groce, Rev. Zeno: 3:52 (n.d.)
Guerrant Spring Baptist Church: 3:22 (1973)
Guilford Chapter No. 141 (Order of the Eastern Star): 8:4 (1955-1956)
Guilford College: 12:7 (1953, 1959, 1964?)
Guilford College A Cappella Choir: 5:3 (n.d.)
Guilford Community Livestock Show: 8:5 (1953)
Guilford Park Presbyterian Church: 3:23-25 (n.d.)
Guilford Power Mower Company: 10:4 (n.d.)
Guye Family: 3:1 (n.d.)

Halbrook, Gilmer: 2:4 (n.d.)
Hall, Bert: 9:1.1 (n.d.)
Hamlet, Rev. Billy: 3:77 (n.d.)
Harrell, Costen J.: 3:43 (n.d.)
Harrington’s Self-Service Grocery: 6:5 (n.d.)
Hartsville, SC: 3:66 (n.d.)
Haynes, Bill: 3:66 (n.d.)
Hester’s Texaco: 12:9 (1957, 1963, 1968, 1974?)
Hickory Grove Methodist Church: 3:26 (1955, 1960, 1966?)
Hinshaw, R.E.: 3:43 (n.d.)
Honey-Rock Baptist Church: 3:27 (n.d.)
Hopewell Wesleyan Methodist Church: 3:28 (n.d.)
Howard, Dr. Charles B.: 3:29 (n.d.)
Hubbard, David E.: 3:64 (n.d.)
Humberd, Dr. R.I. : 11:2 (n.d.)
Hundley, Mrs. Martha: 5:1.1 (n.d.)
Hunsucker, Lloyd: 3:82 (n.d.)

Immanuel Baptist Church : 3:29 (n.d.)
Immanuel Lutheran College: 8:6-7 (1954-1956 & 1958-1959)
Imperial Barber Shop: 2:4 (n.d.)
Indian Singers: 3:74-75 (1961-1962)
Ingram, Henry B.: 3:82 (n.d.)
Inspiration Quartet: 3:53 (n.d.)
Intentions, The: 5:5.1 (1966)

J.H. Price Esso: 12:10 (1953, 1959, 1964, 1970?)
Jackson Coin Company: 1:1 (n.d.)
Jackson, J. W. Jr.: 1:2 (n.d.)
Jackson, Mr. John Wesley: 3:73 (n.d.)
Janus Theatres: 5:2 (n.d.)
John Wesley Mission: 3:30 (n.d.)
Jones, E.R.: 3:71 (n.d.)
Jones, Lil: 2:6 (n.d.)
Jordan, B. Everett: 9:2 (1960)
Jordan, William H.: 3:82 (n.d.)
Joyce, Terry: 3:48.1 (n.d.)
Joyner Memorial Methodist Church: 3:31-32 (1950, 1961, 1967, 1972?)
Julian Baptist Church: 3:33 (1979)
Junior League of Greensboro: 8:8 (1971-1973)
Junior Woman’s Club: 8:9 (1930-1956)

Kaisinger, Earl: 3:56 (n.d.)
Kanoy, Dr. J. William: 3:12 , 3:14 (n.d.)
Kaylin’s Holiday Magic Cosmetic Salon: 2:5 (n.d.)
Keiger, Rev. O.A.: 3:28, 3:30 (n.d.)
Kenyon, Rev. Don: 3:20 (n.d.)
Kiger, Rev. O.A.: 3:30 (n.d.)
King Cotton Hotel: 7:6 (1959)
Kirkman, Barney: 12:3 (n.d.)
Kiser Junior High School: 8:10 (1968-1969)
Klaudt Indian Gospel Family: 3:78 (1950, 1961, 1967, 1972?)
Klimate-Pruf Paint Co. Inc: 8:11-12 (n.d.)
Konnoak Baptist Church: 3:37 (n.d.)
Knight, Rev. Carl Gray: 3:8 (n.d.)
Knoxville, TN: 3:56 (n.d.)
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts: 7:4.1 (n.d.)

Lake, I. Beverly: 9:3 (1960)
Lambeth, William A.: 3:43 (n.d.)
Lanier, Rev. Raymond: 3:6 (n.d.)
Lawndale Baptist Church: 3:34 (n.d.)
Lawndale Curb Market: 6:6 (n.d.)
Lawndale Shopping Center: 4:2 (n.d.)
Lebanon Baptist Church: 3:35 (1959)
Lee, Mr. David: 3:34 (n.d.)
Lentz, George: 7:6 (n.d.)
Lewis Chapel Church : 3:36 (n.d.)
Lil’s Beauty Shop: 2:6 (n.d.)
Li’L General Food Stores: 6:7 (1963)
Lindley Park Baptist Church : 3:37-38 (n.d.)
Little Angel Nursery: 7:5 (n.d.)
Little Brick Store: 6:8 (n.d.)
Little, Francis E.: 3:82 (n.d.)
Lohnes, Rev. Vince: 3:19 (n.d.)
Loman, Dr. J. Harold: 3:49, 3:63 (n.d.)
Lovelace, Dr. Austic C.: 3:25 (n.d.)
Lovin, Rev. C. Wesley: 3:3 (n.d.)
Lynchburg, VA: 3:48 (n.d.)

Magnolia Street Baptist Church: 3:39 (n.d.)
Martin Ave. Baptist Church: 3:40-41 (n.d.)
Martin, George H.: 7:6 (n.d.)
Martin, Troy L.: 5:7 (n.d.)
Matthews, Rev. L.J.: 3:37 (n.d.)
McCalla Ave. Baptist Church : 3:56 (n.d.)
McLean, Rev. T.C.: 3:62, 11:2 (n.d.)
McConnell Road Baptist Church : 3:42 (n.d.)
McGinnis, Rev. J.W.: 3:25 (n.d.)
McNairy, Walton: 7:6 (n.d.)
McNeal, Mrs. Doris: 7:5 (n.d.)
Mello-Tone Quartet: 3:76 (1967)
Meredith, Jeanne: 3:82 (n.d.)
Miami, Fl.: 3:61 (n.d.)
Midway Methodist Church: 3:43 (1948)
Midway Pilgrim Church : 3:44 (n.d.)
Miller, Catherine: 2:2 (n.d.)
Miller Interdenominational Christian Church: 3:45 (1968)
Miller, Prof. Gordon E.: 3:4 (n.d.)
Mo-Jo Fix-It Service: 12:11 (n.d.)
Moore, Rev. Charles E.: 3:67 (n.d.)
Moore Family: 3:68 (n.d.)
Moore, J.R.: 10:4 (n.d.)
Moore’s Mobile Home Service: 7:4 (n.d.)
Moorefield, Rev. O.M.: 3:7 (n.d.)
Morrison, J. Wakelon: 3:16 (n.d.)
Murdock’s Studio: 7:7 (n.d.)
Myers, Rev. Joe: 3:52 (n.d.)
Myers, Bill: 3:13 (n.d.)
Mystics & The Checkmates: 5:5 (1966)

N.A.A.C.P: 9:3 (n.d.)
Nelson, Walter N.: 3:71 (n.d.)
New Baptist Church: 3:46 (1958)
New Hope Singers: 3:1 (n.d.)
N.C. A & T College: 8:13 (1950-1952)
NC Christian Advocate: 8:14 (n.d.)
NC Coin Clubs Assoc., Inc.: 1:2 (n.d.)
NC Household Goods Movers & Warehousemen’s Association: 7:6 (1959)
NC Junior Club Women: 8:15 (1949)
Nicholson, John H.: 3:71 (n.d.)
Nida, Rev. Clarence R.: 3:42, 3:57-59 (n.d.)
Norman, M.B.: 3:77 (n.d.)
North Greensboro Church of God: 3:47 (n.d.)
Northside Baptist Church: 3:48-49 (1972)
Northside Trio, The: 3:48.1 (n.d.)
Northwest Baptist Church: 3:50-52 (1952, 1958, 1969?)

Oak Level Baptist Church: 3:53 (1970)
Oates, Rev. C.M.: 3:35 (n.d.)
Of Men and Angels: 5:1.1 (n.d.)
Old Brick Store: 1:6 (ca. 1952, 1958, 1969?)
Order of the Eastern Star (Guilford Chapter No. 141): 8:4 (1955-1956)
Osborne, Raymond E.: 12:15 (n.d.)
Outland, Edward: 12:18 (1951, 1956, 1962, 1973?)

P & M Auto Service: 12:12 (n.d.)
Page High School Chorus: 3:82 (n.d.)
Parker, Tim: 5:4-5.1 (n.d.)
Path Lighters: 3:68 (n.d.)
Payne, Evelyn: 2:2 (n.d.)
Pegram, Rev. Alvin: 3:72 (n.d.)
Pegram, H.D.: 3:55, 3:63 (n.d.)
Pegram, R.A.: 3:54 (n.d.)
Perkins Carpet Cleaning Service: 4:1 (n.d.)
Philadelphia, PA: 3:54 (n.d.)
Phillippe, Rev. W.M.: 3:28 (n.d.)
Phillips, Rev. Gene: 3:61 (n.d.)
Phillips, J.O.: 3:80 (n.d.)
Piedmont Lanes: 5:4-5, 5:51 (1966)
Pilgrim Bible College: 3:4 (n.d.)
Pilgrim Holiness Mission: 3:54-55 (n.d.)
Pinecroft Baptist Church: 3:56-57 (n.d.)
Pink Panthers, The: 5:4-5, 5:51 (1966)
Powell, Mrs. Chas L.: 3:25 (n.d.)
Powell, Dr. Howard: 11:2 (n.d.)
Preyer, L. Richardson: 9:4 (n.d.)
Price, A. Ham: 3:36, 3:45, 3:68 (n.d.)
Prior, Danny: 3:27 (n.d.)
Puckett, Rev. Rayton: 3:50, 3:52 (n.d.)

Rainbow Trio: 3:65 (n.d.)
Raleigh, NC: 11:2 (n.d.)
Ramsay, Rev. Chas M.: 3:25 (n.d.)
Raynor’s Barber Shop: 2:7 (n.d.)
Raynor, James M.: 2:7 (n.d.)
Redhead, Dr. John A.: 3:24 (n.d.)
Reedy Fork Baptist Church: 3:40, 3:58 (n.d.)
Rhodes Family, The: 3:49 (n.d.)
Rickman, Rev. Harold L.: 3:5 (n.d.)
Rickman, Rev. & Mrs. H.L.: 11:2 (n.d.)
Riddle, Rev. Alton: 3:46 (n.d.)
Rierson’s Beauty Shop: 2:8 (n.d.)
Rierson, Mabel: 2:8 (n.d.)
Rippy, Mrs. Lollie Price: 1:7 (1961)
Roberson, Rev. Bobby: 3:52 (n.d.)
Robertson, Rev. Arnold L.: 3:38 (n.d.)
Robbins, Troy G.: 3:29 (n.d.)
Robinson, Chas B.: 1:2 (n.d.)
Robinson, Dick: 5:1.1 (n.d.)
Rockets, The: 5:4-5 (1966)
Rocky Knoll Baptist Church : 3:59 (n.d.)
Roe, Jack: 3:29 (n.d.)
Rorrer, Robert: 2:7 (n.d.)
Rosemont Baptist Church : 3:67 (n.d.)
Ross, Perry G.: 3:19, 3:72 (n.d.)
Royal Cleaners: 4:2 (n.d.)
Royals, The: 5:5.1 (1966)
Rumley, Gorrell: 3:32 (n.d.)

Saint, Phil: 3:21 (n.d.)
Sanford, Terry: 9:5 (n.d.)
Schunk, Glen: 3:10 (n.d.)
Secery, Rev. W.: 3:2 (n.d.)
Senate Committee on Agriculture & Forestry: 9:2 (1960)
Senate Committee on Post Office & Civil Service: 9:2 (1960)
Senate Committee on Rules & Administration: 9:2 (1960)
Shelburn, Edgar: 7:6 (n.d.)
Sightler, Dr. Harold: 3:52 (n.d.)
Simms, Rev. Harry J.: 3:67 (n.d.)
Simpson, Johnny: 12:16 (n.d.)
Singing Beacons: 3:81 (1975)
Singing Buntings: 3:2 (n.d.)
Sixteenth Street Baptist Church: 3:60 (1953)
Slim Martin Haylofters and the Haylofters: 5:6 (n.d.)
Smith, Rev. A.J.: 3:36 (n.d.)
Smith, Buddy: 5:4-5 (n.d.)
Smith, Mrs. Ella M.: 3:73 (n.d.)
Smith, Elworth E. Sr.: 3:73 (n.d.)
Smith, Rev. Hoover: 3:5 (n.d.)
Smith, Miss Louise: 5:1.1 (n.d.)
Smith, Rev. Raymond: 3:56 (n.d.)
Smith, Rev. W. Sykes: 3:36 (n.d.)
Southeastern Seminary: 3:61 (n.d.)
Southside Baptist Church: 3:61 (n.d.)
Spangler, Dr. Harold E.: 3:82 (n.d.)
Sparkle Car Wash: 12:13 (n.d.)
Spell, Paul D.: 7:6 (n.d.)
Spring Garden Atlantic Service: 12:14 (1960)
Spring Garden Gulf Service: 12:15 (n.d.)
Stephens, Geo T.: 3:26 (n.d.)
Stewart Family Singers: 3:74, 3:79 (1961)
Stewart, Rev. Lee: 3:41, 3:74-75, 3:79 (n.d.)
Stiles, Rev. J.W.: 3:3 (n.d.)
Stokesdale, NC: 3:53 (n.d.)
Stout’s Barber Shop: 2:9 (n.d.)
Stout, Shelley D.: 2:9 (n.d.)
Summerfield Methodist Church: 3:62 (1964)
Summerfield Pilgrim Holiness Church : 3:63 (n.d.)
Summit Sunoco Service: 12:16 (n.d.)
Sumner Civitan Club: 5:6 (n.d.)
Sumner School Auditorium: 5:6 (n.d.)
Sunset Hills Crown Service: 12:17 (n.d.)
Sunshine Methodist Church: 3:64 (1963)

Tabernacle Baptist Church: 3:65, 3:66-67 (1952, 1958, 1969?)
Talbot, Rev. James: 3:40 (n.d.)
Tarheel Couples Club: 8:16 (1961-1962)
Taylor, John B.: 12:18 (1951, 1956, 1962, 1973?)
Taylor, Dr. Raymond: 3:48 (n.d.)
Taylor’s Esso Service Center: 12:18 (1951, 1956, 1962, 1973?)
Thomas Road Baptist Church: 3:48 (n.d.)
Three D Curb Market: 6:1 (1954, 1960, 1965, 1971?)
Tillman, Rev. Jerry: 3:61 (n.d.)
Trespassing Signs: 7:8 (n.d.)
Trogdon, W.E. (Bill): 9:6 (n.d.)
Trull, Haskell: 12:21 (1950, 1961, 1967, 1972?)

U-Save-It Food Store: 6:9 (n.d.)
Uncle Henry: 5:7 (n.d.)
Uncle Henry’s Scrapbook: 5:7 (n.d.)
Undenominational Christian Church: 3:68 (n.d.)
Union Mission: 3:31 (n.d.)
United Institutional Baptist Church : 3:70-71 (n.d.)
United Institutional Church: 3:69 (1956)

Vance St. Baptist Church: 3:22 (n.d.)
Vaughn, Kenneth: 3:7 (n.d.)
Venable, Harold: 3:53 (n.d.)
Victory Baptist Church: 3:72 (n.d.)
Vincent, Williard: 3:15 (n.d.)

WCOG: 5:4 (1966)
WGBG: 5:6 (n.d.)
WPET: 5:5 (1966)
Wadsworth Congregational Church: 3:73 (1961)
Wainwright, Stanley: 7:6 (n.d.)
Wake Forest: 3:61 (n.d.)
Walton, J.W.: 7:6 (n.d.)
Washburn, Jack: 12:18 (1951, 1956, 1962, 1973?)
Washington, George E.: 11:2 (n.d.)
Watson, Frank: 7:6 (n.d.)
Watterson, William H.: 10:4 (n.d.)
Way, Herbert: 12:19 (n.d.)
Way’s Texaco: 12:19 (n.d.)
Wayside Baptist Church: 3:74-80 (1961-1962, 1967-1968)
Weaver, Rev. Dewey: 3:51 (n.d.)
Weeks, Elbert: 7:6 (n.d.)
Weldon, Dr. Wilson O.: 3:62 (n.d.)
Wesleyan Methodist Trio: 3:68 (n.d.)
West High Point Church of God: 3:81 (1975)
West Irving Park Methodist Church: 3:82 (1965)
West Market St. Methodist Church: 3:62, 3:82 (n.d.)
Western NC Conference of Methodist Church: 3:82 (1965)
Westmoreland, Becky: 2:3 (n.d.)
Westover Terrace Crown Service: 12:20 (1958)
Westview Methodist Church: 3:32 (n.d.)
White, Rev. G.E.: 3:32 (n.d.)
Wilkes, William: 3:71 (n.d.)
Williams, Rev. J.M.: 3:30, 3:68 (n.d.)
Williams, Mrs. R.N.: 3:18 (n.d.)
Williams, Rev. T.G.: 3:30 (n.d.)
Wilson, Mr. & Mrs. T.R.: 7:1 (n.d.)
Winston-Salem, NC: 3:67 (n.d.)
Wise, Llewellyn A.: 3:71 (n.d.)
Woodmere Texaco: 12:21 (1950, 1961, 1967, 1972?)
Word of Truth Baptist Church: 3:46 (n.d.)
Wray, Percy: 6:8 (n.d.)
Wrenn Esso Service Center: 12:22 (n.d.)

Yadkin College Baptist Church: 3:7 (n.d.)
Yarbrough, John: 7:6 (n.d.)