Lindley Junior High School Collection

ca. 1900-1978 [bulk 1950-1978]. 8 folders (19 items).MSS. COLL. #29


The J. Van Lindley Jr. High School Collection consists of items relating to that public school. The school was once part of the City of Greensboro school system but is now closed. This small collection contains yearbooks, photographs, books, and other items.

Arrangement: This collection is organized into two series by document type. The series are: Images, ca. 1900-1954, and Printed Materials, 1916-1978.

Provenance: This collection was donated by Dr. Bonnie Baur and assigned accession numbers 1983.71.1-17

Processing: This collection was processed by John M. Beam III, and the finding aid was completed in July 1984. The arrangement was modified by volunteer Alice Bailey in January 2014.


The J. Van Lindley Jr. High School building was erected in 1918 as Pomona High School and was part of the Guilford County school system. Following a fire in 1929, the school was brought into the City of Greensboro system, repaired, and renamed J. Van Lindley Jr. High School. The school closed in 1979 due to consolidation, declining enrollment, and the resurgence of the middle school concept in public education.

The school was named in honor of John Van Lindley (1838-1918), an accomplished horticulturalist who founded Pomona Nurseries (later J. Van Lindley Nursery Co.). He also launched Pomona Cotton Mill, Pomona Terra Cotta Company and Security Life and Annuity Company (later part of Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Company). Lindley was very civic-minded and pushed for establishment of the Central Carolina Fair, as well as serving as president of the Guilford County Road Association. His role in strengthening Greensboro’s economy probably helped mitigate any resentment over his service as a Union cavalry man during the Civil War, and the school was named in his honor in 1929.


This collection includes nineteen items. Among them are Lindley Junior High yearbooks covering the years 1958-59, 1969-70 and 1972-78. There are two band photographs from the early 1950s, a newspaper photo of damage done by a fire in 1950, and a copy of the school’s honor code. In addition, there is a portrait of John Van Lindley (for whom the school was named), and a copy of an article on him by George Grimsley.


1. Images. 3 folders (5 items). ca. 1900-1954.

Included in this series are three photographs of the 1953-54 Lindley Jr. High marching band and an image of the school after a fire. Also in this series is an engraving of John Van Lindley by E.C. Williams and Brothers of New York.

2. Printed Materials. 8 folders (14 items). 1916-1978.

This series contains the bulk of the collection. It includes the following Lindley Jr. High yearbooks: 1958, 1959, 1969 (2 copies) – 1975, and 1978. Other material consists of a copy of an article by George Grimsley on John Van Lindley, and the school honor code. Also included are two books: Heap o’ Livin’, a poetry collection by Edgar A. Guest (Reilly and Lee Company, 1916) and New Universal Self-Pronouncing Dictionary, an English dictionary edited by W.J. Pelo (John C. Winston Company, 1938).


11Images-- Fire damage to Lindley Junior High School (ca. 1950)
2“-- Lindley, John Van (engraving, ca. 1900)
3“-- Lindley Junior High School Band (1953-54)
21Printed Materials-- Heap O’ Livin’ (1916)
2“-- Lindley, John Van biography
3“-- Lindley Junior High School honor code
4“-- Lindley Junior High School Yearbook (1958)
5“Printed Materials-- Lindley Junior High School Yearbook (1959)
6“-- Lindley Junior High School Yearbook (1969-1975)
7“-- Lindley Junior High School Yearbook (1978)
8“-- New Universal Self-Pronouncing Dictionary (1938)